Lishay in a person - symptoms, treatment, photo depriving, ointments

In medical circles, lichen is considered one of the most mysterious and controversial diseases. The issue of this disease is also still open. Versions every now and then replace each other, however, not one is still recognized as true.

The only thing in which dermatologists converge is that skin disorders occur because of prolonged stress and reduced immunity.

Symptoms of depriving a person

Lishay is a skin disease. And because it is easily transmitted, but long and difficult to treat. Consider the symptoms of deprivation, which are manifested in humans. The definition of "lichen" includes several dermatoses that arise due to different types of microbes, microscopic fungi or viruses. The disease is extremely unpredictable, often flows undulating, sometimes it can abruptly subside, and can develop for months.

Types of lichen in humans

  • Pink lichen;
  • Ringworm;
  • Microsporia;
  • Tinea;
  • Pityriasis( colorful) lichen;
  • Red lichen planus;
  • Simple( white) lichen.

symptoms depriving a person The rash is usually collected in peeling spots. Also, lichen on the skin can manifest as small itchy nodules or inflammatory spots of papules.

The manifestation of symptoms and signs directly depends on which type of lichen affected the skin.

Once you have seen the first signs of deprivation, you need to take action. Recognize the appearance and start taking some action to eliminate the disease in a home is not difficult. However, in each case, mandatory diagnosis and examination with a doctor is required.

  • Pink lichen .It occurs more often in girls, especially in the autumn and spring time, when the immunity is weakened. Pink spots on the skin have a rounded darker edging and peel in the middle.
  • Ringworm. Its causative agent is the fungus-parasite trichophyton. On the head of the patient appear areas of baldness, similar to the cut off areas. Children are often infected by contact with animals or other children.
  • Microsporia. The carrier of the microorganism is the cat. More often children are infected. Unlike the previous type of hair on the head breaks off at a distance of 10 mm.from the scalp. Itching is less, sometimes completely absent.
  • Shingles. The reason is the herpes virus. In adults, rashes cover the waist in the form of a belt, in children it appears as a chickenpox.
  • Red lichen( flat).Most often they are sick women of the age of 40-60 years. The disease affects not only the skin, but the nails and mucous membranes. The first at this stratify, the second - bleed and hurt.
  • Pityriasis( multicolored) lichen - fungal infection. A common localization is the chest and neck.
  • Simple( white) lichen. The disease is not contagious. On the skin it looks like pigmentation.

How to treat lichen in a person

Children get sick more often. This is due to their failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene, as well as the fact that while walking, they sometimes stroke or take on the hands of cats and dogs that are the carriers of the disease.

ringworm in humans Before treatment is established the form of lichen. For this, a scraping from the affected area is done. After that, treatment is prescribed.

It is the same for children, and for adults, and for pregnant women. There is a local deprivation, the prescribed ointments are rubbed into the foci of inflammation.

Ointments can be bought in pharmacies in a ready-made form( for example, Apitum, Irikar and others), and it is possible and in the prepared mixture( Yam).Each means against the always has an instruction, which specifies the application limits.

Many means of combating lichen have accumulated and traditional medicine. One of them - ointment from lichen , prepared on the basis of birch buds. One glass of buds is crushed into a powder and grinded with 0.5 kg.interior fat. Place in a clay pot and grind for a week for 3 hours a day in a water bath or in the oven. Hot fat after that merges into jars, and raw materials are thrown away.

Treatment of pink hair loss in humans

The process of recovery lasts a half to two months. In some cases, this type of lichen passes by itself. The main task in the treatment is to prevent skin inflammation, the appearance of eczema, infection with staphylococcus or streptococcus. deprive a person

Hypoallergenic nutrition is a prerequisite. Coffee, tea, alcohol, citrus fruits, eggs, and chocolate are completely excluded. Fruits of red color, nuts and spices, flavors, canned food, smoked products are also not recommended.

You can not bathe in the bathroom, only in running water. Clothes should be made of linen or cotton. The doctor prescribes immunostimulating and antihistamines, vitamins, lotions and ointments.

Ringworm: treatment

Well rubbed into the affected areas is a mixture of garlic juice and castor oil, thistle oil, dog rose and sea buckthorn. For lotions designate water-zinc bolt, creams-corticosteroids.

Relapses in this disease are rare. They occur only with a significant weakening of immunity or violation of hygiene.