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Egg is a product rather unique in all respects. Firstly, it is in every house almost at any time of the day and year. Secondly, its components( protein and yolk ) are excellent cosmetic products for the skin. In particular, the home mask of the protein for the face has a pronounced drying and anti-inflammatory effect. This is an excellent tool for caring for the fatty and problematic type of skin. In cooking, the mask is simple, but it is not inferior in performance to the shop. Moreover, nothing surprising in the magic transformation of the skin after such masks is not, because their chemical composition is a natural and very useful active substances that arrange a "small revolution" at the cellular level.

Efficacy of facial protein masks

The secret of the action of face masks from protein is in those vitamins and active substances that it contains. There are not so many, but this is more than compensated for by their high concentration. Penetrating deep into the epidermis, they become active participants in many processes occurring at the cellular level. With regular exposure to them, the skin condition changes for the better, many problems are solved.

  • Protein in the egg is natural, so it is able to restore any microdamage of the skin, and also gives it a tone, normalizes the activity of the glands, controlling the production of fat, which causes so many problems of oily skin.
  • Fats in egg white are not terrible for this type of skin, as they create a protective film over the epidermis, which can reflect various external negative effects( frost, heat, polluted air, harmful fumes, sea salt, etc.).
  • Carbohydrates are an inexhaustible energy for the skin, possessing a rapid toning ability, removing fatigue from the face.
  • Glucose - a kind of conductor of this energy to skin cells, performs transport functions, without it the complexion quickly dims, the skin looks tired and fading.
  • Enzymes in the egg protein trigger in the tissues of rejuvenating and restoring processes, have the properties of regeneration, which contributes to the treatment of small lesions on the skin, including the rapid healing of acne and acne.
  • Vitamins In ( there are several of them in the protein) also have a therapeutic effect on the epidermis: riboflavin ( Vit. B2) accelerates the healing of inflammation on the face; pyridoxine ( Vit. B6) restores impaired metabolism in skin cells; cyanocobalamin ( Vit. B12) improves complexion, since it acts directly on blood vessels; pantothenic acid ( Vit. B5) eliminates inflammation in the form of acne and acne, turns protein facial masks into an excellent prophylactic against post-acne; folic acid ( Vit. B9) performs protective and anti-aging functions, preventing tissue aging, allowing the skin to remain permanently elastic, beautiful, elastic - in a word, young.
  • Biotin ( Vit H) is contained in egg white in a small concentration, but it is enough to curb sebaceous glands that continuously secrete subcutaneous fat: accordingly, the skin becomes much better.
  • Niacin acid ( Vit. PP) restores the natural color of the skin, eliminating yellowness and grayness.
This kind of action on the skin has a home face mask made from proteins for the face: it dries, removes sebaceous gloss and pimples, makes relief - even, color - more natural. It even specifically used to adjust the contours of the face.

If you have a fleece or a second chin, you do not have to rush into the beauty salon and leave big sums of money there. First try to make a home-made protein mask for the face. But in order to achieve results, you need to know a few small female tricks about this unique tool.

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Tips for using protein masks

Although the home face mask with protein is considered one of the simplest,it is often possible to hear not very flattering reviews about its effect on the skin. This is because not everyone can correctly prepare it and even more correctly apply it in practice. Therefore, be sure to initially learn a few tips on its home use, and then go directly to the procedure.

    1. What skin is shown a protein mask? Cosmetologists recommend doing it for the care of wilting, oily, inflamed skin, when there are problems with acne eruptions, pimples, abnormal sebaceous glands, sagging cheeks and a second chin.
    2. What contraindications should I follow? Do not use masks made from protein for dry, sensitive skin.
    3. How to choose? If you want a face mask from egg white to meet all your expectations, try to find a home, not a store product. There will be much more active substances listed above, respectively, and the results will be very impressive.
    4. How to separate? One of the most difficult stages of preparing this face mask is the separation of protein from the yolk. However, with the regular preparation of this tool, you can acquire the necessary skills in order to do it quickly and easily. There are a lot of ways for this, and most of it is explained in the training videos. Some suggest breaking through a tiny hole through which the protein mass will flow out. Others propose to do this through a funnel or other convenient device. Look for and choose for yourself the option that you will learn faster than others. In any case, skill and skill are required.
    5. How to beat? To make the mask a homogeneous consistency, first whisk the protein by hand - a whisk. Do this until the airy, gentle foam forms in the cup: this can take up to 4-5 minutes. Do not wait until it falls, you need to hurry to mix it with other components of the mask. Make it better already with a blender( or even a mixer).In this case, the mixture will be without lumps: it will be more convenient and more pleasant to apply to the skin.
    6. What can not be done? Protein is a product that rapidly cools off under high temperatures. For this reason, the mask of it is a remedy that prevents the heating of components such as oils, honey, kefir and others. Just 1-2 hours before cooking the mask, get all the products from the refrigerator: they should be at room temperature.
    7. How to prepare the skin? Cleanse your face of make-up. In order for the protein active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the epidermis, it is desirable to make a steam bath for 4-5 minutes to expand the pores. It is desirable to use in the course of this procedure broths from herbs that have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. This will make the mask of protein much more effective. After this, you can clean the opened pores with a scrub.
    8. How to apply a mask? There are special cosmetic brushes with which it is very convenient to apply a protein mask to the skin of the face evenly and without lumps. However, you can easily do this with the pads of your fingers while simultaneously making self-massage with tapping movements. Everyone who has never used home face masks before, it is necessary to first learn the directions of massage lines, since it is necessary to apply any means strictly on them, so as not to disturb the processes of subcutaneous microcirculation.
  1. How much to hold? Protein masks do not leave on the face for a long time, since they have the property of drying out and forming a crust. If it is then inaccurately wrenched, it can damage the skin, especially if you have to head on the pimple. Therefore, 10-15 minutes will be enough.
  2. How to wash off the mask? There are several ways to flush protein masks from the face. Firstly, in a specially prepared liquid, you can moisten a cotton disc, a piece of gauze or towels and roll the mass. Secondly, you can just wash yourself. But the temperature of the liquid used for this procedure should be slightly warm, but not hot. It can be milk or filtered( mineralized) water.
  3. How often do you do it? If the skin of the face is very problematic( many acne, constantly glossy, the second chin grows by leaps and bounds), protein masks can be done every other day. If the case is still not so bad - every two days. As a preventive agent they can be used once a week.
  4. How long? After 10 protein masks, it is recommended to take a break, as the hypodermic sebaceous glands can adapt to their control and get even more out of work. To prevent this, take breaks( for 3-4 weeks) in both therapeutic and preventive courses of protein for the face.
If you comply with all these rules, you get a great cosmetic face mask: the egg protein desiccates the skin, clearing it of unnecessary rashes, and also significantly rejuvenates, having corrective and tightening properties.

Oval face will be leveled, become more distinct and beautiful. In the recipes there is no shortage, so there should not be any problems with the preparation of such a wonderful mask.

Face Mask Recipes

Once you have mastered how the protein mask for the face is prepared correctly, it will only be necessary to select the suitable recipe and enjoy the effect. Pay attention to what additional components are included in it and whether they will not cause you an allergic reaction. Check each prepared mass on your wrist: if after it for several hours( 2-3) there is no rash or itching on this site, the mask is quite suitable for application to the face.

  • Face Mask Protein + Honey

The classic recipe for this mask involves mixing 1 protein with 40 grams of honey. To enhance the drying and cleaning effect in this composition, add 1 teaspoon of wheat or oat flour.

  • Face mask protein + starch

In the beaten protein, you must gradually pour the teaspoon potato starch , stirring constantly the composition. If the mask quickly thickens, dilute it with a small amount of water or beat it into another egg white. This mask has a more rejuvenating and pulling effect than drying. With her help, you can smooth out wrinkles, make lifting face contours, remove double chin and flew.

  • Protein-lemon face mask

Mix the beaten protein with lemon juice concentrate( 1 teaspoonful), add a little oatmeal( 1 teaspoon).

  • Fruit mask with protein

Mix whipped protein with avocado puree( 1 teaspoon.).Instead of avocados, you can use an orange, apple or banana.

  • Green mask with protein

To improve the complexion, whiten the pigment spots, be sure to use this recipe. Grind( chop with a knife) fresh herbs of parsley, sorrel or dill, mix it( 2 tea spoons.) With the egg protein.

  • Protein mask with cosmetic clay

For treatment of oily and problem skin, green, blue and white cosmetic clays that can be mixed with the egg protein( for 1 protein - 2 tsp clay) are perfect.

  • Multi-component mask

Egg proteins( 2 pcs.) Are mixed with almond oil( 2 tbsp.), Crushed into flour with oat flakes( 2 tablespoons), honey( 30 g).

Owners of oily skin must take on their own face mask of protein to improve her condition.

But with a dry type of skin with this remedy you need to be careful not to hurt her even more.

Well-used protein mask - a pledge of beauty and cleanliness of the skin of the face. Natural, practically harmless, nutritious, it will be pleasant to all and will enter into number of the most favorite cosmetic house means.

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