Orange hair oil: instructions for use, recipes


  • Composition of orange oil
  • Indication for use of orange hair conditioner
  • Black list: contraindications
  • Home use of orange oil for hair treatment
    • Allergy testing
    • Methods of using orange oil
    • Small tricks
  • Recipes for hair with orange oil

For treatment and home daily care, you can use ethereal orange hair oil, which is marketed in three varieties. Firstly, is a sweet , which is obtained from ordinary fruits. Secondly, petigene , which is produced by pressing leaves, young shoots and unripe fruit of orange. Thirdly, bitter , extracted from the crushed rind of mature orange fruit. At competent use in house conditions all these esters render the most salutary influence on health and appearance of hair, roots and a head skin, thanks to a rich palette of useful substances which contain them.

Composition of orange oil

By adding orange oil to hair care products, you saturate them and the scalp with a mass of useful substances, among which:

  • limonene is a hydrocarbon giving a specific citrus smell to the oil;
  • citral is an aldehyde, known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Deanal - aldehyde with the smell of orange peel;
  • esters of aliphatic and terpenic alcohols exert a disinfectant effect;
  • Sesquiterpene aldehydes are organic substances that promote cell growth and possess antiparasitic properties;
  • terpinene is a hydrocarbon that is used as a solvent for pigments;
  • Fellandren is a monoterpene that is actively used in medicine;
  • Cryophyllene is a hydrocarbon known as an excellent cleanser;
  • linalool is a terpenoid that is used as a perfume composition in many modern shampoos;this substance most often causes allergic reactions to the skin.

There is no usual vitamins in the chemical composition of the essential orange oil, but the terpenes and spirits inherent in it have an equally active and beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. In connection with their cosmetic and curative properties, this ether cosmeticians and trichologists recommend to use at home under certain problems with curls.

If you have dry hair, use natural moisturizing - mask with olive oil & gt; & gt;

For damaged and weakened strands you need healing masks with castor oil: http: //beautiface.net/maski/ dlya-volos / maski-s-kastorovym-maslom.html

Indications for the use of the orange hair conditioner

Penetrating the hair, roots and scalp, terpenes, alcoholsand carbohydrates of orange essential oil become active participants in all sorts of chemical processes on which the health and appearance of the curls depend. It is recommended to use it as a medical-cosmetic means when solving the following problems:

  • dandruff : under the influence of orange oil it will become much less, the itching will stop;
  • pediculosis : parasites can not stand the aroma of this ether;
  • slowed hair growth : of course, do not expect that with the regular use of orange oil, your braid will begin to grow by leaps and bounds, and yet the results you will notice;
  • unsuccessful coloring of : if the shade of curls turned out to be far from what you expected, when using several masks with concentrated orange, the situation can be straightened, because it will destroy the foreign pigment and speed up the return of your former color;
  • yellowness of ringlets : blondes know how hard it is to get rid of it, but with butter of an orange( both sweet and bitter), this will cease to be a problem;
  • greasy hair type : like any citrus, an orange removes sebaceous shine, controlling the work of the subcutaneous glands of the head, now your hair will not so often get dirty and wash them much less.

If the above troubles have affected your life, do not despair. Orange oil will help you eliminate them. Cosmetologists together with trihologami note that the ether of orange has more therapeutic effect on hair than cosmetology. But in order to learn from it for yourself the maximum benefit, you need to learn how to use it intelligently at home. And first of all - to learn contraindications for its active use as an ablution for hair.

It is interesting

Scientists have found out, orange essential oil has a therapeutic effect not only on the human body, but also on the plant itself, which it contains, protecting it from various diseases.

Black list: contraindications

Orange essential oil is produced from citrus fruits, so it contains substances that cause serious allergic reactions up to the swelling of Quincke. Therefore with it it is necessary to be extremely accurate even at external application.

The mistake is made by those who believe that if they eat tasty oranges without any side effects, then they can apply essential oil for hair treatment without fear.

There are a number of contraindications for its use as an external cosmetic for hair. These include:

  • individual intolerance;
  • allergic reactions;
  • scratches, abrasions on the scalp;
  • pregnancy;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • mental disorders and diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • dry hair type.

If all of the above health problems concern you too, you should not risk your own health and the condition of your curls. It is better to find some other means to care for them. Otherwise, an orange ether with such a powerful aroma will jostle your head literally in a literal sense of the word, and you will get sick. Given the therapeutic effect of oil, do not neglect the list of these contraindications.


We are used to the fact that the same cosmetic product, which has been used for too long, causes addiction to the body( skin, hair) and ceases to function. With ethereal orange oil, you can not be afraid of this: it does not have such a property, so you can use it for hair care as much as you want.

Home use of orange oil to treat hair

If contraindications do not concern you in any way and you really can not wait to try the medicinal properties of orange hair oil, first read the rules of home use of this product. The results of the procedure will directly depend on their observance. Do not forget that you are dealing with a concentrated and highly flavored liquid, which you need to be able to handle.

Check for allergic reactions

Be sure to check if you are allergic to orange oil. This procedure involves two stages.

  1. First, you need to make sure that your body normally responds to the strong, specific aroma of this ether. To do this, light the aromalamp in the evening for 30-40 minutes and analyze your own feelings. Absence of dizziness and nausea is the norm that allows using orange oil for external use.
  2. Secondly, check to see if you will have any skin allergies when you come into contact with such an active substance. To do this, add a drop of ether to the teaspoon of water, mix the resulting composition and put it on your wrist for 10 minutes, then rinse. If within 2-3 hours there is no itching or rashes on the treated area, you can safely add orange oil to various hair care products.
  3. However, if, at some point in their application, you feel at least mild weakness, dizziness or nausea, the remedy will have to be washed off immediately.

Methods of using orange oil

  1. Add orange to any store and home hair care products: shampoos, rinses, compresses, masks, conditioners. Approximate dosage - 1 drop of ether per 1 tablespoon of the basic composition.
  2. You can use the air for aroma-combing.

Small tricks of

  1. If you use orange oil as a part of masks, do not heat up other ingredients of : ether loses some of its healing properties when it comes in contact with hot and even warm products.
  2. No need to add orange essential oil in all funds in a row. Choose one method of : either rinsing, or masking, or aroma-combing. Too frequent, uncontrolled use of such a concentrated and fragrant substance will not be beneficial to your hair.
  3. The frequency of application of will depend on the way the orange hair oil is used. If it's a mask, 2 times a week will be enough. The complete course of recovery and treatment is 10 to 15 procedures, depending on your well-being. Aroma digestion is done daily for 1-2 weeks. Adding orange oil in shampoos and balms-rinsers should be made as needed, with each washing of the head.

Keep in mind that. ..

. .. orange essential oil is much lighter than water, so to make hair masks on it, you first need to dilute it in some way( honey, salt, milk) and then add water.

If you comply with these rules and recommendations, orange oil will please you with its therapeutic and cosmetic effects on the appearance of the hair and the condition of the scalp. You can choose any way you like to use it at home. There are a lot of recipes, and each of them is effective in its own way.

Recipes for hair with orange oil

Essential orange oil is convenient to use for hair care, because the methods of its use are diverse, and in the composition of masks it harmoniously and harmlessly combines in the most diverse components. You will have, from which to choose.

  • Mask for dandruff

Mix cosmetic almond oil( 3 tablespoons), 3 drops of orange aether, 2 drops of mint extract, eucalyptus, patchouli. Keep on the head for 3 hours. To wash off chemist's shampoo against dandruff.

  • Rinse against yellowness

Pour 5 tablespoons of fresh or dried chamomile flowers with a liter of boiling water, leave under cover for 2 hours. Strain, add 10 drops of orange oil.

  • Nourishing mask

Mix 2 yolks with honey( 1 tablespoon), 3-4 drops of orange ether, burdock or castor oil( 2 tablespoons).

  • After unsuccessful staining of

Mix 200 g of sour cream with 6-7 drops of orange aether. Apply to hair for 3 hours.

  • Scouring

Apply 5-6 drops of orange oil on the comb. Carefully comb the strands for 5 minutes.

  • Refreshing mask

Mix cosmetic almond oil( 2 tablespoons) with 4 drops of orange aether, 2 drops of eucalyptus ether.

  • Mask for hair growth

Mix honey( 1 tablespoon), ethers of eucalyptus, orange( 3 drops each), cedar oil( 4 drops).Add the yolk, olive oil( 2 tablespoons).

  • For fine hair

Mix olive oil( 3 tablespoons) with ylang-ylang( 3 drops), 2 drops of orange oil.

  • From hair loss

Mix burdock oil( 3 tablespoons) with esters of orange, chamomile, pine( 2 drops each).

  • Strengthening rinse

In a liter of warm water, dissolve 5 drops of orange, ylang-ylang, chamomile, sandal.

Now you know about the healing and cosmetic properties of the essential orange oil for hair: it strengthens the roots, treats the scalp from dandruff, makes the curls not so greasy, eliminates the undesirable consequences of unsuccessful staining. Rarely in what means is combined such a complex, which enlivens in a literal sense strands. In addition to the fact that this substance will make your hair shiny, healthy and beautiful, regularly inhaling this fragrance, you will note with surprise that they have become much calmer. Your nervous system will also like these amazing aromatherapy procedures.

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