When it is impossible to be ill: the use of Grippferon during pregnancy

In pregnancy, the use of drugs for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu is very limited, as it can harm a woman's health and development of the baby. Nevertheless, treatment should begin at the first sign of the disease, since viral infections can have a negative effect on the fetus. One of the drugs that can be used during this period is Grippferon.


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  • 2 Why and for how long the doctor can prescribe Grippferon
  • 3 Contraindications and possible side effects
  • 4 Safety instructions for use
    • 4.1 What to choose: nasal drops or spray
    • 4.2 How often and for how long can you use Grippferon
  • 5 How to replace Grippferon, in that
    • 5.1 Table: Grippferon analogues used to treat influenza and ARVI in different trimesters of pregnancy
    • 5.2 Photogallery: Viferon and other interferon-based drugs, nasal and in the form of suppositories prescribed for pregnant women
  • 6 Reviews of women
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Is it possible to use Grippferon during pregnancy

The active substance of Grippferon is interferon in the amountsve at least 10 thousand. IU( international units) per 1 ml of the preparation. It is produced by an artificial method, but the composition is completely similar to the natural interferon that is produced during the period of illness in the body. Therefore, doctors prescribe Grippferon for the prevention and treatment of influenza, as well as other viral respiratory diseases. The drug has no contraindications to taking during pregnancy and is safe for the developing baby.

The drug must be stored in the refrigerator, otherwise interferon will break down and the therapeutic effect will be lost.

Interferon action

The principle of action of this remedy is based on the prevention of virus multiplication. That, in turn, leads to a reduction in the infectious inflammatory process. Grippferon acts locally and does not destroy viruses that enter the body. But this does not mean that it is ineffective. The therapeutic effect is achieved in a different way: viruses are deprived of the ability to multiply, and then die due to lack of a nutrient medium, which prevents the further development of the disease .Grippferon has a triple action:

  • immunomodulatory,
  • antiviral,
  • anti-inflammatory.

Interferon preparations do not treat acute bacterial infections. Consult your doctor to determine the nature of the infection.

Study of the efficacy and safety of the drug

The preparation Grippferon has undergone numerous studies, both clinical( conducted on human groups) and in vitro( laboratory experiments).Thus, studies of the efficacy, tolerability and harmlessness of nasal drops Grippferon in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza in pregnant women were conducted at the Saratov State Medical University from April 15, 2004 to March 15, 2005, and also at the City Hospital No. 33 in Nizhny Novgorod. All women were divided into two groups of equal clinical importance. The experimental group received the drug on a daily basis, and the placebo( substance without obvious healing properties) was instilled in the control group at the same periodicity. Research findings:

The use of Grippferon allows for 1-2 days to quickly reduce the subjective and objective symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection in mild and moderate forms of the disease, as well as to avoid the appointment of antibiotics and shorten the duration of the disease, which is of great importance for the treatment of pregnant women.

http: //firnm.ru/ content8R-3.htm

Opinions of specialists

Despite the results of the research, physicians very ambiguously assess the advisability of using Grippferon.

The idea of ​​using topical interferon for the prevention of influenza itself is absurd. No matter how you protect the epithelium of the nasopharynx from the virus, there will be no sense from it, because the virus passes through this area with inhaled air in transit and inhabits mainly the epithelium of the trachea.

A.P.Yakovlev, chairman of the National Society of Industrial Medicine
http: //iberemenna.ru/deti/ grippferon-pri-beremennosti-1-trimestr.html

Grippferon is my favorite antiviral drug, it is a solution containing ready-made interferon. In order for it to be effective, it must be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees, otherwise interferon will collapse. It is taken for the prevention and treatment of viral infections and influenza, it is safe: it can be used from birth and during pregnancy. At the first sign of viral infections Grippferon is very effective, I have observed it many times.

NI Poperezhnyuk, physician, doctor of the highest category
http: //infodoctor.ru/otvet/? T = 15183

There are different stages of the disease, from a slight rhinitis to a high fever. Grippferon is intended for treatment at the stage when you have just begun ARVI.This drug is very effective at this stage, since the Grippferon drops stop the reproduction of viruses and the disease recedes.

TM Antipova, pharmacy pharmacist Norma No. 1106 Kolomna
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What and for how long the doctor can prescribe Grippferon

The official instruction for the drug has a small list of indications. According to her, Grippferon is applied:

  • for the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections( ARVI);
  • for the treatment of influenza and ARVI.

Some infferferon-based medications are permitted for use in pregnancy only in a certain trimester, but this does not apply to Grippferon.

A doctor can prescribe this remedy to a woman both at the beginning and during the last period of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that it includes natural substances for the body that do not adversely affect the fetus. The amount of active substance that enters the bloodstream during application is negligible: it is very difficult to detect it in plasma even when carrying out laboratory tests. This indicates that the drug is not able to penetrate the placenta.

Do not self-medicate! Assess the nature of the infection, the stage of the disease and make a conclusion about the advisability of therapy it is the Grippferon in each individual case that only a qualified specialist can. It is important to correctly diagnose and prescribe a comprehensive treatment regimen.

Contraindications and possible side effects of

The instructions note that Grippferon is well tolerated by the body. Occurrence of side effects after its reception - the phenomenon rather rare. Nevertheless, in cases of individual intolerance, the development of allergic reactions is possible. Usually it is:

  • rash;
  • urticaria;
  • itching of the skin and mucous membranes.

To the merits of the drug can be attributed a minimum number of contraindications:

  • increased sensitivity to components in the composition of the drug;
  • allergic reactions in a pronounced form.

Grippferon is not addictive and has no limitations in compatibility with other medicines.

Instructions for safe use

What to choose: Nasal drops or spray

Grippferon is presented on the shelves of pharmacies in the form of two medicinal forms - nasal spray and drops in the nose. Both have the same effect on the body, do not differ in the content of the active substance and composition. The need for the production of Grippferon in the form of drops is due to the fact that it is used to treat babies under 3 years of age. At this age, the use of spray can be dangerous, and the drops are easy to dose and they can not get into the inner ear of crumbs. Pregnant should also give preference to the spray. When sprayed, the drug covers a larger area of ​​the nasal mucosa than drops of .Due to this, the maximum therapeutic effect is ensured.

Grippferon is produced only in the form of a spray and drops. There are no such forms as the suppositories or ampoules of Grippferon. Nevertheless, you can find similar information on the network. Be vigilant and do not trust untested sources.

How often and for how long you can use Grippferon

The specific dosages and duration of the course are directly dependent on the individual indications, the purpose of the medication and the age of the patient. The instruction gives some general recommendations:

  1. To prevent infection with a viral infection, it is sufficient to apply the drug 1-2 times a day. The course duration should not exceed 14 days .The composition of the drug includes polymers that are able to dry the nasal mucosa during long-term use. If necessary, the course can be repeated a few days in consultation with the doctor.
  2. To treat influenza and ARVI, it is necessary to use Grippferon for 5 days 5-6 times a day.

After you have sprayed or drenched the drug, you need to make several light massaging movements along the wings of the nose with your fingers. So it will spread evenly over the surface of the mucous membrane.

Than to replace Grippferon, including on early terms

To the pharmacological group of interferons are also such drugs as Alfaferon, Viferon, Genferon, Inferon, Interferon and others. However, not all of them are allowed to women waiting for the baby. Some drugs, for example, Alfaferon, have a very high content of interferon, others are intended only for intramuscular injection and are used in a hospital. Therefore, in the event that the future mother has an individual intolerance to Grippferon, or another dosage of the active substance is needed, the doctor will most likely prescribe those drugs that are available in the form of rectal suppositories, nasal spray, ointment or gel and have an acceptable amount of interferon in pregnancy.

Table: Grippferon analogues used to treat influenza and ARVI in different trimesters of pregnancy

Name Form Active substance Active ingredient content Pregnancy application Action Contraindications Side effects
Genferon Light Spray Interferon alfa-2b 50,000 IU Spray application during the entire gestation period. Immunomodulatory drug with antiviral effect
  • Hypersensitivity to interferon alpha-2b or other components of the drug.
  • with caution: patients with epistaxis.
No side effects were observed with the use of the drug Genferon Light.
Genferon and Genferon Light Candles
  • 125 thousand IU,
  • 250 thousand IU,
  • 500 thousand IU.
Clinical studies have shown the efficacy and safety of the use of the drugs of the series Genferon and Genferon Light in women who are on the 13-40 week of pregnancy. Application in the first trimester of pregnancy is contraindicated.
  • Individual intolerance;
  • 1 trimester of pregnancy.
The drug is well tolerated. Possible local allergic reactions( sensation of itching and burning).
Viferon Ointment 40K ME No restriction Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation
  • Copious runny nose,
  • sneezing,
  • burning in the nose.
Gel 36 thousand IU
Allergic reactions: very rarely - skin rashes, itching.
  • 150 thousand IU,
  • 500 thousand IU.
Candles are allowed to use from the 14th week of pregnancy.
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Photo Gallery: Viferon and other interferon-based drugs, nasal and in the form of suppositories, given to pregnant

Reviews of women

At 25 weeks of pregnancy, I started a terrible cold, with tears, sneezing and so on. Initially, I did not betray the importance of the fact that my husband was cold and had a runny nose, I did not think that I would get infected from it. And in vain, after 3 days I started the same symptoms as he had. Of course, I was panic-stricken! I called the doctor, Grippferon - the first thing she said to buy.& lt;. .. & gt;I will not describe completely the instructions, I'll tell you better that this tool helped me to recover 2 days)

http: //irecommend.ru/content/ spasenie-vo-vremya-beremennosti-i-ne-tolko

I got pregnant a second time in February in the midst of an epidemicinfluenza. Yes, and at work all around sneezed and coughed. Before work and after it I buried 2 drops in my nose, and at work( quietly))) smeared my nose with oxolin ointment. At the 9th month of pregnancy, shortly before the birth, I still managed to catch a cold. There was mild ailment, a sore throat and a runny nose. I was treated only by Grippferon and drank lime tea. The next day there was only a small cold. Two days later I was like a cucumber)).

http: //irecommend.ru/content/ grippferon-pomog-spravitsya-s-prostudoi-vo-vremya-beremennosti-gv-takzhe-grudnichku-dlya-men

. .. Before the season of colds, of course, the question arose about prevention. For this purpose, my doctor prescribed me Grippferon, about which I was heard, but never accepted.... I had to get used to Grippferon, the features of which did not please me at all.& lt;. .. & gt;For me, this remedy remains a mystery, since I did not understand whether it really works or not.


A gripferon was prompted by my sister when I was looking for a safe remedy for colds and colds when I was pregnant. Now I apply it to myself and the child at the first sign of viral infections and are very happy with them. Grippferon helps the body more quickly to cope with the virus and accelerates recovery.

http: //irecommend.ru/content/ pomogaet-ot-nasmorka-i-zagovarivaet-borodavki

During pregnancy I have caught a cold many times, apparently, the immunity is very weak. Once again, I did not know what to cure, the cold got worse, my throat hurted, my coryza was terrible, the snot flowed, my eyes watered.& lt;. .. & gt;I used to buy cheaper interferon in ampoules and I can say for sure - there was no effect, but on the contrary the cold turned to purulent maxillary sinusitis. And Grippferon helped me on the second day!& lt;. .. & gt;The rhinitis became much easier, at least not flowing stream, eyes completely( !!!) have ceased to water. I felt much better, there was no headache, the temperature dropped( before that was 37), the weakness was almost gone. I am completely satisfied with Grippferon, I recommend it 100%.Especially it suits and to babies from a birth and pregnant women. The effect is very strong, especially if you start treatment at the first sign of a cold!

http: //irecommend.ru/content/ pomog-mne-pri-beremennosti-vse-simptomy-ushli-na-2-oi-den-silnoi-prostudy

Video: prevention and treatment of influenza and colds during pregnancy

Video: how to protect mother from future motherflu

Pregnancy is a crucial period in a woman's life. Take care of your health and do not harm your baby - the task is as difficult as it is necessary. Using Grippferon for prevention, you can avoid infection during the epidemic. A timely inclusion of this drug in the treatment of influenza and SARS will save the future mother from serious complications of the disease and the need for antibiotics. Nevertheless, the rationale for using this local immunomodulating agent can be assessed only by a doctor.