Facial edema: the causes, the most effective ways to eliminate at home


  • Causes of edemas on the face
  • Salon techniques
  • Home remedies for edema

Almost all people in the morning face swells slightly, but this is almost imperceptible and passes for an hour, so not many pay attention to it. However, in some cases, this phenomenon becomes so pronounced that the face is a fairly voluminous swelling, when the eyes become almost imperceptible from under the cheeks, turned into a small latch. At the same time the skin acquires an unpleasant reddish-cyanotic shade, and at one glance in the mirror it becomes scary: how to go with such appearance to work? First you need to try to find out, , why suddenly there was edema of the face: the reasons for this phenomenon can be quite safe and quickly eliminated, and can be a consequence of serious processes occurring in the body. In the latter case, you will need to undergo a course of treatment.

Causes of edema on the face

Swelling is too much fluid accumulated in the tissues. The water that is in the human body is distributed very evenly: 2/3 of its total volume is located inside the cells, the remaining one-third is in the intercellular space. If this third increases, then there is just edema in the tissues. To eliminate it and bring your appearance in order, you need to find out the possible causes of edema on the face: only eliminating the provoking factor, you will be able to get rid of the misfortune. To do this, you will need to remember your diet for the past few weeks( and maybe months), the diseases that have been carried over, and many other aspects of your life in recent times. The most common causes of swelling in the face of specialists are either internal diseases or a violation of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

1) Internal diseases as a cause of edema:

  • abnormal heart function( edema on the face with such a diagnosis is often accompanied by shortness of breath);
  • disturbances in the functioning of the vascular system and in the circulation( often with a cyanotic, very unhealthy shade of the face);
  • problems with the kidneys, which can not perform their functions 100% and with difficulty remove the liquid from the body( in this case, edemas on the face are usually located in the eye area);
  • liver disease;
  • impaired metabolism, thyroid problems, failure of the endocrine system;
  • vitamin deficiency: lack of vitamins to the body, especially from group B;
  • allergic reaction( it can be recognized by accompanying rash on the skin, shortness of breath, frequent sneezing) can develop into a very dangerous edema of Quincke: it can be provoked by insect bites, hay fever, dust, cosmetics, animal hair, plant pollen, long-term medication;
  • lymphatic edema, which often occurs as an inflammatory syndrome;
  • damage to nerve fibers;
  • trauma and wounds on the face;
  • increased pressure;
  • obesity;
  • tumor processes( benign and malignant) in the maxillofacial region;
  • infections: conjunctivitis, mumps, sinusitis, ocular inflammation, barley, dental abscess.

2) Lifestyle as the cause of facial swelling:

  • sleep insufficiency( due to insomnia or a small amount of time allocated for a full night's sleep);
  • abnormal diet( diets, dry eating, abundance of fatty and spicy food, snacks "on the run," eating just before bedtime;
  • hot weather;
  • overwork, chronic fatigue;
  • crying on the eve of sleep;
  • bad habits( large number of cigarettes smoked inday, excessive doses of alcoholic beverages);
  • improper drinking regimen: edema can be triggered by insufficient amount of liquids drunk the day before, and overdose thereof);
  • pregnancy.

Analyze your lifestyle in recent weeks, try to establish a link between your diet, habits, internal diseases and the appearance of edema on the face. This will ensure that you can bring your appearance back to normal and never again return to this issue.

Everyone who has a very swollen face in the morning needs to understand for himself a very important thing: it's not just a cosmetic defect. This is a signal that in the body there are some processes that require your immediate intervention.

Once the provoking factor has been clarified, all possible measures will have to be taken to eliminate it from their lives as soon as possible.

In parallel with this, edemas on the face purely in the cosmetic plan can be very successfully eliminated salon techniques and at home.

To eliminate facial peeling, you first need to find out the cause of the appearance, and then resort to salon or home procedures.

Redness of the face can cause a variety of reasons. Home masks for treatment: http: //beautiface.net/lechenie/kozha/ krasnoe-lico.html

Salon Techniques

What are the reasons for the swelling of the face were not you identified, with a cosmetic manifestation of this mischief want to leave quickly, and in fact in some cases may require a fairly long course of treatment. In this case, you can seek help in a cosmetology room, where you will be prompted how to remove the edema from the face with the latest innovative developments. The specialist will study your clinical picture, identify contraindications to procedures of this kind and select several optimal for your body options. To visit a cosmetology room for this purpose, you need to have enough time and money. To date, uses for a long enough period of time:

  • darsonvalization - treatment of edema with a high-frequency current that tones, disinfects the skin, resolves stagnant formations, improves oxygen supply to cells;
  • milding - skin regeneration after swelling under the action of electrical impulses on the face muscles, is prescribed at the age of only after thirty years;
  • lifting - facelift, if swelling is a consequence of age-related changes, oxygen lifting is especially popular and effective in this case, which supplies tissues and cells with the necessary amount of vital oxygen;
  • mesotherapy - intradermal injection of medicinal solutions;
  • course of therapeutic massage is one of the most effective ways to eliminate edema on the face.
The above salon techniques allow you to remove sufficiently strong edema of the face, caused by even serious internal diseases.

Therefore, they should be addressed if the causes of the phenomenon can be hazardous to health. If provoking factors lie on the surface and depend only on your lifestyle, edema of the face in the morning can be removed and at home: for this there is a mass of folk remedies.

Home Remedies for edema

If you find out why the face swells and the cause is not so serious that you can seek help from specialists and undergo treatment, you can try to eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon on your own, at home. Recipes of folk remedies that help drain the fluid from the intercellular space are quite a lot. However, all who use them, you need to know that the effect will be rapid, but not long enough: home masks and compresses can remove puffiness in half an hour, but only for a day. Until you eliminate the main cause of this cosmetic defect, you will have to contemplate the swelling of the eyes and cheeks in the morning. Recipes of folk remedies are quite a lot of , so you will have to choose from what.

  • Contrast washout

Begin to wash with warm water, after 10-15 seconds, make the water cold( so that the skin is tolerant), then sharply turn off the tap to feed hot water( again without fanaticism, so as not to cause redness of the skin of the face).Twice to change the temperature regime of washing in this way and note with pleasure, looking in the mirror, that the puffiness essentially subsided. Wait for another half an hour, and there will be no trace left of it. Contrasting temperatures stimulate blood and lymph circulation in the tissues, which contributes to the rapid elimination of facial swelling.

  • Compresses

Compresses are a very effective and time-tested remedy against facial edema. They happen different, therefore in searches of an optimum variant for the organism try different techniques.

  1. Cold compress : folded into several layers of gauze put into cold water, slightly wring out and apply for 1-2 minutes on face until it becomes warm. Repeat the procedure first. Instead of water, it is much more effective in this case to use herbal medicinal herbs( chamomile, calendula, cowberry or St. John's wort).
  2. Hot compress : in some cases, a hot procedure is carried out, carried out in the same way as the previous one, but with the help of hot water or medicinal broth.
  3. Contrast compress : put two cups next to you - with hot and cold water and alternately dunk gauze on them( 1 minute).
  • Self-massage

Massage is a very effective home remedy for eliminating facial swelling. It can be done independently, without completing any courses. Once you have found the swelling on your face, you need to lie down, relax and do an easy, short massage, which includes:

  1. Slight finger tapping on the skin in all directions along the massage lines;
  2. Easy, but frequent enough patting of the palms on the cheeks, forehead, chin;
  3. Slight tingling will help improve blood circulation and remove swelling from the face.
Start your morning with a facial massage - and in the very near future you can forget about edemas.
  • Green tea with milk

If the cause of the swelling of the face - in the improper operation of the kidneys, the use of diuretics is recommended. One of them can be a morning cup of freshly brewed green tea, which should be sprinkled with fresh milk( 1/3 milk for 2/3 tea).Soon you will notice how the edema subsides. The same effect is possessed by decoctions of field horsetail, rowan berries and cowberry leaves, from which you can start your morning with the swelling of the face caused by improper operation of the kidneys.

  • Potato decongestant mask

Welded in a uniform potato straight with a peel to mash by a fork, to impose on the face in a warm kind of minutes on 15. This house face mask from edema is by right considered one of the most effective. Even if there is no time to cook potatoes, cut the raw( necessarily fresh!) Potatoes into several pieces and apply them to the swollen areas with fresh cuts for a minute or two, then change to new slices.

  • Mask against edema of sour cream + dill

Fresh green dill crushed, mix thoroughly( 1 teaspoonful) with sour cream of high fat content( 2 teaspoons).

  • Parsley masks from edemas

Not only dill, but also parsley has excellent anti-edematous properties. In crushed form, it can be added to the potato mask( recipe see above) to enhance its effectiveness. Or the root of parsley is passed through a meat grinder and mixed with hard-boiled black tea.

Now you know how to remove edema from the face: to find out the cause, to get rid of it as much as possible, and in parallel to deal with the removal of a cosmetic defect.

You can do this either in a professional beauty salon, or at home by yourself.

And in either case, with the timely elimination of the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon it will be possible to wake up in the morning without fear and with pleasure to look in the mirror, without fear of the appearance of new edemas.

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