Autism: causes, symptoms, treatment

The disorder of mental development that causes motor and speech disorders, and also the stereotyped behavior and activities leading to asociality, is called autism.

The origins of autism can be covered even in the prenatal development of the child, subsequently the disease affects the entire life of the person. Autism can not be diagnosed with the help of medical tests, the diagnosis can be made only on the basis of observations of the child, his communication and behavior in society.

At the moment, autism is not considered a form of schizophrenia, as was the case in the seventies of the twentieth century.

Autism is divided into:

  • children's endogenous autism, which has no apparent external cause,
  • on Kanner's syndrome, which is the most common type of autism,
  • for infantile autism, which manifests itself in a child in infancy and is characterized by a "comfortable child" syndrome,
  • on children's autism,
  • on Asperger's syndrome, when the intellectual level of development is preserved, but the child's speech is characterized by a special complexity and ornateness, and the child manifests isolation.

In addition, distinguish between organic autism, as well as autistic syndromes.

Autism Symptoms Autistic children lag behind their peers, prefer to use gestures instead of words, it is difficult to get acquainted with other children. Such children tend to repeat the same monotonous actions, repeat the same words. Often, autism is accompanied by insomnia, disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, and various types of allergies.

There are severe and mild degrees of autism. It is noticed that in several times autism occurs in boys, than in girls. The causes of autism have not yet been established accurately. It is only known that the disease is transmitted at the genetic level.

You should consult a doctor immediately if your child is unable to explain his needs and desires, does not respond to the sound of his own name, and he has a noticeable delay in speech development. In addition, the child periodically has hearing impairment, he does not hear and does not want to perceive the directions of adults, can not find use of objects and toys.

Autism can be indicated by inability to establish visual contact with other people, does not smile at people, at the age of a year does not play and does not babble, and also does not make gestures of instructions, does not wave hands and does not make grasping movements. In a year and a half the child should be able to speak individual words, and at the age of two years - speak in whole phrases.

Parents of children with autism, note that the child allegedly is always somewhere far away, in his particular world, not reacting in any way to attempts to attract his attention from outside. Autism is dangerous for its complications. In particular, self-torture, typical of autistic children, is fraught with self-inflicted injuries and injuries on the body. The threshold of sensitivity in these children is usually reduced, so they may not respond to painful effects.

Autism can begin to manifest in a child from an early age - from two to three months.

Autism can be indicated by the child's painful desire to maintain the order he has established, the constant fulfillment of special rituals, actions, subordinate stereotypes. Children who are autistic are often aggressive, unable to assess the danger. Against the backdrop of developing autism, a child can harmoniously develop intellectually, while discovering a good memory, achieving success in certain areas.

Autism treatment

If there are signs of autism in children, you need to undergo a medical examination, because it is important for autism to begin treatment early in the process. In this case, the treatment is aimed at correcting the process at an early stage. Such correction is carried out by several methods - it can be physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, which are applied in a complex that is oriented towards the individual characteristics of the child. In addition, special education is organized for these children, which not only corrects the behavior of children with autism, but also helps them acquire different skills.

Drug therapy is used only in a number of cases, especially if the behavior of the child is so deviated from the norm that it needs correction of medicinal products, if the child does harm to himself, is prone to self-torture.

The main recommendation for parents of children with autism is patience. The child, as a rule, reacts inadequately to any manifestations of tenderness, affection, responds to kindness by aggression. It is important to try to establish contact with such a child with the help of a look, without giving up and without giving up attempts. Gradually, the child will get used to this procedure and will gradually change his behavior.

The essence of autism is that there is a developmental disorder in the brain, changes occur in the brain, but the mechanisms of the disease have not yet been established. There is an opinion that the indirect causes of autism can be the attitude of parents to the child, as well as his surroundings and living conditions, but until now this remains only on the verge of assumptions.

There are no methods that completely cure autism, although there are ongoing, purposeful studies in this field. The main role is given to psychological and pedagogical work with the child. In some cases, the appointment of drug treatment, including the appointment of stimulant drugs, but the prescription of drugs should be treated very carefully. In no case should you choose the drugs for your child at your discretion. As a result of properly designed therapy, treatment can achieve good results, the child can adapt well enough in society and acquire a number of useful skills.