Exercises for the spine with osteochondrosis - exercise therapy

As is known, osteochondrosis of the spine is a pathological process, accompanied by dystrophic and structural changes in the cartilaginous tissue of intervertebral discs and bone tissue of the vertebrae. In addition to bones and cartilage, the adjacent muscles, ligaments, and spinal nerves suffer secondarily. In the fight against this ailment, all available methods are used - drug therapy, physiotherapy procedures, massage and acupuncture, health gymnastics.

The effect of physical exercises

It goes without saying that the treatment of osteochondrosis will be most effective if it is aimed at eliminating the causes( etiological factors) of osteochondrosis. And in this regard, exercises for the spine with osteochondrosis play a key role. Without them, the treatment of this disease will be inadequate. After all, as is known, hypodynamia is one of the main causes of osteochondrosis, especially with the lesion of the thoracic spine. In addition, physical activity helps to reduce body weight and reduce the burden on the spine.

In addition, the complex of exercises for osteochondrosis promotes the following health effects:

  • Strengthens the musculoskeletal apparatus and normalizes posture
  • The spinal tract traction( spine extension) prevents infringement, inflammation and edema of the spinal nerves
  • The blood supply of the affected areas improves, metabolic processes in bone and cartilaginoustissues
  • The work of internal organs - the heart, lungs, intestine - is being adjusted
  • The blood supply of the brain improves, it normalizes withn

Different exercises at different stages

physiotherapy Different exercises are recommended for different stages of the disease

What exercises do you have for osteochondrosis? It depends on the localization of osteochondrosis( cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral) and from the stage of the disease( acute, subacute, interictal period).Localization of osteochondrosis does not play a big role, because with cervical osteochondrosis, the load is given to the thoracic and lumbar spine, and vice versa. But the staging in this case must be taken into account. In an acute period with the presence of severe pain, therapeutic exercises for the spine are generally undesirable. At the end of the exacerbation, some exercises can be performed in the supine position with a slight load on the abdominal press and lower limbs. But in no case should pain be increased!

In the future, when the process calms down, you can increase the load on some groups of muscles of the trunk and lower limbs. Exercises should be aimed at smoothing excessive chest kyphosis( posterior displacement) and lumbar lordosis( anterior displacement).During this period, you can do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck. However, rapid circular movements of the head are unacceptable. Each recommended exercise should be done slowly and no more than 10 times.

In the inter-offensive period, physical exercises are conducted with a general strengthening and prophylactic goal. As exercises can serve as mobile games with the necessary amplitude of movements of different muscle groups. During this period, exercises for the back with osteochondrosis can be carried out on special devices - Evminov's board, massage beds. The place of training can be not only their own housing, but also fresh air, gym, swimming pool.

General recommendations

When practicing exercise therapy for osteochondrosis, you should follow some general recommendations:
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Exercises for osteochondrosis
  • All exercises are carried out only in well-ventilated areas with optimal temperature and humidity
  • Respiration should be smooth and calm
  • There should be no sudden movements
  • Clothes should be spacious, not constraining movements
  • During the exercises there should be an optimal combination of tensionNij
  • and relaxed muscles of the spine When LFK unacceptable strong stimuli bright lights loud music, foreign
  • sounds should stop
  • If you feel pain exercises After the exercise should rest a few minutes to lie down on your back on a flat hard surface

There is no need to say that health classes for osteochondrosis are conducted only under the supervision of a physician. Only he can develop the necessary complex of physical exertion for the treatment of osteochondrosis. And for amateur performance you can pay for a deterioration in health.

girl doing therapeutic exercises

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