Dry biscuit, steamed food - best diet for gastritis


If a person is constantly worried about pain in the upper abdomen, he feels bloating, nausea, then most likely you should consult a doctor and undergo a test for such a disease as gastritis. Of course, the name of a special anxiety in the patient does not cause, because gastritis - a disease very common and sick people of any age.


  • The reasons for which gastritis may occur
  • The main principles of treatment of gastritis
  • The best diet for gastritis - dry biscuit and steamed food
  • Treatment of gastritis

Causes for which gastritis can occur

Inflammation of the gastric mucosa can take place in different forms - acuteand chronic. Usually the chronic form begins if the acute form of gastritis has not been completely cured, or not treated at all.

The most frequent manifestation of gastritis is acute or aching pain in the abdomen. It can intensify, or vice versa, subside during meals. The patient also suffers from

  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • eructation, loss of appetite,
  • weight loss.

For the acute course of the disease are characterized by strong attacks of pronounced pain, a feeling of discomfort. With chronic pain less pronounced, aching, the patient constantly feels fullness of the stomach, aversion to the process of eating. The disease can be caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Basic principles of treatment of


If a patient complains that he has had the same symptoms of the disease for a long time, then the doctor in detail having asked the patient about his lifestyle, medications, food preferences, can make a fairly accurate diagnosis andappoint appropriate treatment.

Additional tests in this case will not be conducted. But if a doctor has doubts about the correctness of the diagnosis, the patient is assigned a survey using an endoscope. You may also need a biopsy to obtain a sample of the mucosa and then microscopic examination.

For the treatment of a patient, hospitalization will not be necessary. For the treatment of acute gastritis usually need 2 to 3 weeks, chronic gastritis requires persistent long-term treatment, it can take years. Patients with a gastritis are on the dispensary account at the therapist or the gastroenterologist, it is desirable to visit the doctor not less than two times a year.

Best diet for gastritis - dry biscuit and steamed food

suhoy_biskvit111 A very important component of the complex treatment of gastritis is a special diet. To choose a suitable variant of it will help the attending doctor or a nutritionist. You should know that some foods with gastritis need to be completely excluded from the diet.

  1. Patients should not eat fresh bread, especially rye, sweet puff pastry. Useful products are: dry biscuit, unleavened buns, baked patties, biscuits.
  2. Patients should discard boiled broths, both fish and meat, mushroom soups, borscht, okroshki. Useful dishes will be: vegetable mashed soups, milk soups, soft porridge type oatmeal.
  3. Smoked meat and sausage, canned food, fatty meat and poultry will also be harmful. The optimal option will be the use of steamed dishes from a pair of lamb, beef, chicken, steam cutlets and zrazes, bitovki.
  4. It is not recommended to eat hard-boiled eggs or fried, more useful omelet steamed and soft-boiled eggs.
  5. Patients should not eat spicy dishes, salted and sour, immature berries and fruits, ice cream, chocolate, kvass and coffee.

Treatment of gastritis

suhoy_biskvit222 For the treatment of gastritis, a doctor can prescribe drugs of different directions, depending on the patient's condition and the course of the disease: painkillers, enveloping walls of the stomach, improving digestion, removing toxins, normalizing acidity, possibly even antibiotics.

But not always even properly prescribed treatment can give a quick positive effect. The disease can go on into a chronic form, and it can periodically become aggravated.

For the disease is characterized by 2 types of flow, when the patient has normal or increased acidity, or for another type - reduced. Reduced acidity with gastritis is more common in people of mature age and elderly. With such a course of the disease, there is often a lack of appetite, an upset stomach, a feeling of fullness of the stomach. As a result of gastritis with low acidity, hypovitaminosis can develop.

During periods of exacerbation of gastritis, you should take medicine recommended by your doctor. As a preventive tool you can use the recipes of traditional medicine, they sometimes can quite prevent the onset of periods of exacerbation of the disease.

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