Treatment of hypertension with unconventional methods

Hypertension has many causes. Accordingly, to influence them, funds of different directions are needed. Treatment of hypertension without drugs is impossible. Too serious violations in the body causes the disease. But there are no medicines without side effects.

If one looks at the advertised methods of non-traditional treatment seriously and without expecting fabulous results "for 3 months", then we can conclude that it is possible to support standard therapy well, with a minimum of negative influences.

Use "recipes against hypertension" should be carefully, taking into account the sensitivity of your body, concomitant diseases. Let's consider the basic techniques and variants of their application.

Exercises to reduce pressure

In hypertension, bed rest is recommended only during crises or other complications. On normal days the motor mode should be maintained by walking, morning gymnastics. We do not recommend power sports. Exercises for hypertension can not be done, for a long time being upside down. They cause a rush of blood to the brain and contribute to excessive strain of blood vessels.

Patients undergoing treatment in a hospital or a recovery course in a sanatorium are necessarily referred to treatment physical therapy( LFK).Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, exercises are mastered and learned for further use at home.

The complex of exercise therapy necessarily includes the load:

  • for restorative muscle groups;
  • on the development of proper right breathing;
  • for coordination of movements and vestibular apparatus.

The duration of the training should not exceed 20 minutes, there are restrictions depending on the stage of the disease.

The ball in the exercise serves as an aggravating object, increases the load of the

. In the second stage, it is recommended to start the exercises in the position on the chair. Several times, lifting and extension of arms and legs, turning to the sides are performed.

Begin with an ordinary walk, then add a half-patience, steps with high knee lift and retraction. It is suggested to stand on one leg with another knee bent, to make slopes to the sides.

Lying on the back, exercises are performed, strengthening the abdominal press( lifting legs, "scissors").Continuously monitor breathing, ensuring that there is no delay.

Breathing exercises helps to train the body to the conditions of hypoxia. It is based on the performance of a long exhalation, on artificial air retention in the lungs. Exercises by the Strelnikova method, on the contrary, require hyperventilation( do 8 deep breathing movements without stopping, then rest and repeat).The method is recommended for the removal of high blood pressure in adolescents, with crises, as a result of anxiety and stress.

Recommendations on nutrition

Treatment of hypertension in the home requires that you follow strict dietary guidelines. Expected results:

  • normalization of weight, cholesterol level in the blood;
  • elimination of edema, dyspnea, tachycardia.

Without medicines this can be achieved with the help of limited consumption of food:

  • animal fats( fatty meat, butter, sour cream);
  • salt, smoked products, sausages;
  • sweets, fresh baked goods;
  • pasta;
  • coffee, carbonated drinks.

They will have to be replaced with the following products:

  • low-fat meat dishes, steamed or boiled without salt;
  • vegetables in salads with seasonings( for example, boiled beets in a salad with garlic and dill), fruit fresh and in juices will provide the need for vitamins;
  • skimmed milk, cottage cheese and yogurt;
  • porridge( except semolina) from whole grains, not from flakes;
  • coffee can be replaced with a drink from chicory, and in green tea it is recommended to add ginger when brewing;
  • fish, even fatty varieties, it will completely replace the meat and provide the vessels with the necessary unsaturated acids;
  • instead of sugar is better to use a teaspoon of honey, it add natural minerals, antioxidants.
Convenient to use instant chicory

Recommended garlic, onions, horseradish as useful flavorings.

How to become independent of stress?

Emotional "explosions" adversely affect the arterial pressure. Particularly affected are people who are experiencing everything within themselves, seeking to be self-controlled and restrained.

The usual high-grade dream has a curative effect. In the evening tea, you can add herbs with a soothing effect( balm, mint).

Massage in hypertension is a useful procedure approved by official medicine. Recommended 2 - 3 courses per year. The massage zone is most often located in the place of the "collar", it covers the lower parts of the cervical spine and the upper-thoracic part.

To conduct massage in hypertension should be a trained masseur. The fact is that the strength and direction of movements are important in the process of treatment. Wrong tactics can lead to a crisis. You can learn self-massage from a specialist.

Neck massage
All movements must go from the periphery to the center of the spine, you can not produce sharp jolts.

For home use, the technique of acupressure, which can be performed several times a day, is more suitable. Each point is massaged for 5 minutes, with a symmetrical arrangement, there is an immediate effect on both points. Start and finish with light circular motions. The main points in hypertension are located:

  • on the lower-inner surface of the knee joint;
  • 4 fingers below the first point;
  • on the foot in the foveal cavity nearest to the fingers;
  • if you grab the forearm from the elbow outside the elbow with a brush, the terminal phalanges of the fourth and third fingers fall into the hole between the muscles, where the desired point is located;
  • in the pit between the first and second fingers of the hand;
  • 4 fingers above the inner ankles;
  • in the suboccipital fossa;
  • under the earlobe on the lower jaw.

The last 2 points are recommended to massage no more than three minutes.

How to "hear your body"?

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Yoga classes are associated with the same stresses as physical exercises. But the technique, according to the masters, is shown and will not work at all.

Yoga with hypertension requires caution. Contraindicated are the asanas associated with respiratory arrest, the "inverted" position with the lifting of the pelvis and legs in the supine position, intense deflections in the lumbar spine.

Fans of Ayurveda need to add the exception of potatoes, eggs, cheese, bananas, figs, cereals from wheat, barley, rye to the listed food restrictions. They believe that yoga in hypertension helps to "hear your body."In the mornings, you need to drink a glass of water with honey and a few drops of apple cider vinegar.

The method of acupuncture is more common in eastern medicine. It is based on knowledge of the points that affect the state of nervous regulation with vascular tone. Serious experienced professionals with the help of needles remove crises. For treatment it is important to inquire about the degree of doctor's preparedness, not to fall into the hands of a charlatan.

Advice of experienced herbalists

Treatment of hypertension with herbs has been practiced for centuries. The method is available for home use. Drink decoctions and tinctures from plants will have for a long time. Therefore, therapy is not suitable for very busy people, waiting for a quick result.

For the lazy in the pharmacy chain you can buy phyto-tea, additives, made in capsules, bags for welding.

Herbs for hypertension is better to buy ready-made raw materials in a pharmacy. So more confidence that they are grown and collected in clean ecological areas, into the phase of the greatest content of active substances.

It is possible to prepare collections from several plants( store separately, but when brewing mix in certain ratios) or alternately apply in herbal medicine different medicinal herbs, fruits, leaves and roots.

The most popular prescriptions for hypertension:

  1. decoction of motherwort or collection from motherwort, valerian root and cumin in equal proportions, a tablespoon of raw material is brewed in a thermos for 300 ml of boiling water, it is necessary to drink during the day;
  2. viburnum with hypertension: 2 cups of raw material is poured 2 liters of boiling water and it is insisted for 6 hours, it is better to do it in a large thermos, decoction filter, berries are ground and returned back, honey is added, you should take ½ cup 3 times a day, phytotherapists say thatThe plant not only reduces blood pressure, but also increases work capacity, mood;
  3. leaves vinca, hawthorn flowers, mistletoe, field horsetail, yarrow brew collection( 3 parts of yarrow and 1 other plants), drink in 3 divided doses per day, recommended decoction before meals;
  4. briar is offered to combine with barberry berries( 2: 1), brew for the night, you can add honey to the drink and take in the form of compote;
  5. there are many "honey" recipes, honey can be added lemon, garlic, fir oil;
  6. beet juice is prepared daily by squeezing out the grated beets, taken fresh before meals or infused with honey and apple cider vinegar until kvas is obtained.
Viburnum is used not only in fruits, but also in leaves with young branches of

. Phytotherapy lovers should be fully confident in a healthy stomach. Many formulations cause irritation of the mucosa and are not indicated in gastritis, peptic ulcer.

Do leeches help?

Hirudin from the saliva of leeches has many effects. In the treatment of hypertension, they can be used more likely to prevent complications associated with the risk of thrombosis of coronary and cerebral vessels. The most proven is the decrease in blood viscosity.

Hirudotherapy with hypertension should be performed only by an experienced specialist, since the leech overlap zone is taken into account as an effect on the reflex points of the disease.

Method has contraindications, they should be strictly observed.

The effect of the magnetic field of the bracelet, aromatic smells

Advertising of wearing magnetized articles( bracelets, earrings) for the treatment of hypertension is completely devoid of practical meaning, since their magnetic properties are extremely small. It is better to go to a polyclinic course of magnetotherapy with a confirmed effect.

Oriental methods offer therapy with the smells of oils of lavender, marjoram, ylang-ylang.

Homeopathy application

Homeopathic remedies
Homeopathic medicines are sold at the pharmacy on a par with medicinal

Sometimes the patient does not even know what is being offered to him. Therefore, read the instructions. Means, although manufactured in a very small dosage, can cause a sensitive person to have unexpected side effects( nausea, dizziness).Therefore, it is not recommended to acquire them and be treated independently.

There are homeopathic remedies acting on the brain:

  • from gold salts( Strotsian, Ignacy, Tsinkum);
  • based on barium( Barite carbonate and muriatika).

Homeopaths claim that these drugs at the same time treat the heart, liver with gall bladder, kidneys. Correct appointment and consultation on the course of treatment can be obtained only at a reception with a homeopath. Doctors of the polyclinic do not have this specialization.

If you decide to treat hypertension without drugs, you need to be aware of the danger of such an event. Another thing is the combination with standard therapy. In this case, the doctor needs to talk about using an additional non-traditional method. Sometimes they potentiate( strengthen) or weaken the action of the drug. Responsible decision is made by the patient himself.