All about proper massage for a child with flat feet

Children learn the world very actively, sometimes it seems that they can run, jump and have fun almost the whole day. Any unpleasant sensations during wakefulness often make the child irritable and detached, significantly spoil his mood. It may seem that the pain in the legs is not a childish complaint, but it can appear because of flat feet.

Flat-footedness in childhood is a problem that is easy to detect, but it is difficult to get rid of. This disease involves straightening the longitudinal arch of the child's foot, so that the ability of the foot to respond adequately to the load is lost. The result is fast fatigue in the movement, overstrain of the muscles of the entire leg and the appearance of pain. The disease rarely occurs in the true form, most often in children there are valgus deformities. In any case, fatigue of the legs is increased and the baby just needs help. One of the most important stages of treatment is a visit to a number of massage procedures. After an accurate diagnosis, parents can follow the doctor's recommendations at home, doing their own massage. What this method gives and how to apply it correctly and consider in this article.

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The problem of flatfoot massage and its rules

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  • The problem of flatfoot massage and the rules of its conduction

    Many parents are seriously mistaken,that the baby's foot is absolutely identical to the adult, and the only difference is in size. In fact, with a detailed examination, you can find that the baby's leg is flat, but you should not worry - it does not mean flat feet at all.

    During growing up, the human leg changes, gradually taking its final form. Why does the baby have a flat foot ?The new-born vaults are filled with fat tissue, and this can be seen immediately after its appearance. The layer of fat gradually breaks down - it happens when the baby starts walking. At first, the footprint will be completely flat, and only by the age of three the outlines will look like the outlines of an adult's foot. In addition, a flat foot in the age of 4-5 years is due to an insufficiently strengthened bone apparatus and weak muscles.

    Photo gallery: dynamics of human foot development

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    If there are abnormalities in the process of normal development of feet, flatfoot can occur - a condition when the normal curvature of the arc is not formed during the growth of the child.

    Doctor's opinion: Parents should understand that the diagnosis of "flat feet" can be delivered to the child at about the age of five, it was previously difficult to do because of the peculiarities of the development and growth of the human foot .

    Based on the foregoing, the main task of massage procedures is the maximum restoration of the functionality of the foot( in particular its spring function), strengthening the muscles of the leg and relieving the stress caused by the incorrect position during walking.

    Foot massage for baby

    Foot massage for a child

    A very important point is that only stop massage will be useless, you need to start the procedure starting from the spine. The basic techniques that can be used are stroking, kneading, gentle pressing, squeezing and light vibrations. Contraindication to such manipulations is one thing - varicose veins, and it almost never occurs in children. Particular attention during the procedure, of course, should be given to the foot, the impact should be provided in all ways alternately - they affect the tissues differently, and therefore the effect will be versatile.

    The doctor's note: to work with flat feet without a doubt. Some may think that this is not a serious problem, but in fact, in addition to fatigue and pain, it can lead to abnormalities of gait, curvature of posture and serious problems with the spine in the future.

    The duration of one procedure for a child should be no more than a quarter of an hour, the frequency - once in two days. The course of massage procedures should be at least a month. The further decision on necessity of continuation of treatment is accepted by the doctor on the basis of presence or absence of positive dynamics.

    The method of carrying out a massage for children

    The structure of the leg, part of the leg of a person

    The structure of a person's foot

    First you need to put the baby on your stomach, ask him to stretch his arms along the body and relax. The procedure should start with the lumbar region - light rubbing and kneading movements need to work the entire site, paying the most attention to the sacral triangle. The work field slowly moves to the buttocks - here you can add vibrational movements. Massage techniques on the hip area should also be general in nature and be directed solely at relaxation of the muscles.

    There are two most common techniques for massage the lower leg:

    • to move from the calf muscles, smoothly go to the Achilles tendon, after the ankle and the very sole. Then the chain repeats;
    • is a general massage that begins at the knee area and ends with your toes. After separately massage the external and internal surface of the foot.

    The most important stage is foot massage, because in the process not only the muscles relax, but also the normal position of the bends is formed. It should be guided by the following recommendations:

    • the first step is to remove the accumulated voltage. For this, with one hand, the foot is fixed in a specific position, and the second is carried out by stroking, rubbing movements;
    • further kneading the inner edge of the muscles and the area of ​​the big toe;
    • an important stage - plastic. Several times during the massage session it is necessary to fix the leg in the correct position, forming a vault, and leave it for a quarter of a minute;
    • the last step is the toning of the points on the foot.
    Massage mat from flat feet

    Massage mat from flat feet

    Massage with flat feet can also take place using special devices - rugs, rollers and balls with massage spikes. Hand massage they do not replace, but have a certain therapeutic effect.

    If we talk about the smallest patients under the age of 2 years, then, as already mentioned above, it is very difficult to suspect the flatfoot themselves, as well as to diagnose them. In some cases, during growth, the doctor may note the occurrence of deformities of the foot, which also requires performing massage procedures. To small children massage is spent in the easy form:

    • gentle grinding and stroking of foot;
    • easy palm patting on the foot;
    • rubbing the calf in a circular motion;
    • stroking the shank and legs on the leg above alternately with both hands.

    It is important to understand that without taking measures flat foot will progress, causing a lot of additional health problems. A timely and correct approach to treatment allows you to completely get rid of the problem.

    Video about pediatric massage with flat feet

    http: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = rXDs5my0wWQ