Coconut oil for hair. Application.

Hello, dear readers. Today I'm writing my review about coconut oil for hair, of course, it's still too early to talk about anything, but I'm just overwhelmed with emotions. I bought it specifically for my hair, after reading positive reviews about this oil, I decided to buy it, and took it specifically for the hair and did not disappoint in it.

Of course, the jar took a little, I still know that everything needs to be tested, it will fit or not suitable for me, and I thought that if I like coconut oil for hair, I'll take a jar of more oil. Has applied while it or him for a skin. Light, tender oil, all my comments and impressions of the application of coconut oil for skin can be read in the article "Coconut oil application for the skin."

I immediately tried coconut oil for the tips of my hair, they were dry, I applied a small amount of oil to my hair, on the tips of my hair, before that I applied almond oil to the tips of my hair, but after reading a lot of positive about coconut oil I decided that I wouldapply it.

Coconut oil is tender and light, melts from contact with the skin of the hands, you put a little oil in your palm and apply it on your hair, only not much, so that your hair does not turn out to be fat. Oil is just a salvation for dry hair and tips.

Coconut oil is an opaque liquid and at room temperature retains its hardness and when heated +27 C, does not lose its useful properties. Oil can be stored for a long time. Melt it for cooking masks for hair is best on a water bath.

Properties of coconut oil for hair.

You can apply coconut oil to dry and oily hair, use it in the form of a mask leaving it for 1-2 hours on the hair. Substances rich in oil saturate and nourish the hair.

  • Lauric acid, which is rich in coconut oil, has antimicrobial, bactericidal properties. Contains this acid in the oil about 55%, in addition, this acid helps protect the hair from the most unfavorable conditions.
  • Oleic acid helps to retain moisture in the hair, restores protective functions. This is a powerful moisturizer.
  • Tocopherol protects hair from the negative effects of the environment.
  • Caprylic acid helps to regulate the pH level. Regulates the work of the sebaceous glands.
  • In addition, coconut oil protects, moisturizes and nourishes the hair according to its properties.

Coconut oil can be refined and unrefined, but some of the vitamins and its beneficial properties are lost in refined oil.

Get coconut oil from the pulp of ripened coconuts. The advantage of this oil is that it does not react with air and therefore it can be stored without a refrigerator and can be used for several years.

Warning! Contraindication of this oil for use is its individual intolerance or allergic reaction to oil.

Coconut oil for hair. Application.

Apply coconut oil for hair in a pure form, or in a mixture with other oils, in a mixture with the components of hair masks. If you use oil in its pure form for hair, then it needs a lot, especially for long hair. It took 15 grams of oil to my hair, applied it in its pure form. If it is mixed and applied in masks, the oil consumption will decrease.

  • Coconut oil restores, protects and nourishes the hair. It is especially useful for dry hair. To moisturize dry hair, coconut oil is simply irreplaceable.
  • Oil returns natural shine to the hair. It is useful to use it for dull and weakened hair.
  • Applying coconut oil to hair reduces the loss of protein from the hair during their shampooing.
  • Useful for coconut oil for dry and stressed ends of hair.
  • Oil protects hair from wind, sun, frost and other unfavorable environmental conditions.
  • It has coconut oil with bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties, so it is useful to apply it on the hair itself and on the scalp.
  • Applied for colored hair, thanks to the use of coconut oil, the color is retained on the hair longer.

Which hair oil should I prefer, refined or unrefined? If you are talking about oil as a component of masks, you can use refined, but if you need to restore hair, protect, nourish, say "treat hair", then it is better to give preference to unrefined coconut oil.

Apply coconut oil for hair better course, 10-15 procedures. If you have problems with hair masks with coconut oil or coconut oil in its pure form it is better to apply on hair 2 times a week. Coconut oil for the tips of hair.

Coconut oil very well helps to solve the problem of dry hair tips. I applied coconut oil to clean, washed hair on the ends of my hair. She took a piece of oil and warmed it between her palms. Coconut oil melted very well from the heat of the hands and applied oil to the tips of the hair. Just do not use a lot of oil to apply otherwise the ends of the hair may seem fat.

Also, with dry hair and hair tips after washing your head, coconut oil can be applied to the comb and comb your hair or tips. But, here you need very little oil, so that your hair does not seem fat.

You can put coconut oil directly on the tips of hair before washing your head and leave the mask out of the oil for 1-2 hours. Then just wash your hair with shampoo.

You can also apply coconut oil to the dry ends of your hair and leave it overnight, and wash your hair in the morning.

For a healing effect, coconut oil needs to be slightly warmed and applied to the hair or to the tips. Wear a cellophane cap and wrap your head with a towel or scarf. To walk so about 1-2 hours and wash off.

How to wash off coconut oil from hair?

Coconut oil to wash off very easily. Well, at least it is washed off better than burdock. The oil is washed off with shampoo, only the hair needs to be soaped several times. To wash off not cold and not cool water, and warm.

Also, you can rinse your hair after washing it with acidified lemon. You can rinse with water with apple cider vinegar. To do this, add a cap of apple cider vinegar to 1 liter of water.

Hair masks with coconut oil.

Oil can be used both in pure form, only before use it is recommended to warm slightly on a water bath, or it can be used as a part of hair masks by mixing coconut oil with different ingredients.

Before applying the hair mask, be sure to test it on your wrist in order to avoid irritation, redness and other troubles. And also, allergies to mask components or individual intolerance.

Firming hair mask. For a mask you need to take a teaspoon of coconut and burdock oil. Add in the mixture of 3 drops of thyme oil and rosemary. This mixture is rubbed into the roots of hair for 20 minutes before washing your head.

Moisturizing hair mask. The mask will be using banana, sour cream and coconut oil. Mix three spoons of banana puree with a spoonful of rustic sour cream. To this mixture, you need to add 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil and for half an hour apply a mask on the hair.

Mask for weakened hair. To prepare the mask, mix two spoons of coconut oil and almond oil. Coconut oil must be pre-melted and mixed with almond oil in the oil to add a couple of drops of tea tree oil.

For example, I really like hair masks from the yolk, the hair is so smooth and shiny after them. All the secrets of cooking masks from the yolk can be read in the article on the blog "Masks for hair from the yolk."From the article you will also find out what an egg yolk is good for hair.