Treatment of back pain: how to get rid and what to do, folk remedies

In most cases, the cause of back pain is degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine, but do not forget that such symptoms can manifest acute and chronic pathologies of internal organs. Therefore, before proceeding to treatment, it is necessary to determine precisely the cause of the painful sensations.

In this article we will talk about how to get rid of back pain caused by spine ailments( vertebrogenic pain).

Drug therapy

Drug treatment is prescribed in each case of lumbar pain syndrome( both acute and chronic).Preparations with anti-inflammatory and analgesic action will help to quickly remove pain, which positively affects the general condition of a person and allows him to start other methods of treatment, which because of soreness were not available.

It is important to understand that drug therapy is not the main treatment for patients with chronic vertebrogenic back pain. It only temporarily removes the symptoms and makes it possible to start other methods of treatment, for example, gymnastics, stretching, massage.

General treatment of

The first place in drug therapy is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. Although they do not affect the progression of the pathology and prognosis, but significantly improve the quality of a person's life, relieving him of pain.

Representatives of this group of drugs:

  • diclofenac,
  • nimesulide,
  • meloxicam,
  • ibuprofen,
  • ketoprofen,
  • ketorolac,
  • celecoxib,
  • etorikoksib,
  • aceclofenac,
  • piroxicam.
Diclofenac is an effective remedy for back pain

As a rule, to eliminate acute pain in the lower back, you need to do 3-5 injections. In the future, you can switch to tablet formulations. NSAIDs are available in almost all dosage forms, which greatly facilitates the process of individual drug selection and the treatment process. For example, patients who are categorically against the injection of the drug may receive a similar dose of the same medication in the form of rectal suppositories, the effect of which on the speed of action is similar to pricking.

It's worth remembering! Although NSAIDs belong to the group of OTC medicines, they have many contraindications and serious side effects, so the dose and type of the drug should be selected only by a specialist, and the treatment must be strictly controlled.

Along with analgesics, prescribe drugs from the group of muscle relaxants. Such remedies help to loosen up the lower back even better, because they eliminate the pathological and painful muscle spasm that arises in the area of ​​the injured part of the spine as a protective reaction of the body.

Drugs of this group:

  • midolkalm,
  • sirdalud,
  • baclofen.

These medications are prescribed by the course. Begin with intramuscular injection for 5-10 days, and then switch to taking tablets. Miorelaxants reduce reflex muscle spasm of skeletal muscles, reduce painful sensations, improve mobility in the spine. Abolish the drugs gradually, reducing the dose for 1-2 weeks. On average, the course of treatment should be 1-2 months.

Medoplasm helps to relieve muscle spasm and reduce back pain

Chondroprotectors( drugs that have the potential to repair damaged cartilaginous tissue of intervertebral discs) are prescribed additionally in the complex treatment of back pain. That they, really, have brought though minimum positive effect, it is necessary to continue treatment by long courses( 20-30 days of intramuscular introduction and 3-4 months of reception in the form of capsules and tablets inside).


  • Dona,
  • Sinarta,
  • Structum,
  • Teraflex,
  • Alflutop,
  • Arthra,
  • Mukosat.

Also in the complex therapy used drugs with vasodilating abilities( Actovegin, Latren, Pentoxifylline).They improve the processes of microcirculation in damaged tissues, eliminate the oxygen starvation of cells and promote their recovery.

The use of vitamin therapy is recommended, especially for group B vitamins, which contribute to the restoration of damaged spinal cord nerve roots.

Dona - a modern and popular chondroprotector

Local treatment

Often the general treatment is supplemented with local medications. A good effect is the use of ointments. There are 3 groups:

  1. Anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs based on NSAIDs( Finalgel, Dolobien gel, Fastum gel, Naise, Dolgit, Voltaren, Dip-Relief gel, Nimesulide-gel).
  2. Chondroprotective ointments( Chondroxide, Alflutop, Hondroflex, Arthron complex).
  3. Locally irritating and warming ointments( Apizarthron, Finalgon, Capsicum, Viprosal B).

There are also such dosage forms for the local treatment of back pain, like plasters( Olfen, Voltaren, Durogesic).

Drug treatment will be more effective if you observe some simple recommendations during the period of acute pain:

  • strict bed rest;
  • sleep on a hard surface;
  • wearing a fixative and supporting lumbar region;
  • application of heat for the waist;
  • avoidance of physical activity.

Blockade with low back pain

The medication blockade of the lumbar spine is performed when the described drugs do not help to get rid of the pain when it disrupts the patient's normal functioning and normal rhythm. The effect of such a blockade can last for 1-2 weeks.

Blockade of the spine
Blockade of the spine allows you to quickly eliminate back pain

For the procedure, medicinal agents are used:

  • glucocorticosteroid hormones( Diprospan, Kenalog, Dexamethasone, Hydrocortisone);
  • local anesthetics( novocaine, lidocaine);
  • chondroprotectors;
  • vitamins of group B.

These preparations are injected with a syringe into the periarticular tissues. Usually, one procedure is enough to eliminate pain, but sometimes you need to do 3-5 injections.

Physiotherapeutic procedures

Physiotherapeutic agents are prescribed only after acute acute pain subsides. They help to establish processes of microcirculation, activate the renewal of damaged tissues, reduce the number of exacerbations of pain in the future.

most effective treatments:

  • korotkoimpulsnymi elektroanalgeziya,
  • iontophoresis,
  • magnetic laser therapy,
  • magnitolechenie,
  • ultrasound therapy,
  • manual techniques,
  • UHF,
  • ozokeritnye and paraffin baths,
  • shockwave therapy,
  • curative mud,
  • spinal traction(dry and underwater).
Physiotherapy of the spine
Physiotherapeutic procedures must necessarily be included in the program of complex treatment of low back pain

Physiotherapeutic procedures are contraindicated in benign and malignant formations of any location, in hypertensive disease, in infectious and dermatological skin lesions at the site of application, in general infectious disease, with fever.

Massage and exercise therapy

It should be said at once that this is the main method of conservative treatment of lumbar pain. Special charging is not only able to save a person from soreness in the back, but also to prevent her from appearing in the future, that medicines are beyond the power.

It's important to remember! All exercises and massage are contraindicated during acute pain. They need to get started only after it subsides. Otherwise, the motor load can only hurt.

The complex of exercises should be selected by a specialist depending on the main diagnosis. In the future, exercise therapy can be continued at home, but only after mastering the technique and rules of the classes.

Basic rules of exercise therapy for back pain:

  1. Any exercise should not cause painful sensations. If this happens, then you need to reduce the amplitude of the movements or completely abandon this gymnastic element.
  2. It is impossible to be engaged during an exacerbation of a pathology of a vertebral column. In this case, complete rest is shown.
  3. All movements must be smooth and slow.
  4. Before the main gymnastic complex, it is necessary to perform several exercises for warming up and warming up the muscles.
  5. Do not take pain medication before charging. Otherwise, you can not notice the appearance of pain and damage your health.
Exercises for the lower back
Complex of exercises for strengthening the lumbar spine

Do not ignore such a treatment method as massage. Regular courses of general wellness massage will help strengthen the back muscles, which will become an excellent protection and support for the spine.

Folk remedies

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Prescription number 1

To prepare a compress from a lumbar pain you need 50 grams of grated radish and the same amount of horseradish. Kasha should be mixed with 2 tablespoons of fatty sour cream. Spread the mixture neatly on a clean cloth and attach to the waist. On top of everything you need to wrap a food film and wrap it up with a warm scarf. Hold the compress for 1 hour, then wipe the skin with a damp towel. The course of treatment is 10 procedures daily.

Recipe No.2

For this remedy you will need 2 kg of celery root, which you need to pass through a meat grinder. Mix the gruel with a kilogram of natural liquid honey. A longer mixture should be put in a dark place for two weeks at room temperature. Ready to store in the refrigerator and take 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals. You can repeat the course not earlier than in six months.

Recipe No.3

To prepare a loofah, you will need 200 grams of grated Adam's root. Pour gruel with 500 ml of vodka and leave to infuse for 5 days in a dark glass container at room temperature. Rubbing this tincture should be done at night. The course of treatment consists of 15 procedures, which must be done daily.

Treating back pain is an important and important task, the key to success of which is to determine the exact cause of the symptom and complex therapy. But there are times when only the operation will help to get rid of the pain. So do not wait for the pain to become very strong, and act immediately when there is minimal discomfort and, of course, do not forget about prevention.

The doctor examines the patient with back pain
  • Medical therapy
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures
  • Massage and exercise therapy
  • Folk remedies