Itching in the nose - the reasons for what to do, how to get rid of the itch in the nose

In the event that swelling occurs simultaneously, it is worth consulting with a specialist who prescribes vasoconstrictive drugs. But those should not be carried away, because many of them become addictive, getting rid of which is not an easy task. Often, the nasal cavity is washed with special solutions or traditional medicine. In itself, itching is considered a manifestation of the underlying allergy.

The first signs of

It happens that it is problematic to determine the symptoms and a specific disease, so it is worth looking for other causes and signs that affect this problem. Self-medication is not recommended, but it is worth to visit an allergist or otolaryngologist. It is considered necessary to diagnose and nasal sowing, which can determine the microorganisms in the nose. The first signs are allergic reactions, the effect of a sharp odor and the presence of an infectious disease may be present.

Reasons for

In most cases, the cause of the appearance of pruritus in the nose is the presence of external factors and various types of irritants. Allergic reactions and nasal trauma, including sharp smells, are common.

In the case of internal factors, infections are identified. For this reason, it is impossible to start treatment without determining the cause of the problem. A therapist, an otolaryngologist or an allergist can help determine the course of treatment based on certain reasons.

Common causes of itching in the nasal years are:

  • dust with pollen;
  • wool or dandruff;
  • sharp odors;
  • allergens and infectious infections.

What should I do?

Many are interested in the question of what to do in this situation? Some experts recommend cutting hair in the nose, but do not pull it out, as this approach causes inflammation that spreads up to the brain.

In case the cause lies in the allergic reaction to animals, mold or pollen of plants, it is enough to get rid of the allergen action in order to normalize the condition of the nasal mucosa. Smoking is not recommended, as tobacco smoke can provoke allergy symptoms.

If the cause is not elicited, then it is necessary to consult a therapist.

Itching in the nose and sneezing

Almost everyone has such a nuisance as sneezing. It appears during an involuntary reflex sharp exhalation through the nose or mouth, and the cause is the presence of irritation of the mucous membrane.

Allergens, gaseous substances, including aerosol mixture, can be the main irritants. Particles of house dust, animals and plants can act as potential allergens. Sometimes the reason lies in the used perfume products and cigarette smoke.

Effective elimination of harmful substances by the body is accompanied by itching in the mucous membrane of the nasal passages, a runny nose appears, swelling is possible, eyes turn red and tears begin to flow. There may be periodic seizures and malaise, which is the main reason for the allergy in such situations is to go to the reception to loru and undergo a test with the delivery of tests for allergens. Sometimes homeopathic medicines can help.

Itching of the wings of the nose

In a similar situation, there is inflammation of the wings of the nose and its end, which can be short and in itself passes. In this case, the formation of crust under the wing of the nose, which can not be removed, since inflammation will begin. In some cases, an abscess appears, so do not delay the visit to a specialist. In addition, there is redness under the left or right nasal wing.

Itching in the eyes and nose

The consequence of an allergic reaction is the presence of transformations in a transparent shell located on the surface of the sclera and in the inner eyelid, the epithelium and the skin of the eyelids. If you see itching in the eyes, then it appears after exposure to allergens, for example, the pollen of a variety of plants, which is the cause of the itching in the nose. In addition, the cause of eye itching is contact with various household chemicals and cosmetic substances found in household products.

Possible pollinosis, which is called pollen allergy. In this situation, we are talking about the penetration of pollen from the environment into the nasal mucosa, mouth and eyes, which is the cause, both of itching and sneezing. After getting into the bronchi, and when the pollen contacts the skin, the first symptoms of an allergy appear.

Itching of the nasal mucosa

There may be situations in which there is dryness of the nasal mucosa and congestion, which can alternate. In the presence of dryness, there is the appearance of itching and unpleasant burning, including a crust. In addition, headache and nasal bleeding occur. When the mucous membrane is dry, breathing becomes difficult and an uncomfortable sensation occurs during sleep. In this case, there are other difficulties, because the mucosa is designed to remove contaminants from the air during its inhalation. The reasons for this phenomenon can be different, including the use of different types of medications.

In some situations, dryness is provoked by the climate in the region of residence or at too high a room temperature, which must always be monitored to achieve the optimum value. In other situations, the reason lies in the dusty airspace in the production premises. Another reason is the use of drugs that expand the bronchus and there is atropine.

In addition, the presence of dryness in the nasal mucosa is the result of several diseases. This is rare, but it is possible that they caused this problem. One of the diseases is dry keratoconjunctivitis, which has a manifestation in the form of chronic insufficiency of moisture in the oral and ocular mucosa. Another disease is called Sjögren's syndrome, which is classified as rheumatoid arthritis. At the same time, the salivary gland is affected.

Itching of the tip of the nose

In the case when there is no external manifestation in the form of redness on the nose, itching at its tip can be considered a consequence of psychoallergisation. In such a situation, it is possible to use sedatives, ointments or gyioxysone. It should be understood that any drug should be approved by the appropriate specialist and should not engage in self-medication.

Itching in the nose and cold

If there is a runny nose and itching in the nose, there is a difficulty in the respiratory process. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the drugs that can be used to effectively treat this problem. In some cases, it is proposed to use agents that can contribute to vasoconstriction. This is done no more than five times per day. It is recommended to add rinsing of the nasal cavity with special solutions. If nothing helps, it is necessary to pass a survey.

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