Contrastive facial cleansers: benefits, contraindications, advice


  • Useful properties of contrasting facial cleansing
  • Indications for contrasting facial cleansing
  • Contrasting face shower:
  • reception rules About contraindications for contrasting washings
  • Options for contrast washing

This water procedure is considered by physicians as a kind of gymnastics for the muscles of the skin and vessels. Previously, in people, contrast shower was called heroic fun. The alternation of hot and cold water is an excellent refreshing, invigorating, hardening agent. With its help, you can find not only good spirits and good health, but also restore youth to the body. Women at any age can start contrasting facial washings: the benefits of this water procedure will necessarily affect their internal health and appearance.

Useful properties of contrast washings

Today, the benefits of contrasting facial washings are discussed everywhere in medical and philistine circles. Their influence on the healing of the skin is colossal, because it affects virtually all systems and organs. The mechanism of action of this water procedure is as follows:

  • , the temperature difference increases the subcutaneous circulation of blood several times that stimulates the metabolic processes of , ie, during this procedure, intensive cleaning of the deep layers of the dermis from toxins and toxins, maintaining elasticity and elasticity, resorptionfatty folds on the face, elimination of the second chin and flecks;
  • active contraction and instant expansion of blood vessels results in muscle tone of the face of , which makes them more resistant even to the most active mimicry;
  • improves blood composition;
  • skin is charged with vigor and energy;
  • strengthens immunity at the cellular level: the resistance of the skin to such undesirable external factors as ultraviolet and temperature drops will increase;
  • contrast shower for the face allows to fight wrinkles , smoothes the skin, restores elasticity and elasticity, prevents premature aging;
  • relieves stress and fatigue;
  • improves the complexion.

This list destroys all doubts about whether or not contrasting facial cleansers are useful. Ladies of any age will benefit from this procedure for rejuvenating and promoting health. Who can advise this water procedure for permanent use?

According to the research of

A lot of scientific research is being conducted on the healing properties of water on the human body. It was found that contrasting facial cleansers( like a contrast shower for the whole body) increases stress resistance. With regular use of this water procedure, the nervous system becomes stronger and more secure.

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Indications for contrasting facial cleansing

Based on the above indications, it is possible to draw conclusions about who is recommended first of all contrast washingsfor face. Cosmetologists advise them to do it daily for those who suffer from the following cosmetic defects:

  • contaminated pores;
  • black dots;
  • loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin due to age and other factors;
  • fatty folds on the face;
  • double chin;
  • flew;
  • loss of tonus with facial muscles;
  • tired skin;
  • constant attacks on the skin in the form of ultraviolet, low temperatures, polluted atmosphere;
  • wrinkles, premature aging;
  • unhealthy complexion .

If you have already dealt with one or more problems from this list, do not rush to attack your skin with all sorts of expensive creams or salon procedures. They are solved in a softer and simpler way: try every day to start with contrasting facial washings - you will certainly like the results that will avoid using drugs with dubious chemical composition and procedures in cosmetology rooms, the consequences of which are always very difficult to predict. And you need to start by mastering the rules for taking a contrast shower for the face. Incorrect temperature drop of water can damage the skin, therefore, this event should be approached with all responsibility.

Contrast shower for the face:

reception rules Before you do this kind of hardening your skin, you need to read the main recommendations how to properly do contrastive facial washings so that they bring the maximum benefit. Their ignoring can lead to supercooling or overheating of the dermis with an incorrect temperature regime. Therefore, strictly follow the recommendations made by doctors and cosmetologists for this water procedure.

  1. The initial water temperature of the should be warm.
  2. Rinse the face a couple of times and gradually add hot water until a certain time.
  3. Then, sharply turn off the tap until the position in which it starts cool( for beginners) and icy( for experienced) water.
  4. It is not recommended to wash with cold water for a long time: you need to start from 5-6 seconds, and then gradually, day by day, stretch this time interval to half a minute.
  5. Washing with cold water by time should be less by 2-3 times with respect to taking a hot shower.
  6. If you feel hypothermia, the skin is covered with unpleasant "goose bumps", procedure is currently recommended to stop , and next time to choose a temperature mode a little warmer.
  7. After this - a sharp change of shower to hot water. After a few seconds - again on the cold.
  8. There should be no intermediate steps, that is, warm water is present only at the very beginning of the procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to note in advance for yourself, to what level you need to turn the taps.
  9. It is not recommended to do more than three changes of water with contrast facial washings: there will not be any benefit, but you can damage the skin.
  10. Contrast shower should always start with hot water, end with cold water.
  11. No cleansing agents are used: neither soap nor milk, nor tonic, etc.
  12. This water procedure is best taken in the morning, after charging, when the skin is warmed up to a certain temperature, and the blood circulation is accelerated.
  13. After washing, the face is rubbed with a towel: it will warm it and produce a massage effect, which will also benefit.
  14. For at least an hour after contrasting face washing is not recommended to go out.
  15. After this procedure, always soften the skin with a tonic or some kind of cream.
  16. Contrast washings are usually applied in the morning to awaken and get a boost of vivacity for the whole day. Before going to bed, this is not recommended.

If you want to use a contrast shower to lose weight, after a water treatment you need a tight and strong enough massage in problem areas that you would like to correct.

These can be cheeks, a loose contour or a double chin: by accelerating the subcutaneous micro-current and metabolism, you can thus eliminate fat deposits. You can direct the jet of water solely to the problem place and massage it in circular motions, from top to bottom and back. However, not everyone can enjoy the wonderful effect on the skin of this amazing procedure. Given the active changes in the skin, thanks to its properties, cosmetologists named a number of contraindications for contrasting facial washings.

That's interesting!

Try to do contrastive washing to your favorite music. This psychological method, as recent studies have shown, enhances the effectiveness of the water procedure. What once again proves that our mood depends on how we look.

About contraindications for contrast washings

It is not enough to know how to take a contrast shower for the face and what it is useful for. In order not to harm your own body, it is necessary to observe contraindications for its reception. In some situations, even such a useful water treatment can be harmful to health and lead to sad consequences - complications, the treatment of which will then take a lot of time and money. To such contraindications include:

  • any inflammatory process: tonsillitis, cystitis, etc.;
  • tumors of various origin;
  • unstable blood pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • expressed dysfunction, weakness of connective tissue, or else a rupture of blood plaques can occur, which will lead to thrombosis when the blood coagulates;
  • asthma;
  • menstruation;
  • sclerosis;
  • is a vegetative neurosis;
  • thin, sensitive skin;
  • diseases of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems( couperose, deep vein thrombosis, hypertension, vascular insufficiency, phlebitis, high cholesterol - among them).

If you have these health problems, do not risk and experience on your own skin the effectiveness of this unique, but rather dangerous water treatment. Find other ways to cleanse and rejuvenate the face. With couperose and sensitive skin, which require special, delicate and very careful care, you can offer a "dry" version of contrast washing.

Variants of contrast washing

There are many reasons why women refuse conventional contrast facial washings: uncomfortable sensations, allergies, bad( hard) water, too thin and sensitive skin. At the same time, it is very desirable to smooth out wrinkles, and the facial muscles to tone up without cardinal measures in the form of cosmetic preparations saturated with chemistry. It turns out that there is a small trick in this matter: try the so-called "dry" version of contrast washing. It is performed as follows.

  1. For this unusual procedure, you have to prepare cosmetic ice beforehand. You can freeze ordinary water in the molds, or you can add various auxiliary components to the . These can be infusions of herbs, fruit juices or pieces of vegetables.
  2. Place a cup of hot water just before contrasting dry washing. Its temperature should be so maximum to withstand your skin.
  3. First, a small terry towel is wetted in a cup of hot water and applied to the face for about 30 seconds. As soon as you feel the cloth starts to cool, send it back to the cup.
  4. And while it is soaked, massage your face with a pre-cooked piece of ice. Do not forget to do this strictly on massage lines.
  5. After that, a towel is applied to the face again.
  6. Hot cloth alternates with a piece of ice three times.
  7. After this, gently moisten the face with a dry, soft cloth. If you have very thin and sensitive skin, do not rub it after such a procedure.

Now you know how to properly do contrastive washing, and you can safely try to take such a useful water procedure yourself. In the absence of contraindications, such regular pouring in the most positive way will affect not only your health, but also your appearance. The skin of the face will blossom, become again elastic and young, fresh and beautiful. It is necessary to try to introduce in your daily regimen an alternative shower, so that life will become brighter and more valuable.

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