Aching in low back( dull, persistent): causes and treatment

Aching pain in the lower back can be a symptom of a variety of diseases. For accurate diagnosis, everything matters - the age of the patient, the exact location of pain, and body weight, and your lifestyle, and even eating habits.

We do not aim to understand exactly with your case, but we will try to explain in detail what causes pain in the lumbar region and how to get rid of it.

Reasons common, not related to chronic diseases

There are several reasons for this.


For example, at the beginning of the summer season, you actively engaged in garden and garden work, digging the earth, dragging water, planting beds, and the next day there was no trace of past enthusiasm. Constant aching pain in the lower back reduced your chances, and the hand reached for an anesthetizing tablet or warming ointment.

Another situation: you are not a dacha lover, but actively go in for sports, visit a gym or a fitness club. At some point they decided to put their own individual record in the sport. Aspiring to perfection, of course! They labored, strained, and after a few hours the aching lumbar pain seemed to have clicked on the nose!

How to cope with

If exactly these causes caused aching pain, the output is simple. Requires:

  • To exclude the load and exercise for a few days;
  • Maximize the warmth of the waist - lie on the heating pad, rub it with ointment, wrap the sick back with a warm kerchief. In cases where pain is prevented from sleeping at night, use an anesthetic pill.

Causes delicate, exceptionally feminine

Any woman with low back pain is facing necessarily. Even the healthiest and most careful. During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, when the rounded tummy slightly complicates the movement, women complain of dull aching lower back pain, which is troubled quite often.

The same symptomatology is observed in some representatives of the fair sex, during the so-called critical days. Pain occurs on the threshold of menstruation and passes without a trace with its end.

pregnant woman
When pregnancy pain in the lumbar region occurs in the third trimester

How to cope

With pregnancy, unfortunately, there's nothing to be done. Pain will have to endure. But it can be greatly facilitated by a simple adaptation - an antenatal bandage. It fixes the back well in a certain position, the pregnant woman is easier to walk, and the pain gradually disappears.

If aching pains at the bottom of the waist disturb the woman during the critical days, you need:

  • Exclude physical activity, rest more;
  • Take antispasmodic drugs - no-shpu, papaverine in recommended doses.

Causes that alone can not be handled

Now let's look at the causes of aching pain, which it is difficult to cope with without adequate treatment.


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Speech, as you may have guessed, will go about the diseases. And the most common among them is lumbar osteochondrosis. To note, modern medicine has a serious evidence base for the age-related cause of osteochondrosis. Therefore, consider it only as a result of a sedentary lifestyle can not work. But the lumbar pains occur with osteochondrosis more often than not because we are speeding up this process with all our strength: we sit a lot, we rarely change the position of the body, we do not follow our own weight, we use not at all useful, but such tasty food! And if the years still inexorably spoil the spine, let's try at least temporarily to postpone this process.


Another age pathology that causes back pain is osteoporosis. Although the latest evidence of medical science indicates that this disease is rapidly growing younger. If the lumbar spine is prone to osteoporosis, there is no point in looking for other causes of aching pain in the lower back, the diagnosis speaks for itself.

Postural disorders

Any posture disorders such as scoliosis, pathological lordosis, abnormal kyphosis can cause lumbar pain.

In the case of pathology in the thoracic region, lower back pain is secondary. That is, the causes are localized in the chest, and the waist takes on an increased load, compensating for the weakness of the thoracic spine.

Arthrosis and arthritis, hernia and protrusions

All these pathologies in the localization in the lumbar spine provoke the appearance of lumbar pain. Characterize them as permanent can not: for example, with arthrosis of the spine, pain will be accompanied by morning stiffness. Such causes as a disc herniation or protrusion can cause intolerable pain attacks, depriving a person of the opportunity to move freely.

Preparations of diclofenac
Diclofenac drugs should be used only as directed by the doctor

Genitourinary disorders

The pathologies of the kidneys, bladder, and genital system are often accompanied by aching pain in the lower back. Depending on the stage of the disease, exacerbation or remission, the pain may be permanent or occur periodically.

Injuries to

In case of traumatic spine injuries, pain in the lumbar region is an inherent symptom. Sometimes you can cope with it with the help of conservative treatment, with severe damages of the vertebrae may require surgical treatment.

Useful exercises:

Small diagnostic test

If you experience aching pain in the lower back and do not know what causes it, we suggest that you take a small test yourself for the presence of spine diseases.

  1. Stand exactly on the wall.
  2. Slowly lower your chin to the chest.
  3. Listen to your feelings - dull, drawing pain will arise in that department of the spine, where there are problems. And what exactly, you will learn after visiting the clinic.

What can not be done

Now a few rules that should be observed so as not to aggravate back pain. Remember:

  • For lumbar pain in an acute period, massage is contraindicated;
  • Do not take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs without prescribing a doctor - they have many contraindications;
  • Bedding should not be soft, if the loin hurts, it is preferable to sleep on a hard surface;
  • If you are a supporter of home treatment, first discuss the chosen folk prescription with a doctor, and not with friends, who "also like that";
  • Do not neglect a visit to a specialist with frequent recurring lumbar pain.
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