Pain at the bottom of the back at the sides or in one side

Pain near the sacrum

The sacrum and coccyx are the terminal part of the spine.


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Complete symptoms:

Back pain at the level of the sacrum and above it. Usually on both sides, but can be one-sided. Pain is acute and may increase with inspiration. Often accompanied by pain in the abdomen, discomfort( burning) with urination, frequent urination or the presence of difficulties with it. You may experience a slight fever or fever, general weakness, fatigue.

Possible causes:

This can be a kidney disease( inflammation, stones), especially when there are additional symptoms listed above. It is the kidneys that usually bother a little above the sacrum, but this may be an erroneous opinion: back pain can be taken as a problem with the urinary system, and vice versa - problems with the spine for kidney disease.

Lower back pain is also often caused by degenerative changes. In the lumbar region, the spine most quickly reaches degenerative changes in the intervertebral joints. Pathological changes are most often caused by obesity or trauma, sometimes seemingly insignificant, which eventually become a source of inflammation and pain.


Urinalysis often gives an answer in this situation. It should be done, even when the pain in the lower back is the only symptom. This analysis quickly, painlessly can detect important health problems and not only associated with the urinary system. It is recommended to do it for prevention once a year.

In case of problems with the spine, often everything will be told by an ordinary X-ray.


The urologist and nephrologist deal with the treatment of diseases of the urinary system. The first basically helps in conditions that require possible surgical intervention, and the second - functional problems. The choice of a specialist will be made mainly on the basis of detailed studies( for example, ultrasound).

Inflammation in the kidneys is so painful that people, even those who try to treat themselves, eventually get to the doctor. Usually, antibiotics are useful, but they should be taken repeatedly with subsequent treatment to avoid relapses. It must be remembered that a treatment that has not been fully or incorrectly treated can lead to their complete destruction, which threatens life.

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