Masks with mummies for the face: healing "tears of mountains" in the service of beauty

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  • Legendary mummy: a miracle pedigree
  • Mummy for a face: a panacea or not
    • Rejuvenating cream Savari
  • How to make a mask with a mummy at home: Video
    • Resin cosmetician
  • Prescription cocktail: rules, reminder
    • How to distinguish a fake

Magic "tears of mountains"... Mumiy also used Avicenna himself! India, Pakistan, China, Africa - despite the fact that the deposits of mummies are found quite often, the product is rare, precious."Mountain oil" in the Altai, "mountain honey" in the language of hunza, "blood of the mountain" in Burma. .. Its healing properties are amazing, and the mask with the mummy for the face works wonders!

The legendary mummy: the pedigree of the miracle

Mumiyeh Mummy is a substance of dark brown or almost black color, resinous consistency. The composition of the "mountain tar" is unstable. The Iranian "honey" will differ from the Burmese, the Altai from the African, the Tibetan from the Afghan. The origin of this substance is also different, that is why there are different types of "mountain tears":

  • Coprolite: it is based on substances of vegetable, animal, mountain and soil origin.
  • Mummy breccias: the main element is rocks.
  • Evaporite: the rarest and most expensive mummy. It is located on arches of caves, its extraction is complex and unprofitable.

Fragile or plastic, it dissolves well in water, worse in alcohol."Mountain tar" is formed with the participation of rocks, plants, soil, animals and microorganisms. The restoration of natural deposits requires 2 to 300( !) And more years. Before use, it is purified by a special technology.

Although the mummy was known to the ancient Egyptians about 3000 years ago, none of the scientists has ever guessed the secret of the formation of "mountain tar" to the end. What we know about him is a relative hypothesis. There is no doubt his healing power, because the mummy is a panacea for many serious diseases. What is the meaning of "resinous honey" in cosmetology? Is it worth making masks for the face? Or is this nothing more than a beautiful legend?

Mummy for the face: a panacea or not

Mumiye was the first cause of plundering the Egyptian pyramids - a precious drug used for embalming. An ancient mummy, which was saturated with bandages for mummies, has not lost its properties even now. The microbes, placed in one vessel with the particles of the ancient Egyptian mummy, perish.


As part of the "mountain tears" about 28 chemical elements, 30 micro- and macro elements, 10 metal oxides, vitamins, bee venom, essential oils, resinous substances.

Rejuvenating Cream Savari

Purified mummy "Smolny honey" - a recognized beauty expert. Substances concentrated in a dark mass with an unusual odor are the strongest means for rejuvenating the skin and the entire body.

It is not easy to list the useful properties of "mountain oil".They treat a wide variety of diseases. In cosmetology, the mummy is used for different purposes, the main of which is rejuvenation and recovery.

. .. Once Louis XIV received a gift from the Persian shah. It was a mummy solution in a silver bottle. Afraid of poisoning, the cautious Frenchman hid the elixir in the farthest closet, causing a real storm of indignation in the heart of his doctor Savary.

Savary did not dare disobey. And after a while the enterprising druggist became fabulously rich, selling a rejuvenating cream to noblewomen. Savari's wife became famous for her young skin. She did not have wrinkles until she was 60!What are the cosmetic properties of mummies?

How to make a mask with a mummy at home: Video

Smolny cosmetologist

  1. Deepest rejuvenation. The mummy causes the body to produce collagen and elastin in increased doses.
  2. Regeneration( restoration) of tissues."Mountain honey" is famous for its ability to smooth scars, even the old ones.
  3. Treatment of inflammation. Mumiye is the strongest enemy of microbes. Therefore, it treats pimples remarkably well.
  4. Cleansing the skin of toxins."Tears of rocks" literally dissolve the toxins that clog the pores, leaving the face clean and fresh.

Thus, the mummy is not just a cosmetician, but a healer. Treatment of wrinkles, scars and acne is his specialty.

Recipe cocktail: rules, reminder-diagram

  • Masks with mummies for the face
  • Problematic
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Recovery
  • Regeneration
  1. Face masks with mummies are applied once in 10 days.
  2. The course of treatment - 10 masks.
  3. Mummy can be safely added to any mask, enhancing its effect many times.

All recipes for masks are given for a tablet product. However, there is an opinion that "mountain honey" in tablets loses some of the properties, as it undergoes serious treatment.

How to distinguish a fake

In the mountains Road every year mined from 600 to 1200 g of healing "tar".Think about this tiny figure compared to the incredible popularity of the means! Unfortunately, forgery of "mountain tar" is more likely a rule than an exception. On the territory of Russia the Altai mummy is considered to be of the highest quality. There is a way with which you can determine the authenticity of the mountain elixir.


Carefully study the composition of what is in the package. Find out the reputation of the manufacturer. There is an opinion that the best quality mummy can only be sold in chunks. It is dark, tarry, bitter, has an unusual but pleasant aroma, in which smells of bitumen and chocolate are mixed.

Well soluble in water and NOT soluble in vegetable oil.

Scientific method

( method of the Leningrad Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy)

Definition of a fake Dissolve 0.1 g of mummy in water( 5 ml).Pour into two bowls. In the ode, drip the vinegar or acetic acid( a few drops).If the precipitate falls out - very good! In the second, add the soda. This solution should not change.

Pay attention to the photo. This is the solution of real mountain honey after adding the described components. In the left container sediment( vinegar is added), the right one has not changed( soda is added).

. .. According to one of the legends, the mummy is the child of the Sun and Earth. Only the trusted priests trusted to collect the mummy. You too can make your "Savary Cream" and surprise your girlfriends with young and clean skin!

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Published: 18-01-2015