Plaster for treatment of heel spur: effect, application and reviews

The Chinese plaster for the treatment of the heel spur is an effective tool that is popular. The result of the application is provided by the components present in it: analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents, plant extracts, magnetic compounds.

Therapeutic effect of

The principle of the therapeutic patch is based on the rules of traditional Chinese medicine. Thanks to the effect on the reflexogenic points, the work of the internal organs and the bone system is stimulated.

Thanks to the properties of the components, this cleanses the skin, promotes the normalization of the secretory function of the glands, restores healthy skin color. Stagnation of toxins and salts in the area of ​​the calcaneal spur is eliminated, thanks to the patch. This explains its effectiveness.

The drug has a multifaceted effect on the body:

  • leads to the purification of blood vessels throughout the body;
  • removes toxic substances;
  • removes swelling of the foot;
  • stimulates metabolic processes;
  • increases immunity;
  • normalizes the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Features of various types of

    For the elimination of calcaneal spurs, the most popular patches, which contain:

    • root aconite,
    • Chinese angelica,
    • gentian big-leaf,
    • infrared powder,
    • magnetic powder.
    Pain in the heel
    If the calcaneal spur is accompanied by severe inflammation, then such patches are irreplaceable, as it contributes to the purification of lymph and the removal of toxins from the body.

    Patients' opinions give grounds to conclude that the pronounced effect occurs on average after 12 sessions. As a result of the use of the drug, puffiness and pain pass.

    These patches can not be used if the skin is damaged. Also, their use is contraindicated in pregnant women.

    Typically, the package contains 8 pads. For a full course of treatment consisting of 16 days, 2 packs of patches will be required. They need to be stuck on dry, clean skin and changed every 24 hours.

    Cleansing teas are often ineffective to remove toxins from the calcaneal spur, since they do not remove water-insoluble toxins that dissolve only in fats. But the plaster is able to rid the body of them. These toxins lead to lymph flow disturbance, getting into the lymphatic fluid and contaminating it.

    Inflammation decreases or passes completely, due to improvement of blood circulation in the foot. This effect is achieved due to the effect on the reflexogenic points of the foot.

    The combination treatment patch contains such components:

    • wood and bamboo vinegar,
    • silicon,
    • starch,
    • chitosan,
    • tourmaline,
    • perlite.
    Plaster of the calcaneal spur
    With a severe pain syndrome, edema accompanied by clotting of blood vessels, rheumatoid arthritis, stagnation of blood, the classical plaster from the calcaneal spur

    will help. These components have a wound-healing effect, stimulate blood circulation, remove toxins, activate metabolism, absorb excess moisture. Tourmaline creates a magnetic field and infrared radiation, which favorably affects the affected area.

    The traditional remedy is patented in China back in 1899.

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    As a part of such orthopedic patch, the following components are traditionally present:

    • Chinese Angelica,
    • chili,
    • rosin,
    • menthol,
    • turmeric,
    • ginger root,
    • eriziba,
    • bosvelia crater.

    How to use?

    The best effect of using the product is provided if it is glued overnight. Before sticking your feet you need to wash, then remove the sticker from the sticker and stick it on the back side.

    Then the pad is applied to the arch of the foot and pressed firmly. After 24 hours, remove the band-aid and wash your feet. Depending on the stage of the disease, it can take from 2-3 sessions to 3 weeks to get rid of pain, relieve inflammation, eliminate puffiness. Even if after several sessions unpleasant symptoms have passed, interrupting the course is not recommended. This can lead to the fact that swelling and inflammation will appear again.

    Traditional Oriental medicine offers a variety of means to cure almost any disease. The Chinese plaster, which helps to effectively get rid of the heel spur, is no exception. This is a safe and effective treatment for an unpleasant disease.

Pepper plaster from calcaneal spur
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