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Greasy shine, dilated contaminated pores, constantly "popping" pimples - signs that you have a problem skin, which requires special care. If in the teenage period there is a hope that everything will go by itself, when hormones calm down, then older girls do not want to put up with nature. In this case, they come to the aid of a plant that can be found in many homes. Scarlet from acne on the face is a cheap but effective way.


Properties aloe

Everyone knows that scarlet is widely used in cosmetology and home medicine chest. This houseplant disinfects, removes inflammation, heals wounds, anesthetizes, nourishes and saturates with moisture. But why does it have such unique properties? We suggest you read only a small list of substances that are contained in aloe:

  • Vitamin C is the main protector of our skin and a wrestler with acne.
  • Vitamin E replenishes moisture in the cells of the epidermis and provokes the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Group B vitamins provide a wide range of actions: protect the skin from the influence of harmful factors, regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, participate in cellular metabolic processes and much more.

In addition to vitamins in the plant contains a couple of dozen useful amino acids, enzymes and essential oils, so aloe in any form is great for the face in the treatment for acne.

How to prepare scarlet


It is advisable to use recipes for freshly cut aloe leaves and soaked for several days in the fridge. The second option is suitable for various drugs that need to be taken orally.

If you want to cure acne, then a fresh leaf, cut no more than three hours ago, is best for this. It contains the maximum amount of substances you need. The longer the leaf lies, the less useful it is.

It is best to start a vase of aloe vase at home and cut the sheets immediately before preparing the mask or lotion, starting with the lowest ones. More useful properties in a plant that is three or more years old. Cut the leaves, do not forget to rinse them under the water.

Popular recipes with scarlet from acne

Mask from acne. Well whisk the egg white, make a large sheet of scarlet slurry with a blender and combine it with a protein. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the mixture. Soak the mask for 30 minutes. It not only relieves inflamed acne, but also bleaches the spots left after acne, cleans and narrows the pores.

Aloe in cosmetology

Compress, which helps with suppuration and internal pimples. It is prepared very simply. It is necessary to cut the scarlet sheet along and apply it to the problem site. Secure the top with a patch. Do this compress all night long, and if you do not need to go anywhere, then for a day, replacing it with fresh. Within a day or two, the suppuration will disappear, the pain will go away, and the pimple will dry up.

Mask against greasy shine and acne. For its preparation except for scarlet you will need cosmetic clay. If you have a lot of inflamed acne on your face, it's better to take blue clay. Mix aloe juice with clay so that you get a gruel that will not leak. Keep the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes.

Aloe in cosmetology. Video

Normal. Comedo. The pimple. Drawing

Norm. Comedo. Pryshchik

In daily care of problem skin it is quite enough in the morning and in the evening to wipe the face with a piece of scarlet. In two weeks you will notice a tangible result.

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Published: 23-07-2015