Don - instructions for use, reviews, indications and contraindications, side effects

General description

The preparation includes Glucosamine sulfate - chondroprotektornoe, anti-catabolic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory systemic substance, which is an amino-saccharide with a low mass of molecules.

The drug is manufactured by the Italian pharmaceutical company Rottafarm in the form of ampoules with a ready-made solution for intravenous administration, as well as a powder for internal oral administration.

The preparation quickly and effectively catalyzes the synthesis of proteoglycans, which in turn are considered the main "building material" for cartilage tissue. In addition, Dona slows the work of the enzyme phospholipase and collagenase, as well as oxide radicals with a lysosome, which in a complex destroy glucosaminoglycants and hyaluronic acid, the basis of cartilage.

In addition, glucosamine sulfate normalizes the accumulation processes in calcium tissues, protects chondrocytes from the harmful effects of corticosteroids, promotes retention of useful fluids, and also establishes enzymatic processes in the cellular structure of joints and cartilages with synovial membrane.

The drug is absorbed very quickly, concentrating mainly in articular cartilage. Output is an average of 70 hours, visible positive manifestations from admission are observed two weeks after the start of the course and persist for two months after refusing to use Dona.


Don appoint with:

  1. Deforming arthrosis.
  2. Osteoarthritis of the joints
  3. Chondromalaria of the supra-lateral region
  4. Osteochondrosis of the cervical and other parts of the spine
  5. Periarthritis of all kinds.

Instructions for Use

  1. For intramuscular use. The preparation itself is mixed with the solvent in a five-cube syringe, three milliliters of active substance are administered three times a week for one and a half to two months.
  2. Powder for oral administration. One packet is dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water and taken once a day for twenty minutes before the main meal. The course of treatment - up to three months.

Side effects and contraindications

Possible side effects of taking the drug include cardiac conduction disorders, digestive disorders( diarrhea, meteorisms, constipation), local allergic reactions( urticaria and pruritus), tremor, disorientation, diplopia, headache, drowsiness, numbnessmucous nasopharynx.

Dona is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, patients with phenylketonuria, people with pathologies of the kidneys, liver, heart, epileptics, allergies( especially those who are very sensitive to lidocaine), and children under twelve.

Glucosamine sulfate enhances the action of glucocorticosteroids, NSAID drug groups, adrenoblockers, MAO inhibitors, sedatives and hypnotics, digoxin, verapamil, novocainamides, cimetidine, aymalin, amiodarone, quinidine, thiopentalom sodium, hexenal.


The closest composite analogues of Dona are considered to be such drugs as Artiflex, Arthron Flex, Glucosamine, Flexamin, Gerron, Arthromax, Sinagra, Hodroxide, Remicid, Fleczerin, Structum.

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Reviews of doctors

Victor Danitsin, traumatologist-orthopedist.

I prescribe Don to patients in acute post-operation period, most often at the first stage of treatment. The course - about a month, quite a lot of good patient testimonials and see a positive result.

Alexey Miller, out-patient traumatologist.

In general, the effect of all chondroprotectors is exaggerated, I judge by my own practice. Yes, they reduce pain syndromes, relieve periarticular inflammation, slightly increase the elasticity of the cartilage, which in turn increases the amplitude of limb movements, but there is no outstanding progress, in fact, the structure of the cartilaginous tissue is restored just as slowly. Therefore, Don is not de facto different from other protectors of this class.

Dmitry Dimchuk is an orthopedist practitioner.

Modern methodology has long ago discarded chondroprotectors as the main method of treatment of osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis and so on. Don can be considered as an additional therapy for rehabilitation after surgery of transplantation of cartilaginous tissue from a nonworking surface to a working surface and after other surgical procedures.

Reviews of patients


How I understand, Dona has a cumulative effect and acts after a long period of time? Is it necessary to take the drug continuously for several years?

Alexey Rogozin.

I am an athlete, athlete, eternal problems with the ankle, Don is appointed constantly because of joint stiffness. I do not see any special progress, but the doctor says that it helps, of course, besides this medicine, there are also specials, physiotherapy, etc.

Larisa Stepanovna.

I struggle with arthrosis of the knee joint for many years. After the coursework of the Don, the joint began to bend better, there was no sound of crunching and almost no pain. Let's see what happens next. ..