Purity from warts on the face: effectiveness, recipes, secrets of use


  • The whole truth about warts
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With warts, a person faces not only in childhood, but also at a more mature age. On the cheeks, chin, forehead formed keratinized tubercles. They do not cause pain, if they do not hurt, but spoil the beauty of the beautiful female face, because they look extremely unaesthetic. To get rid of them it is possible as ultramodern cardinal methods in beauty salons, and folk remedies. In particular, the most popular is the celandine from the warts on the face, which burns out its juice with a sprouting epithelium and tends the skin in order. At once I want to make a reservation that the balsam "Super Cleaner", sold in pharmacies, has nothing to do with this plant, but contains only chemical components - bear this in mind.

The whole truth about warts

Before treating warts on the face with celandine, try to understand why you became a hostage of this cosmetic defect. Understand that just for the sake of your beautiful, sweet little face, no pimple will jump up, and even more so is a new growth. It has a benign viral etiology. It looks like a nodule or a small papilla that rises above the skin and gradually becomes covered with a darkish crust. Looks wart on the face is very ugly, unaesthetic and creates the impression of neuhozhennosti and dirt. Think: which of the following factors could be the cause of its appearance:

  • a virus from the group of human papilloma: it can be transmitted through a towel, which was wiped by the person hit by it, or a kiss;The incubation period of infection can last several months;
  • trauma on the face in the form of small cuts, scratches, unsuccessfully squeezed out pimples and black dots;
  • decreased immunity;
  • constant stress.

If after a long and painstaking analysis you could find out what caused the wart on your face, first remove this fact from your life( if possible).And only after that start treatment celandine. Otherwise, even if the plant is effective, you risk going back to this cosmetic problem again and again. After burning in one place the wart under the influence of all the same unresolved factors will necessarily appear in the other.

Keep in mind

Of course, toads and frogs have nothing to do with warts. This explanation works well for children, so that they less touch with the hands of these cold-blooded people, who can be carriers of various diseases.

Only by determining the cause of inflammation on the face, you can choose effective treatment and provide home care.

One of the effective means of care for inflammation of the facial skin is the mask of the badger & gt; & gt;- seaweed with unique properties.

The action of celandine on warts

The celandine has a disinfecting property and is capable of irritatingly acting on the mucous and epithelium. Due to these properties, this plant is used for the effective treatment of warts. Included in its composition are poisonous alkaloids, hitting the affected area, begin to erode excess epithelial growths.

Naturally, the removal of warts celandine should be regular - you need to be treated until the neoplasm disappears completely.

If today to handle the problem area, and then remember about the cleanliness only a week later, during this time the burnt epithelium will have time to recover, and will have to start treatment first. In addition to alkaloids, the plant contains many other substances useful to the skin.


The celandine contains in its chemical composition more than 20 alkaloids: chelerythrine, heloidin, sanguinarine, protopin, etc. These are organic substances in which nitrogen is necessarily present. Each of them performs a specific function in the removal of warts on the face:

  • heloidin has an analgesic and soothing effect;
  • homocheloidin accelerates metabolic processes;
  • protopin reduces the threshold of excitability of the nervous system.

All of them are distinguished by high biological activity. It is thanks to them, the celandine can be in some cases a medicine( if used correctly, in not very large doses), and in some - poison( with uncontrolled use in large quantities).

Essential oils

Essential oils are a complex mixture of various nitrogen-free substances. They are readily soluble in alcohol, as well as in fatty oils. Can have antimicrobial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect.


Saponins are organic substances with a calming effect. When exposed to celandine on the skin, they smooth the irritating effect of alkaloids on the skin.


These compounds are also present in the purifier, giving the lacteal juice of the plant a yellow color. They repair the damaged blood vessels in the wart site. They differ antiviral, anti-allergic, anti-cancer effect.

Organic acids

Participate in the burning and metabolism process.

It is common among dermatologists that healing juice, penetrating into diseased cells, causes a slight local inflammation and thereby activates the immune defensive reaction of the body, which already copes with an unpleasant neoplasm. Anyway, but the treatment of warts celandine is considered one of the most effective methods known to medicine.

A bit from the history of

Since ancient times, celandine has been known as a cure for all sorts, even the heaviest and most serious skin diseases. This is evidenced by its name: "pure body."And he also has a number of popular nicknames: golden grass, the gift of heaven, Russian ginseng, swallow grass, warty, purgatory, freckled potion.

Purity vs. warts: recipes

There are various ways to use this plant in the fight against the horny little bumps on the hands. This is not only classic cauterization of warts celandine( bright orange juice, droplets of which appear on the scrap of a branch), but also compresses, infusions, and even ingestion. The latter technique is quite dangerous, and without the recommendation of a specialist, it is better not to try it at home. Especially since the celandine as a poison has many contraindications for such dangerous use. In any case, everyone is free to choose the recipe at their own discretion.

Cosmetic moxibustion

The most popular method, how to remove warts on the face with celandine, involves regular treatment of the affected area with the juice of the plant.

  1. For this, the stem breaks off at the root( the maximum dose of nutrients is collected there), gently squeezed, and a drop of juice is allocated to the wart.
  2. Sometimes the neoplasm is located on an uncomfortable place( near the ear or right under the nose, for example), and the drop can get on the mucous membranes. In this case, the branch of the celandine with the place of breakage is pressed hard against the wart for 10-15 seconds, so that the healing juice can be absorbed into the skin. However, this option is more dangerous than the first one, since a burn can form.
  3. To not rip the plant off again, you can scroll the celand through the meat grinder, and then squeeze the juice from the resulting mass through the gauze( do it solely with gloves), store it in the refrigerator and use it each time for the purpose.

In this way, you need to lubricate the wart three times a day until it begins to dry out. Broken branch of the plant is not thrown away - it can be dried and used celandine against warts on the face in the winter when the juice of the plant becomes inaccessible.

Masks from celandine from warts

  • Prescription number 1. Yellow mask

Olive unrefined oil( 1 teaspoonful) grind with raw yolk, add a few drops( 10) of celandine juice. From such a mask it is good to do applications for warts on dry skin, since, in addition to antiviral properties, it has a moisturizing effect.

  • Recipe No. 2. Protein mask

Beat up the protein to a foam, mix with 1 tablespoon of warm honey. Add 2 teaspoons of milky celandine juice. From such a mask it is good to do applications for warts on oily skin. In parallel, such a unique tool will help you get rid of acne and acne, as it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Infusion cured inside

Fresh or pre-dried branches, leaves, celandine flowers are crushed, in the amount of two tablespoons are poured in a thermos with a liter of boiling water. An hour and a half will be ready to infuse - almost the ideal remedy for warts on the face: the celandine retains its useful properties in any form - dried, fresh, boiled.

  1. In infusion, you can moisten a piece of gauze, tissue or cotton pad and apply for 10 minutes to the wart on the face daily 2-3 times a day.
  2. This infusion can be drunk, which will also have a positive effect on the control of warts, because the neoplasms are dictated not so much by external factors as by internal weakened body forces. Infusion of celandine is recommended to use inside for half an hour before meals three times a day for 2 tablespoons, with plenty of water. Term of treatment - no more than a week.

Here's how to remove the wart on the face with celandine, not even with the help of its juice, but with the usual infusion. Before using the healing fluid inside is mandatory consultation with a specialist. A poisonous plant is contraindicated to peptic ulcers, cores, hypotonia, asthmatics, epileptics, children, pregnant and lactating women. So be extremely careful. And take on the arsenal of several secrets of literate use of the plant for the removal of warts.

This is interesting!

Thanks to the yellow milky juice, celandine used to paint the fabric. It was kept in the infusion of the plant for several hours: for 3 hours it became yellow, for 5 - orange, for 10 - saturated red color.

Tips for using

Cautious and considerate attitude requires poisonous celandine: application from warts on the face does not exclude burns and skin corrosion at the edges of the lesion. To get the most out of the grass with the least loss, follow a few simple recommendations.

  1. The most active substances accumulate in the stem near the root: there it is necessary to tear off the branch of the celandine.
  2. Do not remove this wart on the face in children: tender skin can be severely injured by the powerful action of irritating alkaloids.
  3. Before applying the healing juice on a neoplasm, make a steam bath on the herbs for the face, so that the skin will steam up and react more actively to the healing effect of the celandine.
  4. If you are ready to prepare a remedy for warts once, get ready-made preparations on the basis of it: "Plantazan B" or "Mountain cleanliness".

Little secrets to the housewives for a note

A celandine can be used not only as a medicinal and cosmetic product, but also for economic purposes. As you know, milk is best stored in earthenware. And if you pre-scald it with a hot broth from celandine, the milk will not turn sour for a long time.

Self-removal of warts on the face with celandine should be extremely cautious and competent to clean the delicate skin from these unaesthetic, coarse, horny little bumps. A number of dermatologists are opposed to such an extreme way to get rid of the unpleasant neoplasms on the face. Nevertheless, when salon cardinal measures are inaccessible from the point of view of price or simply scare, when there is nothing else left, very carefully, accurately, it is possible to try this tool. After all, beauty really requires certain sacrifices on the part of women.

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