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Freckles - a sun kiss, as they are called in the people, are pigment spotsa small size, most often light or dark yellow. Appear in childhood, pale in winter and darken with the onset of summer. Young girls and women, on whose face these tiny, unpretentious specks are poured, are looking for all sorts of means how to get rid of freckles to improve the complexion.

Many associates consider these kisses of the sun pretty and attractive, but their owners, for the most part, dream of removing them forever. Well, this is quite feasible: beauty salons and folk remedies offer a variety of options. But first of all, it would be good to understand with what phenomenon of human nature it will be necessary to fight.

The causes of the appearance of freckles

Many wonder why freckles on the face of one - in a huge amount, while others - only a single, scattered rashes? This fact is determined by a number of factors. To effectively, quickly and permanently remove freckles on the face, the reasons for this phenomenon are better to be known in advance:

  • , despite the fact that the appearance of freckles does not depend on heredity, their number is determined precisely by at the genetic level of ;
  • ultraviolet( sunlight) does not just make freckles darker: it is the main reason for their appearance, as it actively provokes the production of all new melanin, because of which pigmentation spots are formed.

It is important to understand that this phenomenon is not a skin disease, which means that it does not require treatment. Rather, it is a cosmetic defect that can be disguised, nothing more.

Having learned why freckles appear on your face, you can understand for yourself once and for all that any cosmetic procedures and folk remedies can not stop the production of melanin.

They only lighten the skin for a certain period of time, but with the first exposure to the sun's rays, the pigmentation will manifest itself again. Therefore, it is so important to be able to care for the skin, covered with freckles. A few useful recommendations from cosmetologists allow not only to reduce their number, but also make them more invisible and pale.

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Face care with freckles

Useful advice from leading cosmeticians and dermatologists how to get rid of freckles on the face,, not whitening procedures and funds. This is an ordinary, daily, painstaking, careful care for pigmented skin. If you follow all these rules, you can reduce the amount of rashes in the shortest possible time and make them lighter, pale and invisible.

  • Since the main reason for the appearance of freckles on the face is the sun, should be protected from its scalding effect. You can do this in various ways. First, before going out, you need to apply a special cream with a UF-filter on your face. Secondly, in sunny, hot weather, it is better to walk in a wide-brimmed hat that protects the skin from direct attacks of rays on the skin. Thirdly, dark sunglasses will also not be redundant in this situation.
  • You definitely need to to reconsider your diet .A certain range of products contains vitamins that help to whiten pigment spots. They must be included in your daily diet. vitamins A ( egg yolk, sea buckthorn, parsley, carrots, tomatoes, dairy products, persimmons, peaches), B2 ( cabbage, almonds, peas, beans, tomatoes, egg yolk, dairy products, yeast, cottage cheese) K ( cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, olive oil, cucumbers, oatmeal, kiwi, green tea, bananas, egg, dairy products, avocado), fruit acids ( apples, citrus, tomatoes, grapes).
  • If a lot of freckles on the face, they cover most of it, with excessive pigmentation it is better not to take any independent measures. Optimal option in this situation - to seek help from a dermatologist .
  • In the spring-summer period of time it is better to replace your usual daily cream for the face with special ones - from pigmentation.
  • You can quickly and qualitatively whiten your face from freckles at home if you bathe with yogurt, sour milk or birch sap daily in the mornings and evenings of .And in the daytime, after work or a walk, you can wipe the skin with with a cotton disc dipped in hard boiled tea, dandelion juice, cucumber, lemon, grapefruit, onion or parsley.

These helpful tips are unlikely to tell you how to get rid of freckles forever, as it is almost impossible, but will allow them to lighten slightly and make the skin cleaner. Be sure to take them into account if your freckles on the face seem to be a serious problem. If these measures do not help, you may have to contact a cosmetologist and take advantage of the procedures for whitening the face that are offered in the salons.

How to get rid of freckles in the cabin

In any cosmetology room you will be offered a number of procedures how to get rid of freckles quickly and permanently.

Professionals will help you solve this problem for a certain period of time, after which the services of modern cosmetology will have to be re-applied.

To date, there are a large number of procedures and techniques that are able to gently eliminate the freckles from the face without the consequences and harm to the skin's health. Before this, you will need to undergo a medical examination to identify the presence of contraindications. After that, you will be offered a choice of those or other procedures.

  • First, , you can get rid of freckles in the cabin with laser .This is a very demanded and effective procedure for today. The laser beam is capable of destroying the bonds that exist between the molecules of the undesirable pigment, without completely affecting the healthy, clean areas of the skin. The result is that freckles become much lighter, in most cases almost imperceptible. The cosmetologist can prescribe several procedures: the amount will depend on the individual features of the skin, in particular, on the depth and state of the blood vessels. The laser method of whitening freckles is considered to be the most effective and safe today.
  • Secondly, , in the salon you can use one more, no less unique and quite popular technology of getting rid of freckles on the face - photorejuvenation .Within the framework of this salon procedure, skin cells are exposed to combined energy of heat and light. With this technique, you can effectively and quickly lightens freckles of any size.
  • Thirdly, , you can make whitening peeling : it removes the layer of the epidermis, while causing the damaged cells to be reinforced and quickly updated. As a result, the skin becomes light, uniform and completely healthy - without pigmentation. After examining the individual characteristics of your skin, specialists can offer a choice of different types of whitening peeling, each of which is effective in its own way against freckles. For example, ultrasound is an injection of various bleaching preparations under the skin with the help of ultrasound. Laser removes the upper layer of the epidermis, actively stimulating the growth of renewed cells, but is considered quite painful and traumatic. Chemical whitening peeling is a procedure for applying chemical reagents to the skin, quickly and effectively exfoliating the entire top layer of the epidermis.
  • Fourth , there is cryotherapy - another way of whitening freckles when the skin of the face is treated with liquid nitrogen.

In any salon you will be told in detail how you can get rid of freckles through chemical preparations and hardware cosmetology. The choice is there, but what specifically will be offered to you, will depend on such factors as your health state, the number and color of freckles( the lighter ones are displayed faster).If the pigmentation is not too pronounced, is not caused by any internal diseases, you can ask for help and folk remedies.

Folk remedies against freckles on the face

Many doubt whether it is possible to get rid of freckles at home by ordinary folk remedies. If you apply them regularly and correctly, everything is possible. There are a large number of recipes that make the complexion beautiful, light and smooth, without any pathologies, which include freckles. For their preparation, we will have to find medicinal herbs, essential oils and cosmetic oils, and even draw food products to this useful and interesting business. To folk remedies against freckles are:

  • whitening compresses : once a day for 10 minutes the face is covered with gauze cloth soaked in parsley broth or curdled milk;
  • wipe face twice a day with lotions based on herbal medicines such as licorice, yarrow, dandelion, parsley, bearberry;
  • of the same herbs can do lotion from freckles: fresh crushed leaves and attach to the problem area on the face for 20 minutes, do once every two days;
  • regular home masks against freckles on the face are considered one of the most effective folk bleaches;
  • perfectly cope with this problem cosmetic oils , in particular - jojoba;
  • in the lotions and masks can add a few drops( just a little) ethereal whitening oils - oregano, birch, patchouli, turmeric, mint, sandalwood, black pepper, rosemary, eucalyptus and some others.

Folk remedies, how to clean freckles off the face, quite a lot.

The main thing is to apply them as competently as possible, not all at once together, but otherwise you can spoil the skin. Try to introduce them into your home cosmetology gradually, choosing those techniques that will prove to be the most effective.

It is advisable to start with whitening masks against freckles. The choice of a large, many recipes, the preparation process is simple, no special financial costs are required.

Recipes of whitening masks from freckles

Even professional cosmetologists in response to a question how to remove freckles from the face, advise to begin to try one of the prescriptions of whitening masks. Nature has given man a large number of products that can destroy the pigment, through which freckles are poured. Choose for yourself the most optimal recipe, try and no longer complex about the color of your face at any time of the year.

  • Pepper

Pure sweet pepper from the grains, turn into mashed potatoes. From parsley, honey, lemon

Grind parsley, 2 table. Spoon the mixture with a warm, brought to a liquid honey, fresh juice from a lemon( also take 2 tablespoons).

  • From yeast, lemon, milk

30 g of pressed yeast dilute 20 ml of warm milk, leave for 30 minutes. Add 10 ml of fresh lemon juice.

  • Cucumber

Grate cucumber, mix in equal proportions with olive oil, plain cream or lemon juice.

  • From black currant, viburnum, honey

To transform into puree the berries of black currant and viburnum, squeeze out the juice from it.2 tablespoons.mix the liquid with a teaspoon.warm, liquid honey.

  • Onion juice, honey

1 tablespoon. Onion juice mix with 30 ml of liquid warm honey( if the skin is dry), 6% vinegar( if the skin is oily).

  • Of horseradish, apples

1 tbsp. Spoon the crushed horseradish mix with 20 g of apple puree.

Now you know how to remove freckles on your face: there are many ways. To which exactly you contact, will depend on the scale of your problem. Want to solve it quickly and for a long time, having a sufficient amount of money - ask for help in a beauty salon to professionals. If you prefer folk remedies - safer, but less effective, use one of the recipes listed above.

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