Horse ointment for joints, its benefits and particularities of application, reviews

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drug manufacturers argue that horse ointment - it is the most effective medicine against modern pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Before using the drug, it is worth investigating whether it is really as effective and useful as the manufacturer claims.

The main active ingredients of

This product is a gel-balm, since the product combines the characteristics of one and the other. Gels are called structured mixtures of polymers of organic and inorganic origin, which have a peculiar gelatinous texture. Balsams are commonly referred to as various medicines prepared on the basis of medicinal plants.

Lavender This component contains a large number of substances that have an analgesic and tonic effect.

The main components of the drug, indeed, are of natural origin. These include:

  1. Lavender oil .Oil has a beneficial effect on subcutaneous fat and directly on the skin, as well as on muscle tissue and ligaments, promotes rejuvenation.
  2. Tocopherol acetate ( vitamin E).This substance is a universal antioxidant. Free radicals, formed in the body as a result of its vital activity, do him harm, causing premature aging, affecting various tissues and organs, causing their illness. Antioxidants and tocopherol acetate promote the removal of free radicals, protecting the human body from their negative effects.
  3. Mint oil .In mint oil, a high content of menthol, which normalizes the tone of the capillary system of the skin. This improves blood circulation and creates a feeling of coolness. Thanks to improved blood circulation, other components of the drug penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissues deeper.
Demineralized water
The auxiliary components in the preparation are demineralized water, soybean oil and glycerol

Efficiency and application features

Horse Ointment has a number of therapeutic effects that can effectively fight joint diseases. The main effects that the drug provides:

  • pain relief;
  • improvement of blood circulation in capillaries of muscle tissues, subcutaneous tissue, skin;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes in various tissues( joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons);
  • increases the effectiveness of other drugs that are applied externally;
  • removes stiffness, increases the amplitude of motion of patients joints;
  • helps to relax, relieve stress, gain tone and improve the psycho-emotional state.

Ointment is used in various industries, due to its effectiveness and a wide range of action. The drug is used in such areas and for different cases:

  • practical cosmetology;
  • for the treatment of joint diseases associated with degenerative-degenerative processes in articular tissues( arthrosis or arthritis);
  • in the treatment of osteochondrosis;
  • during recovery from injuries that affected bones, ligaments, joints, tendons;
  • for elimination of inflammatory processes in muscle tissues;
  • for relieving tension from muscles after increased physical exertion;
  • before the massage to increase its effectiveness.
Rubbing cream into the skin of the feet
The way of applying the ointment is very simple: it is necessary to apply a small amount of the product to the area that needs to be treated.

The agent must be rubbed, evenly distributed, so that a thin layer of it remains on the skin.

In the fight against trauma or systemic joint diseases, horse ointment is effective, as it promotes the activation of calcium metabolism.

The drug ensures the normalization of nutrient supply of connective tissue. Cartilage tissues, thanks to horse's ointment, are protected from destruction, elasticity is returned to them, joint joints are more actively produced in the joint, due to which its healthy mobility returns.

Additional information

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The use of ointment requires compliance with some simple rules. The instruction does not recommend the use of the drug if the skin has abrasions, wounds, abscesses or inflammation, any other damage to the skin. It is highly undesirable to treat the mucous membranes with gel.

The main contraindications are the presence of allergies to the components of the drug and malignant neoplasms. In the absence of these contraindications and skin lesions, the remedy can be used without the slightest fear.

A horse's ointment for joints is called so not in vain. Indeed, a tool was developed to address the goals of veterinary medicine, and then adapted to the needs of the individual. Do not be intimidated by this. First, numerous reviews convince that the drug is effective and does not cause side effects, except for an allergic reaction with individual hypersensitivity to certain components.

The only thing to think about is the duration of the drug. The horse's ointment gives a very quick effect. This is due to the increased dosage of some components, which is designed for a large animal, rather than a human. Therefore, do not abuse the ointment.

The doctor is talking to the patient
We recommend that you consult with your doctor about the dosage and course of taking

. Also an important point is the need for comprehensive treatment for serious causes of pain in the joints. If they are caused by systemic diseases, then other means of treatment should be used, and not limited to ointment.


Those wishing to use horse ointment from joints stop the fear that the remedy can be dangerous. With a doctor, you can consult about the methods and doses of the drug, but none of them will prescribe or write out a prescription for a remedy intended for the treatment of animals.

But under certain rules, the drug for the human body is safe and effective, so do not pay attention to skeptical remarks that a positive description of the drug - it's just the advertising course of the manufacturer.

The effectiveness and safety of the horse's remedy is due to the fact that they have the same effect as conventional pharmacy drugs. In composition, they are almost identical to most medications developed for humans and having the same effects.

Surprisingly, the products of veterinary pharmacy are usually much more natural and safer than conventional pharmacies.

It is very important to understand that you need to use medicines for animals in a special way. You can not just apply them like a human. This can lead to an overdose. Most often, as a result of an overdose, the drug develops an allergic reaction, irritation and even a burn.

In favor of treatment with equine ointment is not only its effectiveness, but also an affordable price. In a volume of 100 ml, the drug will cost about 250-300 rubles. A larger volume and costs, respectively, more.

Horse Ointment