Hair treatment at home: recipes for folk remedies against diseases


  • Basics of home hair treatment
  • Seborrhea( dandruff): folk remedies
  • Folk remedies for alopecia( alopecia)
  • Home treatment for trichoptilose( split ends)

To make your hair look beautiful, you need to look after them regularly and properly according to their type. But there are situations in life when ordinary problems( dryness, fatty strands) are aggravated by a serious illness of the scalp. Even the most competent care is completely impotent, when the hair begins to stay on pillows and combs in bundles, when it is impossible to put on black clothes because of the dandruff that falls on the shoulders of white flakes, when a small dissection of the tips turns into a stratification of the entire hair in just a few days. Seborrhea, alopecia, trichophylosis - not the most terrible, but very common diseases, and they require treatment, and time and money for the trichologist can not find all. Therefore, one has to resort to folk remedies: hair treatment at home is the only way out in this case.

Basics of home hair treatment

For effective hair treatment at home, the initial stage is very important. If you immediately grab for honey, egg and aloe, hoping that these folk remedies will cure all your ailments at once, nothing will come of it. Before preparing a miracle recipe that will restore health to your locks, you need to take a number of important and useful actions.

Step 1. Find out the cause of the disease

First you need to understand what caused the appearance of dandruff on the head, hair loss, the cross-section of the ends. Virtually all of these diseases can be caused by the same factors in your life. Having determined the root cause, it will be much easier to eliminate it. Therefore, start treatment of hair and scalp from this moment. The causes of seborrhea, alopecia and trichophytosis most often become:

  • malnutrition;
  • insufficient sleep;
  • internal diseases;
  • bad habits;
  • abuse of thermal tools( hair dryer, tongs, iron) and chemicals( gels, lacquers, mousses, foams) for styling;
  • fascination with medication;
  • adverse environmental conditions, hazardous working conditions;
  • high emotional load, neuroses, stresses, depressive states - any problems associated with the nervous system.

Did you learn about certain moments of your life? In this case, you are now sure that you yourself involuntarily provoked the disease. The situation must be corrected immediately.

Step 2. Eliminate the cause of

Sometimes, to treat the scalp, you need to break your lifestyle - it's difficult, but often there is no other way out. You can drink the strongest medications, take a course of treatment from a trichologist, resort to the most effective folk remedies, but never get rid of the ailment, because its cause is not eliminated. Therefore, the treatment of hair on the head assumes, first of all, a change in one's own life.

  1. Revise the food ration : daily eat fresh berries, fruits, nuts, vegetables, home-made juices, lean meat, fish, a variety of dairy products. To a minimum limit consumption of fast foods, fatty, salty, pickled, smoked, spicy food, alcoholic and carbonated drinks. Establish your drinking regimen: a day a healthy person should drink from 1.5 to 2 liters of clean drinking water, not counting tea, juices and other beverages.
  2. Get enough sleep : you should sleep in a day 6-8 hours - no less. Try to lie down 2-3 hours before midnight, always at the same time( getting up is also recommended at certain hours).
  3. Complete a thorough medical examination of the whole body to identify some hidden diseases. If they are found, be sure to be treated( only not by popular means, but with the help of doctors).Hair is a sensitive catalyst that reacts to the failure of any body system. The ends are cut off, the strands fall out, the dandruff is poured - look for the cause inside yourself.
  4. Discard nicotine, alcohol, other toxic substances that accumulate in the roots and tips of hair. Want to cure seborrhea, alopecia or trichophytosis - will have to tie with bad habits of .
  5. Gently take care of your hair , especially in the presence of diseases: do not abuse( do not use it at all) with a hairdryer, tongs, iron, gels, lacquers, mousses, styling foams.
  6. If you take powerful medications for a long time( antibiotics, antidepressants, contraceptives, etc.), you should consult a doctor about stopping this method of treatment.
  7. Wear headgear on the street at any time of the year, do hair protective masks.
  8. Look for effective methods that will help you to remove high emotional stress, if you experience it. Try to protect your nervous system from any shocks and surprises, treat neuroses, find outlets from stressful and depressive conditions.

Elimination of each of the causes is a long process, but this is the basis of home hair treatment, without which no folk remedy will be effective. Only after these two stages, you can begin to prepare miraculous recipes. Each disease is treated with a certain range of "medicines".

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Seborrhea( dandruff): folk remedies

The revitalized folk hair treatment today offers many recipes for the removal of seborrhea( a violation of the sebaceous glands of the head), the consequence of which is dandruff.

The disease manifests itself in two forms: oily and dry - both require timely treatment. Masks and compresses are able to cope with any manifestations of hated seborrhea.
  • Lemon + olive oil

Two tables.spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with a warm, warmed on a water bath with natural olive oil( the same amount).Beat thoroughly, dilute with two tables.spoons of filtered water. Apply only to scalp and hair roots. The action time is about 20 minutes. Normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, reduces the amount of dandruff, softens the skin irritation, saves itching.

  • Castor oil + cinnamon crust + essential rose oil + wine alcohol

Before warm state, reheat two tables on a water bath.spoons of castor oil, add to it 10 g of chinna peel, several( 3-4) drops of pink ether. Beat thoroughly, dilute 100 grams of wine alcohol. Every day for 10-12 days, this tincture should be rubbed into the scalp for 15-20 minutes, then rinse the hair with a nettle decoction. In two weeks you will forget what dandruff is.

  • Castor oil + nettle + marigold

Grind 100 grams of fresh young nettle and calendula flowers. Pour a glass( 200 ml) of boiling water. Cover tightly with a lid, leave for infusion for half an hour. After the filtering, four tables are added. Spoons heated on a water bath to a warm state of castor oil. The time of action is up to two hours.

It should be understood that the organisms of people are very individual and respond differently to the same remedy. If the does not help the mask, try the second one.

Regularity is the guarantee of successful hair treatment at home. The results will also depend on how much the disease is started: on the treatment of seborrhea folk remedies can go from two weeks to six months, so have patience.

Folk remedies for alopecia( alopecia)

Alopecia is already an extreme stage, when even trichologists can not find the right medicine. But it usually starts with hair loss in whole packs. If we hope that this is a normal off-season avitaminosis, and do nothing, the condition of the scalp will rapidly deteriorate, and before alopecia it will be already within reach. To prevent this from happening, as soon as you notice that you have a lot more strands falling out than before, start immediately selecting the means to treat the hair - against their loss.

  • Kefir mask from hair loss at night

To restore weak, dropping hair you will need fresh, natural kefir. It should be either room temperature, or slightly warmed in a water bath( to speed up the reaction).This drink before going to bed will need to carefully process the entire scalp: skin, roots, strands themselves, tips. Then, a thorough warming is made, for which you can take a simple cellophane bag and a terry towel. The mask is left on the hair for the whole night. If you make a kefir mask to treat hair loss twice a week, left on a cushion of strands will be much smaller.

  • Colorless henna + cognac + honey + yeast + essential oil

Two tables. Spoons of powder colorless henna dilute one table.a spoonful of good brandy brandy. Beat from one table.spoon of warm, liquid, pre-warmed honey. Stir in this mixture 10 g dry yeast and a few( 4-5) drops of your favorite ether.

  • Hops + Calendula + burdock root

Mix the crushed dry herbs in the following proportion: 15 g cones of hops, 10 g of calendula flowers, 20 g of burdock root. Herbal mixture pour two cups( 400 ml) of boiling water. It should take about four hours to insist. Then the infusion will need to be filtered and used as a conditioner for hair( 2-3 times a week).The course of treatment is quite long( at least two months), but very effective.

  • Honey + burdock oil + onion juice + liquid soap

Mix in two tables.tablespoons burdock oil and honey. Put them warmed in a water bath. At this time from the bulb you need to get one table.spoon of juice. To do this, pass it through the meat grinder and squeeze the juice from the resulting mashed potatoes through the cheesecloth( take care of the eyes).Mix all three ingredients, stir gently. Before the application, one table is added.spoon of liquid soap for hair. If you are afraid that the onion smell will remain, rinse this mask with water diluted in it with vinegar or lemon juice. You can also add 5-6 drops of any ether. The duration of the mask is 15 minutes.

All these masks for treating hair from falling out perform general strengthening functions, feeding roots and improving the condition of the locks in general. After a couple of procedures, you can see that the intensity of the fallout has decreased, which means that the process of alopecia has been successfully stopped.

Home treatment for trichoptilose( split ends)

Trichoptilosis is another misfortune that damages the hair from inside and outside. With it, too, can not be reconciled: the treatment of hair folk remedies and in this situation you need to start on time, and otherwise then without consultation trichologist will not do( or have to do a short haircut).Many people are saved by regular cutting of split ends by hot method, but often this measure does not work. If trichoptilosis is not a consequence of the dry type of hair, this method is ineffective. Therefore, here we have to turn to folk medicine.

  • Sour cream + olive oil

Three tables.spoons of the fatty sour cream that you will find, mix from one table.a spoon of natural olive oil heated on a water bath. Wet not only the tips, but also the scalp. The action time is about half an hour.

  • Peach

Juicy, ripe, the freshest peach without peel and bones to process in a blender and in the pure state to put on ends of hair for half an hour.

  • Colorless henna

20 g of colorless Henna powder brewed with hot( not cold) water, beat to a liquid cream, treat the ends of the hair for 20 minutes.

Home treatment and hair restoration is not a one day process, but it justifies the time and money spent on it. Traditional medicine, which offers 100% natural methods of treating hair and scalp, is in demand today as never before. It allows you not to seek help from clinics and beauty salons, which often offer a fairly cardinal and not always safe methods. Therefore, try to be treated first at home, folk remedies, and you will always have time to visit trichologist doctors.

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