Vacuum facial massage: effectiveness, types, contraindications


  • The principle of the vacuum massage
  • The tremendous effect of the vacuum facial massage
  • About who should not: Contraindications
  • Indications for vacuum facial massage
  • Types of vacuum massage
  • Technique for the procedure

If there are facial fat deposits and swelling on the face, home masks help rarely. With these problems it is better to turn to a cosmetology salon. One of the most effective procedures that cope with them is vacuum facial massage, which has gained great popularity recently. Its undeniable advantages - in an inexpensive price, high efficiency, painlessness and even the ability to conduct it yourself at home. The secret of the wonderful effect of vacuum cans on the skin is simple - see for yourself.

The principle of the vacuum massage

The facial massage is carried out with a vacuum jar or with a special nozzle of the cosmetology unit. They create a vacuum that draws in the skin. The grip turns out to be so powerful that the capsule from the connective tissue, in which the fat cells hide, can not stand it and breaks. The broken fat is free, nothing more can protect it, and the intelligent lymphatic system of our body takes it out in the shortest possible time. The device used during

procedure creates a pulse wave, which produces facial massage in all directions. The effect can exceed all your expectations. This method is characterized by a complex effect on the skin, so with it you will not only get rid of edema and fat deposits, but you will get a lot of additional and very pleasant bonuses.

A bit about vacuum banks

Glass is a traditional material used to make vacuum massage jars. Many are bought for their cheapness, and then bitterly disappointed. The fact is that their thick walls are heavy for massage, and matches and alcohol are generally dangerous to the face. So this is not the best option for removing wrinkles and swelling.

At home, Japanese lymph drainage Asahi-Zogan face Yukuko Tanaka from wrinkles & gt; & gt;

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Stunning effect from vacuum facial massage

Enough aggressively and powerfully acting on connective tissue, vacuum massage jarspeople affect the functioning of many systems working in the subcutaneous layers. All this as a result can be observed in the mirror after a very short time after going to the salon:

  • capsules with fat, penetrate through the skin, making it bumpy and uneven: after their removal, the face surface becomes smooth and smooth ;
  • due to the excellent lymphodrainage effect of vacuum massage on the face of all edema of is eliminated;
  • thanks to the activation in fatty tissues of lipolysis is achieved slimming facial effect ;
  • as in the process of vacuum massage the longitudinal growth of collagen is strengthened, improves the elasticity, tone and texture of the skin ;
  • because of the activation of trophism( nutrition) of tissues, the phenomena of fibrosis( excessive production of collagen) decrease;
  • activated blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • enhances the regenerating and self-rejuvenating properties of the epidermis;
  • dark circles, bags under the eyes disappear ;
  • shallow wrinkles are visibly smoothed;
  • stagnant spots, scars, scars become paler and less noticeable .

It should be noted that all these results can be 100% guaranteed only in the conditions of a cosmetology room, when the procedure is conducted by a professional, a master of his craft, using expensive equipment. Of course, you can try vacuum facial massage at home, yourself, if you buy special banks. However, such an integrated effectiveness is unlikely to be achieved - keep this in mind. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy such wonderful results, as the vacuum effect on the skin has a number of contraindications.

What is the power of plastic?

Plastic vacuum cans are convenient and easy to use at home. They are distinguished by high quality, ecological safety, absence of allergic reactions. They perfectly retain the vacuum and shape.

About who can not: contraindications

Since vacuum facial massage is a very effective procedure that affects many subcutaneous systems, in the presence of certain diseases and pathologies, it can harm your health and worsen the skin condition. Contraindications to it are:

  • open skin lesions, bleeding wounds on the face, dissected abscess, fresh scratches;
  • couperose;
  • large moles;
  • increased brittleness, fragility of blood vessels;
  • too extensive on the site of foci of inflammation( if there are a lot of pimples);
  • thin, easily vulnerable, sensitive skin.

In addition, a can of vacuum facial massage at home requires certain skills.

If you do not know how to use the device at the proper level, excessive pressure on the skin can result in the formation of a hematoma.

Bruises are a frequent consequence of mismanagement of massage vacuum banks at home. Therefore, experts strongly recommend doing this procedure exclusively in the salon.

Keep in mind that. ..

. .. rubber vacuum cans for the face need to choose the most miniature, and otherwise the result will be just bruises and bruises.

Indications for facial vacuum massage

As vacuum massage - facial cleansing, rejuvenation and weight loss in one set, one should know about the indications for carrying out this procedure. For example, at 20, it will not have any effect. For help to miracle banks it is worthwhile to apply in the following cases:

  • fatty folds on the face;
  • uneven, bumpy skin texture;
  • edema;
  • full face;
  • flabby, mature skin;
  • wrinkles;
  • fibrosis of tissues;
  • disturbed blood circulation;
  • failure in the operation of subcutaneous lymph flow;
  • bags, dark circles, bruises under the eyes;
  • scars, scars, stagnant spots;
  • age after 30 years.

In all these cases, a hardware vacuum facial massage will simply prove to be an indispensable, very useful procedure that will restore your youth and allow you to look stunning at any age. Turning to a cosmetology salon, you will be surprised by the variety of types of this massage that they can offer you. Therefore, it is better to familiarize with each of them in advance in order to make the right choice.

Types of vacuum massage

Types of vacuum massage vary depending on the devices and attachments used. Each of them has its own peculiarities and nuances.

  • Jar( classic)
  1. Kinetic can massage: the face is treated with an oily composition, on top of which the banks adhering to the skin in the direction of the lymph flow.
  2. Static can massage: cans are placed on the face, and after a certain period of time they are removed without additional skin treatment.
  • Laser-vacuum

A very effective and useful procedure is laser-vacuum facial massage, which is a unique combination of two techniques. This is a local reduced pressure( created by vacuum) and laser radiation of low intensity. The problem area of ​​the face is limited to a special glass bulb( a kind of jar), and then irradiated with a laser beam. By means of a hardware pump, a low pressure is created in the flask. Such laser-vacuum facial massage is characterized by trophic-stimulating, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.

  • Vacuum-Roller

A slightly different properties have a vacuum-roller facial massage, which is different lifting action. It activates metabolic processes at the cellular level. Vacuum hardware rollers used in this procedure simulate the manipulation of the hands of a professional masseur. The main indication for this type of massage is a mature, flabby, wrinkled skin.

If the last two procedures can be done only in the salon, facial massage with vacuum cans at home is quite possible. The device can be purchased at a specialized store and learn how to use it independently, by instruction, or by previewing how the procedure is performed on video.

Did you know that?. .

. .. silicone vacuum cans are compact, do not require reheating, are easy to use, but with all these advantages, they do not hold a uniform at all.

Technique for the procedure

Many, inspired by the effectiveness of the procedure, want to learn how to do a vacuum facial massage at home. At the same time, it is necessary to understand what kind of responsibility this is, if in case of improper execution, bruises and bruises appear on the next day. Turning to the salon, you will be sure that such troubles do not expect you. If you still want to learn the technique of massage with vacuum cans, you should adhere to the following recommendations.

  1. In a pharmacy or specialized store you need to buy vacuum cans or a device with appropriate nozzles. Do not forget about cosmetic oil, which can be replaced with ordinary petroleum jelly. They will need to be applied to the skin of the face before the massage.
  2. Any device for vacuum face massage available on a free sale must be accompanied by a detailed instruction, which must first be read.
  3. Decollete area and face clean from decorative cosmetics, atmospheric dirt and sebaceous workings. To reduce the risk of bruising on the skin, it is advisable to steam it, make a steam bath on herbs. So you can avoid unpleasant consequences and strengthen the effectiveness of the procedure.
  4. Apply a thin layer on the skin of cosmetic oil( petroleum jelly).
  5. Install, according to the instructions, the jars( or turn on the nozzle).
  6. The most critical moment is the to control the suction power of the skin by the can. For the face, it should be minimal.
  7. Move the attached cans strictly on the massage lines. It should be done very carefully, the force of pressure should be weak. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the massage jars do not come off the skin when moving.
  8. You can not do vacuum massage around the eyes of , since thin, sensitive skin without fatty layers in this area can easily be injured by pressure and vacuum created by the banks.
  9. If in the process of vacuum massage there are painful, unpleasant sensations, it must be stopped immediately. We must carefully listen to the signals of our own organism, otherwise the result of the procedure may not be lifting, but bruising. They will not only spoil the appearance, but also will deliver unpleasant, painful sensations. It will not be easy to get them out.
  10. Vacuum jars are a device that is difficult enough for home use. If you are not sure that you will cope with them, it is better for this purpose to purchase a special massager with the same functions. The scheme of its application will be exactly the same: the nozzle-sucker is found along the massage lines, but you must withstand a certain amount of pressure.
  11. Carry out this procedure, if in the near future you are not going anywhere. Best before bedtime. Within 3-4 hours after it, do not go out into the street( even on the balcony), because during this time the blood vessels and capillaries expand, blood and lymph intensively circulate. It is necessary to create for the skin a comfortable air temperature ( as in a warm room).
  12. Many people are interested in how often it is possible to do a vacuum facial massage( this applies to both salon procedure and home treatment). Frequency - once a week is quite enough. You can not abuse this advice, otherwise you will not get any results, but only worsen the skin condition, provoke the appearance of bruising and unhealthy reddening of the face.
  13. No need to flatter yourself that after the first procedure you will wake up 10 years younger, without wrinkles and swelling. It will take several sessions, patience and time.

Approximately the same technique of vacuum facial massage is performed by masters in the salon. However, there you will be sure of the result, because the apparatus will be controlled by a master professional. In addition, in the salon before the procedure, a medical examination will be conducted for contraindications and an appropriate course will be assigned. So weigh all the pros and cons before putting such a dangerous experiment at home.

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