Fibrosis and fibrotypomatosis of the pancreas


Today, we once again turn to the topic of gastrointestinal diseases and talk about a problem like fibrotypomatosis of the pancreas.

Pancreatitis and its varieties

  • Pancreatic fibrolypomatosis: define the terms
  • Causes and diagnosis of fibrolipomatosis
  • Pancreatitis and its varieties

    Well known, unfortunately, every fourth person the word pancreatitis actually means not a single ailment, but a whole group of inflammatory diseasescharacter, which have a similar nature. What is their difference? According to specialists, in the degree of defeat of the pancreas. This problem can arise due to the impact of a wide variety of adverse factors and for various reasons, which causes such an impressive prevalence. What can be caused by pancreatitis?


    • by the use of alcohol in non-standardized quantities with the caused by it occurrence of a different kind of diseases of the gallbladder( first of all, we are talking about cholelithiasis, which is the primary cause of pancreatitis in 9 out of 10 cases);
    • the onset of inflammatory processes in the pancreas can be caused by other causes, in particular, traumas and wounds of a mechanical nature, infectious diseases and the use of certain groups of drugs, diseases that affect the vascular system and waggle on normal blood supply to organs, hormonal background malfunction and even exchangesubstances.

    Pancreatic fibrolipomatosis: define the terms

    Fibrolipomatosis is one of the ailments that are combined by the common term "pancreatitis".However, it is impossible to call this condition unambiguously a disease, even in spite of the fact that doctors inscribe it in the column "diagnosis".Why does such an occurrence occur? Let's try to figure this out without going into medical terminology and speaking the language understandable for non-smokers.

    Ultrasound diagnosis is aimed primarily at testing and evaluating several mandatory parameters of the body:

    • location in the abdominal cavity( if it is a question of this kind of ultrasound);
    • shapes and sizes;
    • structure and the degree of tissue homogeneity, that is, the so-called echogenicity.
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    Conclusion: if the doctor wrote "fibrosis" in your card, this indicates a decrease in the level of echogenicity, which entails an increase in the density of the site of the organ. And lipofibrosis, on the other hand, means obesity of the pancreas. The latter, in turn, may be due to the metabolic abnormality mentioned earlier, or a prolonged inflammatory process taking place in the tissues of the organ.

    Causes and Diagnosis of Fibrolipomatosis


    Fibrolipomatosis is a constant companion of chronic pancreatitis, and this is due to a number of reasons. Consider this relationship more clearly. What is the essence of chronic pancreatitis, however, like any other disease occurring in a chronic form? He accompanies a person throughout his life, most of the time, practically without disturbing and periodically manifesting as periods of exacerbation. Consequently, its treatment also has an episodic nature and is aimed at removing or, at best, preventing the onset of an exacerbation. Consequently, the progression of the disease is rather slow, which causes significant changes in the pancreas.

    Another factor that has a huge impact on the work of this body is the activity of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for creating the so-called hormonal background in the body. If the iron suffers from hyperactivity, it inevitably affects the condition of the whole organism and the pancreas in particular, which simply can not help reacting to constant hormone surges.

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