What are polyps in the stomach? Is it dangerous?

This is a fairly rare disease, and often its symptoms are confused with other more common diseases. Polyps are spherical tumors on the walls of the stomach.

Their size varies greatly - from a few millimeters to 5 centimeters. As already mentioned, the disease is very rare, and manifests itself most often in men over 40 years of age. But in medicine there were also cases of disease of young people, and very rare cases even of children.


  • 1 Provoking Factors
  • 2 Causes and Consequences
  • 3 Diagnosis
  • 4 Treatment
  • 5 Folk Methods
  • 6 Prophylaxis.

Provoking factors

Chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis can cause polyps in the stomach.

It should be mentioned that polyps do not arise by themselves, they are always a complication of some other disease, therefore the main provoking factor are such diseases as inflammatory processes, especially gastritis, as well as infections.

Many factors contribute to the onset of the disease, often the occurrence of polyps is associated with other diseases. But the symptoms may not appear for a long time, so usually polyps are found in the diagnosis of a completely different disease. The list of the most common causes of the disease:

  1. Helicobacter pilars in the stomach.
  2. Infections or inflammatory processes.
  3. Chronic gastritis.
  4. Symptoms and classification of the disease.

Polyps are divided into:

  • Hyperplastic .
  • Adenomatous .
  • Polypes of the antrum.

Adenomatous polyps are usually formed in the large intestine and grow in the stomach, with this type of disease there is a high probability of a cancer. Significantly increases the risk of the initial size of the tumor more than 2 cm.

During prolonged disregard, the polyp may begin to bleed, and tumor necrosis may also begin. Most often, this kind of tumor is removed surgically. And then, in order to avoid the return of the disease, you should constantly conduct a survey.

Hyperplastic polyp appears immediately in the stomach due to a tumor of the gastric pits. This type of polyp can not develop into a cancerous tumor.

This type of disease is more common than adenomatous .These tumors can be either one or a lot, but usually no danger to human life. Hyperplastic polyps are smooth, and difficult to diagnose, as they merge with the texture of the stomach. The danger is only that without treatment the tumor can develop into an adenoma, which is more dangerous.


Polyps are asymptomatic rarely.

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Well, the last type - the polyp of the antral department exists most often in the form of an adenoma. The danger of this tumor is that if its size is more than 2 cm, very often it evolves into an oncological disease. The appearance of the disease is quite difficult not to notice, as the work of the stomach is broken and stagnated, which can cause such symptoms:

  1. Irregular stool.
  2. Pain in the stomach, giving back.
  3. Heartburn.
  4. Nausea.
  5. Abundant salivation.
  6. Aversion to food.

The problem is that the above symptoms appear in almost all diseases of the of the digestive tract , so it is difficult to diagnose polyps. When these symptoms occur, be sure to consult a doctor. The following symptoms may be present:

  • Mucus and blood in stool.
  • Vomiting with blood.
  • Severe pain as with gastritis.
  • Medicine is also known for polyps on the legs. In this case, the pains are specific, and their feature is spread to the entire abdomen.

Causes and consequences of

A frequent cause of the appearance of polyps is poor heredity. They also appear as a complication of gastritis. The risk group is people over 50 years old.

This disease can be provoked by infectious diseases, and many other diseases of the digestive tract .Although polyps are considered to be benign, there is a great risk that they will develop into a malignant, that is, oncology.



Endoscopy is an effective method for diagnosing polyps in the stomach.

With characteristic symptoms, polyps are diagnosed in the stomach. Firstly, it is an endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract, and after an X-ray. In accordance with the results, the doctor prescribes treatment.

Radiography is not a good method of diagnosis, since if polyps are small, they are difficult to detect on X-rays. And endoscopy is a very effective method.

In almost all cases, endoscopic examination will show the exact result, regardless of the size of the polyps. Also, using this analysis, you can determine the presence of the legs in tumors.

Endoscopy allows finding long polyps and tumors of the cardiac of the stomach, although the latter is rare. If polyps are found on a pedicle with a height of more than 1 cm, then a biopsy and a gastroscopy are performed to clarify the picture of the disease, because such polyps have a high chance of transformation into an oncology.

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Treatment of


The operation can be performed endoscopically.

After complete diagnosis, the doctor prescribes treatment. The peculiarity of this disease is that polyps always have a root cause, they never appear just like that.

Therefore, the doctor usually prescribes therapy for the entire GI of the and, if required, treatment of inflammatory processes or infectious diseases.

If a large tumor, then a surgical operation to remove it. Using ultrasound, the procedure is performed endoscopically. There is a modern method of removing a tumor with biopsy, in which an electric loop cuts and removes the polyp.

Unfortunately, this method does not apply to multiple polyps. In this case, conventional surgery is performed using general anesthesia.

After 12 days after the operation, a diagnosis is again performed to rule out the possibility of recurrence of the disease. After the operation, daily fasting is also prescribed. After a successful operation, medication is usually treated to improve the functioning of the stomach and the digestive system as a whole. After that the doctor appoints a diet to fix the result.

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Folk methods


People's methods should be treated with caution.

One should always remember that any disease can not be treated independently, it is necessary to consult a doctor. After all, self-medication can not only not help, but further aggravate the course of the disease.

Therefore, people's methods should be treated with caution and apply them only in combination with treatment under the supervision of a specialist.

All you have to do is talk with your doctor so that he will approve it. It should be discussed with him the doses and recipes of all folk remedies. But more often additional treatment will not be superfluous, therefore in addition to treatment in special institutions, people's therapy is applied. Good effect on the treatment of celandine.

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You need to pour one tablespoon of this herb with 200 grams of boiling water and let it brew for about an hour. The resulting broth should be filtered and taken 30 minutes before eating. Propolis can also be used. It should be mixed with alcohol and left in a dark place for 7 days.

Take the tincture is an hour before meals. Be sure to consult a doctor about the prescription, because everything can be selected individually, you should not be treated without the help of a specialist.

With this disease, the diet plays a big role. Refuse to have coffee, fried, sharp, salty foods, as well as alcohol. It is necessary to maintain a balanced diet, to eat as often as possible in small portions. The following products are allowed:

  1. Boiled vegetables. Pasta and cereals.
  2. Non-acidic fruit.
  3. Homemade juice or mineral water.
  4. White bread.
  5. Dairy products. Boiled meat or fish.
  6. Soups on vegetables or cereals.



When polyps appear, you should stop smoking.

In order to facilitate treatment and avoid complications, it is worth keeping to simple rules. As with all diseases of digestion, you must eat properly.

Ideal is to eat 4 times a day, in small portions, every day at the same time. When you eat, you need to thoroughly chew it, not distracted by other things.

When polyps appear, it is worth to give up smoking, and also as often as possible to check with a dentist, as caries can contribute to the appearance of infections in the digestive tract .And always remember that to avoid all diseases of digestion, do not be frivolous to this system of your body.

Regime, the rejection of bad habits and products will reliably protect you from polyps and other diseases. And most importantly - do not hesitate to contact a doctor. When heartburn, problems with stool, abdominal pain and other symptoms occur, you do not need to think that everything will pass by itself. These symptoms often indicate serious problems that do not suffer procrastination.

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