Scrub for a face from coffee: efficiency, rules of application, the best recipes


  • The effect of the coffee scrub on the skin
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Face peeling procedure for the face
  • The best recipes for the facial skin scrubs

Not many people know that the reason for the dull complexion and tired skin can be not bad habits and the failure of the daily routine. Most often, the face looks wrinkled and gray if the cells lack oxygen because of the blockage of pores with greasy stoppers, particles of dead epithelium, dust and other contaminants. Because of violations of cellular respiration, the skin begins to fade, lose youth and prematurely grow old. But you can also clean the pores at home: there are a lot of peeling options. One of the most popular is a facial scrub from coffee, which acts on the skin gently, carefully, but removes dirt in an instant. Its grinded grains act as those abrasive particles that carry out the peeling - carry away unnecessary debris from the surface of the epithelium and pull the dirt from the depths of skin pores. Learn how to prepare a coffee facial scrub to help the skin cells breathe and thereby improve their appearance, getting rid of unnecessary complexes.

The effect of the peeling of coffee on the skin

Thanks to the chemical composition of this invigorating drink, the coffee facial scrub performs several functions at once: cleans, tones, nourishes. In spite of what kind of coffee you use for peeling( ground or thick), it is in any case enriched with various substances that most favorably affect the skin.

  • Caffeine strengthens the skin's resistance to external harmful attacks( it does not so burn in the sun, does not freeze at low temperatures, becomes less susceptible to "chemistry" in store cosmetics);its main function is the tone that it gives to the skin;
  • Antioxidants increase the elasticity of the skin, smooth out shallow wrinkles;
  • The polyphenols promote the enhanced production of collagen in cells, as well as elastin, which leads to a visible lifting eye effect: the skin is visibly tightened, the contours( oval) of the face become clear, clear, beautifully delineated;
  • Carotenoids are responsible for a healthy complexion: everyone knows that coffee scrubs and masks eliminate the dullness and yellowness of the skin, giving it a very beautiful matte tint;in addition, it is these substances that make this cosmetic product prophylactic in the development of skin cancers;
  • Chlorogenic acid helps caffeine protect the skin from excessive ultraviolet radiation( from the sun), which it receives in hot weather in the summer.

Regular coffee peeling for the face at home will provide your skin with excellent cleansing and additional nutrition.

However, it is always worth remembering that any scrubs can be dangerous for certain types of skin. Coffee is no exception.

Therefore, be sure to read the indications and contraindications for its use and determine whether the scrub of coffee is suitable for you personally.

Indications and contraindications

Home coffee peeling is recommended in the following cases:

  • Considering that coffee beans are a source of antioxidants that have a wonderful rejuvenating effect on the skin, this peeling will be very useful even for mature, withering, wrinkled skin;
  • regular deep skin cleansing is necessary for any type of skin , so coffee peeling can be used carefully by all while observing certain contraindications;
  • if the facial skin becomes gray, yellow, bluish or pale, restore her healthy radiance and give a beautiful matte shade will help scrub out coffee, thanks to the dyeing properties of carotenoids in its composition.

If you adhere to these indications, there will be no difficulties in using this cosmetic product.

However, along with them, there is a list of contraindications for coffee peeling, and it can not be discarded. It is not recommended to use this scrub in the following cases:

  • severe skin and blood diseases;
  • allergy, individual coffee intolerance;
  • is very sensitive, thin, vulnerable, delicate skin, which is injured even under the influence of a soft coffee grounds.

When studying the indications and contraindications for this cosmetic product, take note of one important fact. Home scrub for the face from the coffee grounds, left after you have already enjoyed a fragrant drink, has a softer effect on the skin. Its abrasive particles have undergone thermal treatment( they have been welded), so they can not injure their thin edges with a thin and sensitive epithelium - use this moment if you are the owner of just such a delicate skin. Stronger action of scrub from ground coffee that has not been heat treated, it is desirable to use very carefully to avoid accidental skin injury. He will have much more contraindications than a preparation made on the basis of coffee grounds.

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Facial peeling procedure for the face

To make the home scrub of the facial coffee the most useful, satisfied all your aspirations and hopes, you just need to be able to prepare it. Do not experiment in such an important matter and rely only on your experience. Be sure to listen to the advice of professionals, to the reviews of those who have already tried this tool on their own skin. This will help you turn the home peeling procedure into a few minutes of total pleasure and a long enjoyment of the results.

  1. Choose the right coffee for your cosmetic procedures. The most useful for peeling will be roasted, natural, black coffee, finely ground, without additional flavors. Do not use a regular soluble powder with all kinds of impurities, which will not have any peeling effect on the skin.
  2. It is very effective to cleanse the skin with ground coffee beans, but rubbing them should be as gentle and cautious as possible: sometimes even thickened, the fatty epithelium is injured by the sharp edges of the abrasive particles.
  3. Using coffee grounds for home peeling, make sure that it has cooled down to a warm state. It's important not to get burned.
  4. Having prepared a miracle cure, do not forget to check it for an allergic reaction, apply it to the delicate wrist skin, wash it off and observe the result. If there is no apparent cause for concern( rash, itching), you can use a scrub for skin cleansing .Not always lack of allergy to the drink ensures that there is no it for outdoor use of coffee.
  5. Scrub is applied to clean, steamed skin with opened, expanded pores, ready for the cleaning procedure.
  6. You can clean and soften the prepared coffee scrub not only the skin of the face, but also the neck, decollete zone, elbows, knees and feet.
  7. Apply the peeling agent by massaging circular movements on the whole surface of the face, except for the area around the eyes. The duration of this coffee massage is 1 minute when using coffee beans and 2 minutes - when peeling coffee grounds.
  8. The scrub of coffee is washed off easily, with ordinary water, which it is better to clean beforehand, passing through the filter, or at least leave it overnight to keep it. Alternatively, you can use mineral water without gas or a decoction of chamomile, calendula and any other medicinal herbs useful for the skin.
  9. Frequency of application - 1-2 times a week.
Knowing how to make a face scrub scrub at home, you can give your tired and regular skin stress a new radiance and youth.

With purified pores, it will be able to fully recover oxygen in sufficient quantities. Such a peeling will be very useful for her. The lack of a choice of recipes is not present, because coffee surprisingly harmoniously combines with the most different food stuffs and oils.

The best recipes for facial skin scrubs

The express recipe for coffee scrub is easy to prepare and fast to use. The coffee grounds after the drunk liquid in a warm form, until it has not yet cooled down, put on the skin and massage. Then wash off and do make-up. Incredibly simple, surprisingly fast( just 2-3 minutes) and amazingly effective. This procedure will give your skin a charge of vivacity for a whole day. If you have more free time, prepare a more complex recipe for coffee scrub, which includes other ingredients. Each of them contributes to its cleansing of the face its modest contribution: honey and egg - additional nutrition, oil and sour cream - moisturizing, salt and sugar - strengthening of the cleansing action of .Choose recipes, focusing on your skin type and the problem that you would like to solve with this tool.

  • Nourishing honey-coffee scrub

Home honey-coffee facial scrub is very popular with those who prefer to use natural means to care for their skin. The amazing tandem of these two products amazes with its results: honey feeds and cures, softening several traumatic cleansing effects of coffee beans. Try necessarily a scrub of coffee and honey - and it certainly will go to the category of your favorite means. Two tablespoons.warm( preheated previously in a water bath) honey mixed with the same number of coffee grinded grains or thick.

  • Moisturizing scrub from coffee and oil

Softening effect on cleansed skin and olive oil. Therefore, in combination with coffee they produce a gentle, skin-safe scrub. Two tablespoons.mix the coffee grounds with 1 tablespoon.olive warm oil. Ground grains in the composition of such a mask is best not to use, because with the massage of the skin they will dissolve under the influence of warm oil. In this scrub for more nutrition, you can add 1 tablespoon.too warm honey.

  • Ultra-cleansing coffee scrub and sea salt for oily skin

Sea salt will not only enhance the cleansing properties of coffee, but in addition it will perfectly cope with surpluses of sebum that will be produced by glands. Therefore, coffee-salt scrub is almost ideal for the care of oily skin, but it is contraindicated for cleaning the problem. Two tablespoons.coffee grounds or ground grains mixed with 1 teaspoon.sea ​​salt, which, if necessary, can be replaced by large edible salt.

  • New: green coffee scrub

If you are a lover of green coffee, it can also be used as a peeling agent for the face. It differs from black varieties in that it has excellent toning properties and removes toxins from the cells. The result is a double cleaning effect. Two tablespoons.coffee grounds or ground grains mixed with 1 tablespoon.granular cottage cheese, the fat content of which you choose under the type of your skin.

  • Soft scrub from coffee and sour cream for sensitive skin

Coffee-scrubbed scrub perfectly cope with the cleansing of the most sensitive skin. Such a peeling coffee for the face like everyone. Two tablespoons.coffee grounds mixed with the same amount of fatty, if possible homemade sour cream.

  • Sweet sugar and coffee scrub

Another ultra-cleaning of the skin of the face - ground coffee together with grains of sugar will be able to extract the oldest dirt from the pores to the surface. Two tablespoons. Ground coffee beans mixed with 1 tablespoon.sugar( it is desirable that it is not very small).

Be sure to try to cleanse your skin with a home-made scrub from the facial coffee to refresh it and lighten its breathing.

This directly determines its blooming appearance. In modern conditions of unfavorable ecological conditions and an abundance of store facilities, stuffed with "chemistry" and synthetic, the skin needs the most natural treatment, effective cleansing and rest after constant stress. All this can be provided with coffee peeling, which does not take you much time and does not devastate your wallet.

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