The coccyx hurts: what and how to treat at home, with a bruise

  • Why pain can occur
  • First aid for trauma
  • What can not be done with pain in the coccyx
  • Pain treatment methods

Why pain can occur

The most common cause of such a problem is a bruise. And not always a person pays attention to the coccyx at once. Sometimes the pain arises after a while. But the contusion of the coccyx should be treated, since its effects not only interfere with the normal course of life, but can also cause serious complications.

If the injury did not occur in the near future, then the pain in the coccyx was caused by another reason:

  • microtraction with the load on this part of the spine of cyclists and people who spend a long time driving a car;
  • impaired circulation with sedentary work or a sedentary lifestyle;
  • infectious-inflammatory diseases of the intestine, bladder or genital organs;
  • disorders of the intestine: constipation, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and others;
  • general diseases of the spine: osteochondrosis, arthrosis, displacement of intervertebral discs;
  • by an inflammation of the sciatic nerve;
  • scars and spikes after surgery.

In all these cases, it is necessary to treat the underlying diseases under the supervision of a doctor. But to remove the pain in the coccyx is also necessary so that it does not interfere with the normal movement and rest. It is especially important to do it right after a bruise.

First aid for trauma

Man can traumat tailbone anywhere. Especially often it happens in the winter in ice, sportsmen and children. It is very important to provide first aid at home in time, then the consequences of the injury will not be a long time to worry. What do you need to do in the first hours after the injury?

  1. It is advisable to lie on your stomach as soon as possible. In this situation, you need to stay to prevent the flow of blood to the affected area. This will help relieve pain and eliminate the formation of bruising.
  2. It is possible to help prevent swelling and bruising by applying a cold compress to the coccyx region. It can be ice or a tissue moistened in cold water. You can use compresses from herbal decoctions.
  3. For relief of pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of tablets or ointments are helpful. But they can not be used for a long time. After removing the first pain, you need to see a doctor so that he can appoint a permanent treatment.
Cold compress
Cold compress - first aid with a bruise

What can not be done with pain in the coccyx

In order not to aggravate the problem, it is necessary to avoid some common methods of treatment. In addition, while the coccyx is aching, the patient needs to reconsider his habitual way of life. What can not be done?

  1. It is contraindicated during illness to take hot baths or apply warming compresses on the area of ​​the coccyx. This can exacerbate the inflammatory process.
  2. It is necessary to refrain from running, jumping, strength training and sharp jerks. After severe injury, it is undesirable to sit for a long time.
  3. It is not recommended for pain in the coccyx to massage this area.

Methods of treating pain

At home, you can treat coccyx in many ways. They should be aimed at reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, relieving pain and alleviating motor activity. What methods can be applied?

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  • Well treated with medical drugs. It can be tablets, ointments, suppositories, rubbers and others.
  • In the first days after injury, it is better to keep bed rest. It is undesirable to sit, run, you need to avoid excessive load and sudden movements.
  • At home, treatment with folk remedies is very effective.
  • During the recovery period, when there is no strong pain, you need to perform special gymnastics to improve blood circulation in this area and to relieve muscle spasms. Useful stretching, relaxation exercises and yoga.

Medical preparations for the treatment of coccyxes

For the relief of pain, tablets, suppositories, ointments and solutions for compresses can be used. Such drugs are undesirable to use for longer than 3-5 days, so if the pain does not subside, you should always seek medical advice. What kind of pain medication will help to heal the coccyx?

  • The best are "Ibuprofen" and "Diclofenac".You can take them in the form of tablets, do microclysters or use candles.
  • Often used for treatment and such drugs: Ketoprofen, Indomethacin, Naproxen.
  • Lubricate the painful area with "Chlorethyl".It quickly evaporates and cools the skin, relieving pain.
  • Well helps to remove the pain of the gel "Dolobien".It should be applied in a thin layer 2-4 times a day.
  • Ointment "Traumeel C" is used 2-3 times a day, it is possible as a compress.
  • Improves blood circulation and accelerates the healing of the cream with calendula or chamomile.
  • Ointment "Levomekele", apart from pain relief, helps to eliminate inflammation.
  • If pain is caused by a bruise, you can use anesthetic candles. Most often used candles with novocaine, ichthyol or belladonna.
Gel "Dolobien"
The gel "Dolobien" well relieves the pain

Folk methods of treatment of the coccyx

  • to apply to the place of the bruise waxed grass wormwood or plantain;
  • make a cool compress of juice of onions or radishes;
  • mix half a kilo of blue clay with a teaspoon of vinegar and attach to the coccyx;
  • make a compress from a tincture of valerian;
  • three times a day lubricate the site of injury with fir or lavender oil;
  • attach several layers of fresh burdock leaves to the coccyx;
  • inside you can take arnica tincture, as it has an analgesic effect;
  • make a pack of grated potatoes;
  • lubricate the coccyx area with a mixture of honey and vinegar;
  • a decoction of geranium leaves can be used for a sedentary cool bath or compress;
  • well helps with common magnet pain - they need to carry out a gentle massage in a circular motion clockwise.

Changing the behavior of pain in the coccyx

Even with proper treatment, pain in this area usually does not last a long time. To protect yourself from unpleasant sensations and provide the coccyx peace, you need to change a little way of life.

Pillow with coccyx contusion
With pains in the coccyx, you can sit only so
  1. Until the pains pass, it is desirable to sit as little as possible so as not to create a load on the coccyx. If necessary, to take this position, you need to lay a pillow. Very well helps to overcome painful sensations when sitting elastic roll in the form of a ring.
  2. The patient needs to lie more, preferably on the stomach.
  3. If you need to sit for a long time, you need to get up as often as possible and do an easy warm-up.

When the coccyx hurts, this is a very unpleasant sensation. You need to try to get rid of it yourself at home. But if the pain continues for a long time, it is advisable to visit the doctor to find out the reasons for this. Then you can avoid serious complications and get rid of the pain for good.

Pain in the coccyx