Radish is a black favor and harm. Black radish juice is good.

Today on the agenda is black radish, good and bad, and also we'll talk about how useful the juice of black radish. Strangely enough, but we always remember the black radish in late autumn and winter, precisely during the period of cold and virus diseases. After all, black radish is not only a useful vegetable, but also a real storehouse of vitamins and nutrients.

In addition to black radish, there is also a purple radish, green, white, pink, but the black radish is considered the most useful. Black radish is rich in vitamin C, essential oils, organic acids, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine. But, especially valuable is the black radish in that it contains the lysozyme substance, which suppresses the growth of fungi and bacteria in our body, and also contains glycosides in the radish that have an antimicrobial effect.

Let's figure out what is so useful a black radish, under what diseases it is applied and what therapeutic effect on our organism is provided by a radish.

Radish black. Benefit.

  • Black radish improves appetite, strengthens the formation of gastric juice.
  • Improves metabolic processes occurring in the body.
  • Has immunostimulating and restorative effect on our body.
  • Black radish cleanses our body of toxins and toxins.
  • Radish cleanses the liver and is able to dissolve stones in the gallbladder.
  • Among other things, black radish is useful because it removes cholesterol from the body.
  • Black radish juice heals purulent wounds, ulcers.
  • Black radish is a natural antibiotic.
  • Black radish juice perfectly helps with bronchitis, when coughing.
  • Radish cleans the vessels.
  • Black radish and juice from it is useful for parasites.
  • Black radish juice with honey is an excellent remedy for colds.
  • Normalizes intestinal function.
  • Radish and radish juice removes excess fluid from the body and relieves swelling.
  • Black radish is a known antitussive and expectorant.
  • Black radish juice is used as lotions, compresses and grindings.

Black radish has a very strong effect on our mucous membranes, so now I want to say a few words about the dangers of black radish and contraindications.

Radish black. Harm. Contraindications.

  • Harmful black radish with ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, especially during the period of exacerbation.
  • When allergic to a product or an individual intolerance.
  • With increased acidity of gastric juice.
  • In acute pancreatitis, the radish is contraindicated.
  • Harmful radish with enterocolitis.
  • After a recent heart attack, the radish will also have to be abandoned.

As a child, my mother always treated me with black radish juice with honey. With a cough, hoarseness of voice, cold, it was our first remedy. Radish we had a home, parents grew it in the garden. Now of course we buy radishes on the market, but we also try to take home radish. Still juice of a black radish is useful at a neuralgia, a radiculitis, an osteochondrosis.

Black radish juice. Benefit. Black radish juice with honey. Mom always chose a medium-sized radish, cut out the middle and added natural honey inside. Delicious homemade honey was supplied by our grandfather, he had a huge apiary. Here is this radish with honey in the middle, my mother put in a cup or jar and the radish was in our room, so the juice from the radish was allocated. Juice from radish with honey should be drunk on a tablespoon before meals, three times a day. With a cold, cough, bronchitis, it was our first remedy, which always had a good result.

You can make juice from radish with honey so. Take an average radish, peel it, grate it, mix it with three tablespoons of honey, mix and leave in a warm place for about 10 hours, then squeeze juice through the cheesecloth.

With radiculitis, with rheumatism, the juice of black radish is mixed with honey and vodka, in proportion( 3: 2: 1).After bath or bath, rub this mixture of aching joints.

Black radish vegetable "vigorous," he is exactly on an amateur. From black radish it is possible to make a salad, mixing a grated black radish with carrots, an apple, you can dress it with mayonnaise, sour cream or vegetable oil. But, I do not like the taste of black radish, it is in salads, but I drank radish juice with honey without problems. Also it is marinated. But, I apply it more with a therapeutic purpose.

Black radish brings huge benefits to our body, although we should not forget about the harm of black radish. Black radish juice with honey is healthy, tasty, but the main thing that benefits our body and helps to get rid of diseases. Apply radish and stay healthy.