Quick hair mask: why you need, how to do, the best recipes


  • What to expect from fast hair masks?
  • Recommendations for the preparation of quick masks
  • Recipes for fast hair masks

In the life of every woman, there are often situations where, literally in an hour, one has to gather for a responsible event where there will be a lot of people. Look at this need to be stunning, but time and money for this is often just not enough. The only thing you can do is wash and blow dry your hair. Yes, pure hair looks beautiful, but after an hour and a half they begin to crumble out of the hair, styling is poor, and by the end of the party it will all be a sad sight. To prevent this from happening, can save the situation quickly with a quick hair mask: at least costs and maximum effect of the - that's what it guarantees to everyone who is going to shine in all its glory on a social event.

What to expect from fast hair masks?

The effectiveness of fast hair masks is that their actions do not need to wait for weeks. It manifests itself instantly: the results will be visible immediately after use, so they are called the first medical aid for dull, lifeless strands that have lost their shine and beauty. And all this will take no more than half an hour: cooking - 5 minutes, aging on the head - 15 minutes, washing and drying - for 5 minutes. But after such a wonderful mask you will feel like a real queen, because your hair:

  • will shine in a natural, natural sheen;
  • will become obedient and obedient: they will quickly settle into the most complicated hairdo you choose;
  • will cease to be electrified;
  • will turn into a smooth mirror of elastic, even, elastic strands: all the scales of each hair will be tightly sealed to each other for a long enough time;
  • will create the impression of a rich head of hair, as all the fast hair masks give them extra volume and density;
  • will become softer, incredibly pleasant to the touch( and stiff, naughty, curly locks - no exception);
  • will recover from microdamages: no, they can not be healed with quick masks, but it's easy to disguise them: they are sealed for a short period of time( 12-15 hours) in the places of scrapping and cutting.

This is what a hair mask is capable of, quickly and easily cooked at home. You do not need to spend money on salon procedures( while etching the scalp with chemical solutions).Do not be nervous that clean, freshly washed strands will get out of your hair and start electrifying, sticking to everything, past which you will pass.

Half an hour for the procedure - and you can safely go to the most important event, absolutely confident in its beauty and irresistibility.

To achieve excellent results, you need to know how to prepare a miracle remedy.

Recipes of natural masks for shine hair from herbs and oils: http: //beautiface.net/maski/ dlya-volos / recepty-masok-dlya-bleska-volos.html

Meet the miraculous amla, find out how to use it for hair. Go & gt; & gt;

Recommendations for the preparation of quick masks

In order to get chic, beautiful hair quickly and practically for free, and even with minimal time, you need to adhere to a number of recommendations. Given below is an original instruction developed from the advice of professional cosmetologists, trichologists and those who regularly engaged in hair restoration at home. If you take note of these simple rules, you can learn quickly and easily disguise any cosmetic defects associated with scalp and hair.

    1. Products. When choosing a quick mask recipe for your hair, immediately decide on a set of products that should always be at hand. If you spend time on trips to the store( even the nearest one), you run the risk of not having time. However, make sure that they are always fresh: overdue, old products for cosmetic purposes do not use ever.
    2. Allergy. On the one hand, there is no time to check the mask for allergens, on the other hand, there is a big risk of getting stained right at the party you are going to. What to do in this case? Recipes of quick masks should be selected in advance, which means that it is always possible to carry out such a test drive in advance and find out whether the skin reacts to one of the mask components. Prepare the mixture in a relaxed atmosphere, slowly, put it on your wrist, wash it off, evaluate the result. So you will be sure that this mask will be absolutely safe for you.
    3. Oils. Found a recipe for a quick hair mask with oils? If you trust this source, you risk not getting to your party( or, at least, be late for it).First, vegetable and cosmetic oils act quickly only after heating in a water bath, and for this procedure you simply do not have time. If you turn them cold into a mask, they can not do anything for your hair in 15 minutes. Secondly, you need to know how to properly wash oil, and at this stage will also take a long time, so that the mask does not justify its definition - fast.
    4. Blender. Most home-made masks are recommended to be beaten by hand, however for quick masks this advice can be bypassed. This process can be delayed for an indefinite time + there is a risk that in a hurry with this mixing of ingredients you can leave lumps that will subsequently get stuck in your hair and will not want to be extracted from under any pretext. But the blender( mixer) will allow you to whip the ingredients quickly without any stuck together tumors.
    5. Roots. If you apply a composition of quick masks to the roots, there will be no serious effect: again, you just waste your time. For 15 minutes of deep absorption will not happen, until the follicle useful substances will not reach. But to create an external gloss on the strands themselves is the only thing they can do unhindered and for 100%.Therefore, try to rub this mask into the scalp is not necessary. Just distribute it along the entire length of the ringlets from the roots to the tips.
    6. Warming. Some ladies make an unforgivable mistake, believing that a warming compress on the head over the mask for 15 minutes is superfluous to impose. Be sure to do it: it will several times strengthen the effectiveness of the tool used, because heat quickly activates all the useful substances in its composition. First, cut a simple cellophane bag along the seam and tie it on the head in the form of a scarf. Then, from the top, you wrap it with a towel, the warmest towel that you will find in the house. There is another way to create useful heat for a quick mask on the hair: on top of the cellophane send a jet of hot air from the hair dryer over the head. On the one hand, the mixture will absorb much faster. On the other hand, there is a risk of drying your hair. Therefore, in this case, use a hairdryer for no more than 5 minutes.
    7. Relax. Strengthen the action of a quick mask can be, if during its aging on the head lie down to rest. If you are at this time worn like a whirligig, around the house looking for the right skirt, doing a manicure and simultaneously ringing up girlfriends, a warming compress can just fly off, the nails are smeared, and the nerve cells spent on all these charges will leave a trace of fatigue on your dearface. Therefore, relax and let the body rest before an important event for at least 15 minutes.
  1. Flushing. Water should be warm, if possible, filtered. For this procedure, be sure to use shampoo, but without the addition of balms and conditioners( ie, no two-in-one).If after the first procedure strands of food remain in strands, treacherous lumps, do not be nervous. Just repeat the washing procedure again, more thoroughly. Then gently rinse hair with a lemon solution, prepared in advance: from 2 lemons squeeze the juice, dissolve it in 1-1.5 liters of normal water. This last chord will make the curls incredibly shiny and shining, as if you just left the salon after laminating.
  2. Drying. All home hair masks exclude the hair dryer from the procedure, as it dries and spoils strands. But since the main goal of fast masks is to save time, in this case, this tool can not be dispensed with. Be sure to use it to get your head in order in 5 minutes. It will be nice if you get a powerful hairdryer, but with the function of protecting curls from drying out.
  3. Periodicity. You should not use the tremendous effect of quick masks on your hair too often. It must be remembered that this is just an external gloss, not connected in any way with the internal state and health of the strands. Use them only when necessary, when it is simply impossible to put your head in order in half an hour without them. It is advisable to do them no more than once a week.

Now you know what to make beautiful, shiny, thick hair quickly, literally in half an hour and possibly at home, resorting to the most common products.

Despite the fact that they do not have healing oils, that they need to be dried by a hair dryer and can not be expected to have a long-playing, therapeutic effect, they still remain natural remedies without chemistry.

This means that you can make the most out of them for your tired and disobedient ringlets that do not want to fit into a beautiful hairdress. It remains only to choose the right recipe.

Recipes of fast hair masks

There are many recipes for fast hair masks, but their choice should be considered reasonably well. Is it going to be an express help to your curls? Are there any oils in them? Do not you need to spend precious time on heating up or buying some components? Will this tool suit your hair type? Be sure to answer for yourself all these questions before starting the procedure for resuscitation of your tired, dull and lifeless hanging strands.

  • Egg-honey fast mask for all hair types

Mix two raw eggs with 50 ml of natural, unsweetened honey.

  • Yolk-vegetable quick mask for dry hair

Mix two raw yolks with 250 ml of vegetable juice( especially effective are carrot, cucumber, pumpkin.)

  • Cognac-yolk fast mask for shine hair

Mix 50 g of good cognac with two raw yolks. Kefir-milk quick mask to soften hard hair

Mix kefir of any fat content with homemade milk in equal proportions

  • Coffee-egg quick mask to give the hair a beautiful chestnut shade

Mix already cooled downbut previously very strong brewed natural coffee, which was left in the morning( 50 g) with two raw eggs

  • Beer fast hair shine mask

A natural light beer of a light grade, rinse hair and leave for 15 minutes without wiping with a towel. Rinse them out like after a normal mask. If it seems to you that there will be a beer smell on the locks, with the last rinse, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water.

  • Mayonnaise-egg quick mask to revive the dull hair

Mix two tablespoons of any mayonnaise with two raw eggs.

Now you know how to put your head in order before a responsible event or party. For this, it is not necessary to spend your finances on expensive salon procedures and pour out lacquer liters for permanent fixation on the stowage. You will need only half an hour of time and a set of certain products - natural and very useful, and most importantly - able to transform your strands in record time.

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