The hair is getting confused. What to do?

Hello, dear readers. How are you? How did your holidays go? Some holidays are over, others begin, in May many different holidays. We are very warm outside, the sun is shining brightly. There are so many people in parks and squares. Now the lilacs are blooming, this scent is all around. So beautiful, bright, calm, spring gives us so many beautiful emotions and impressions. All nature wakes up and comes to life. And this beauty around is very captivating, I want to walk and admire the beauty of nature. We have already visited several parks. Walking on a beautiful, clean and well-kept park is a pleasure. How good that there are places where you can relax your soul.

Today's theme is about hair. Let's talk about the health and beauty of the hair. To maintain the beauty of the hair behind them you need regular care for them, the selection of shampoos and various products, all this is very important.

But there are absolutely different situations. Hair quickly zhirneyut, drop out, or, for example, the hair is confused. What to do, how to solve this problem at home? Do not always want to resort to scissors. Let's see why the hair gets confused and how it can be prevented.

Why the hair gets mixed up? Causes of

Curly hair is naturally prone to tangling. Very often the owners of curly hair want to straighten them, but those who have straight hair - try to give them volume or curl.

To solve this situation you need to eliminate the cause. Let's consider the possible reasons.

  • Hair can become entangled if, they are too dry or dehydrated. As a rule, the hair at the roots is oily, and along the length is dry. Here, nutritious oil masks can help.
  • Hair can become tangled with deficiency of necessary vitamins and microelements.
  • Hair can be over-dried. This is due to the frequent use of a hair dryer, ironing, etc. instruments.
  • If you use shampoos with aggressive detergents. It is best to switch to shampoos without sls.
  • Frequent hair coloring, as well as perm, adversely affect the hair condition.
  • Very often the hair gets tangled due to the influence of hard and chlorinated water. Stress and unbalanced nutrition.
  • Hair can be confused due to the negative effects of the environment. It can be low or high temperatures. Therefore, you should wear a hat.
  • Hair is usually electrified in women with thick and wavy hair. This can also be the cause of hair entanglement.

First you need to find out the reason and fix it. But hair care is equally important. Revise your diet, care, intake of vitamins and trace elements.

Hair is getting confused. What to do at home?

If there are marked tips, then they need to be cut. This is important, since you can not restore such hair.

Hair must be moistened. Choose your own quality shampoos, as well as balm. Balm nourishes the hair and makes it easier to comb your hair.

Use high-quality masks and sprays. Masks can be used any, you can buy at a pharmacy, store, or you can cook yourself.

Regularly make yourself a mask for the hair. At home, it's easy to do using herbs, oils, honey, eggs, dairy and sour milk products, etc. means.

The comb should be purchased from natural materials. It is best when the teeth are long and sparse. As a rule, girls prefer wooden combs. They are more comfortable and do not hurt the hair.

Hair, which is often confused, is better to wear in assembled form. There are many different beautiful hairstyles.

Home procedures

Wrap hair with oils. Oils can be used different. I like the most: coconut oil, olive, almond, peach, wheat germ oil, etc. Oils can be mixed together. In the oil mask, you can add essential oils: ylang-ylang, orange, rosemary, lavender, etc.

This procedure is best done before washing hair. Apply oil over the entire length of the hair, heat the head and leave for a couple of hours. Then wash off the mask with two shampoo rinses.

Hair rinsing. After washing your hair, it's just as important to rinse your hair. For rinsing hair you can use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. It is important to use the juice of fresh lemons and high-quality apple cider vinegar.

For rinsing the hair, it is enough to acidify the water. For a liter of water, add a couple of spoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. After such a rinse, the hair looks fine and less confused.

Use herbal infusions to rinse hair. They are easy to prepare at home. You can buy herbs in the pharmacy or at the herbalists. Rinse hair that is confused, it is better to infusion of nettle, chamomile, dandelion, burdock root, etc., herbs.

It is advisable not to comb your hair wet. Dry hair naturally. Comb with wooden combs with sparse teeth.

Special oils and sprays can be used to prevent hair from tangling.

Salon procedures

The beauty industry does not stand still, the craftsmen in the salons will be happy to help you deal with this situation. Of course, we should not exclude consultation trihologa, if necessary.

In the beauty salon you can be offered: lamination, screening, cauterization.

Lamination. When hair is laminated, the hair is covered with a special compound. In this regard, the film applied to the hair protects the hair, giving them smoothness, density and elasticity. Laminating hair can be done not only in the salon, but also at home. I applied gelatinous hair lamination, the effect remained satisfied.

Shielding. The procedure involves coating hair with a special composition of organic amino acids. This creates a protective barrier on the hair and no external stimuli do not damage your hair.

Cauterizium. This is nutrition and deep hair restoration. In this case, all layers of hair are restored. Hair becomes strong, healthy, shiny.

Hair is the pride of every girl, it's not enough to dream of beautiful, smooth and shiny hair. Hair care is important. Love yourself, and be beautiful.