Treatment of heart defects in children. Endovascular Surgery

For what reason can a child suffer from heart disease? Nobody knows this. However, if your first-born was born with this ailment, then there is a possibility that another baby will be born with a heart defect. Some say that the cause of this disease lies in contaminated ecology or heredity.

What signs indicate heart defects?

To begin with, let's say that in some cases the ailment does not make itself felt throughout life. However, someone is showing up in the early years. Many babies have shortness of breath and poor appetite, often lose consciousness, and also catch respiratory infections all the time. This is all an excuse for contacting a doctor.

In what other cases should you take your child to a specialist?

  • If the baby has swollen limbs.
  • If his face, feet and fingers become too pale or blue.
  • If the child constantly screams and a cold sweat appears on his forehead.
  • If the crumb sucks the breast with great reluctance and constantly belches.
  • If he constantly has attacks of rapid breathing.
  • If it is a question of an adult enough, he can tell in detail what is bothering him. In most cases, children complain of pain in the heart, as well as the fact that it becomes difficult for them to breathe during physical exertion.

Methods of treatment

They are therapeutic, surgical and endovascular. Surgical treatment is planned and urgent. But as for the therapeutic, it is, in most cases, a symptomatic measure for arrhythmia, attacks of dyspnea, etc. It is worth noting that in our time many heart defects are cured.

Endovascular Surgery

Endovascular treatment is by far the safest, fastest and most painless. It practically does not require a rehabilitation period. Medicine is progressing very strongly in this direction. In order to cure heart disease such as an interventricular septal defect, an atrial septum, an open arterial duct and others, there is no need to perform a surgical operation in the heart of a child.

It is simple enough to introduce a special device through the femoral vessel - an occluder that can correct a heart defect. For example, with an interventricular septal defect, the occluder is inserted into the hole between the two chambers of the heart and its disks are located one in the right, the other in the left ventricle. On site http: //occluder.com.ua/ it is possible to learn more in detail about carrying out of such operations, to look video and even to receive consultation about treatment of congenital heart diseases.

Doctors of the Amosov Clinic say that the occluder is very quickly accepted by the heart. It grows into the heart tissues and the heart begins to function properly. A child after such intervention remains absolutely healthy. Endovascular surgeons annually perform hundreds of operations to eliminate defects of the interventricular septum, atrial septal defect, open arterial duct, aortic aneurysm, coarctation of the aorta, aortic stenosis, pulmonary artery stenosis and other heart defects. They guarantee absolutely safe result of treatment of congenital heart diseases.

See the video on how an operation to close the atrial septal defect in the endoskulic surgery department of the Amosov Institute: