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  • What are good night masks for hair?
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Very often, modern women are forced to give preference to purchasing, store tools for hair care, despite the fact that they are full of the notorious "chemistry" - dietanolamine, phthalates, benzenes, propylene glycols, sulphates, synthetic flavors and otherespecially useful substances. Even realizing all their harmfulness, you have to use them, because there is no time to apply home hair masks: cook( minus 30 minutes), apply( take another 10 minutes), stand on your head( it takes 20 or 40 minutes, andthen more), dry naturally( and another minus 1.5 or 2 hours).Where can I find so much time for a modern, busy woman? There is a way out - it's a hair mask for the night: fast, cheap and incredibly effective!

Why night masks for hair?

There are a number of undeniable advantages of night masks for hair before home daytime and shopwear by any means. If you begin to practice such care for your curls, you will appreciate them after the first procedure, since the hair is transformed in a miraculous way.

  • Save time : for day and shop mask you need to find time in the light part of the day, and during its operation you can not go out, take guests, go to a store or to a friend. But in fact during the day most modern women simply do not have time for such procedures: some barely make out on the hairdresser a couple of hours once a month, and then several times a week should spend at least an hour on such manipulations. But with a night mask - just a fairy tale: half an hour before sleep, they put and enjoy sleep( most of them have a calming effect on the nervous system).In the morning they rinsed under the shower while they were having breakfast - they dried the shining cascade of curls, and you can run about your business without worrying about the appearance of your hair, because it is impeccable.
  • The effectiveness of : many useful substances simply do not have enough 20 or even 60 minutes( this is the recommended method of keeping a mixture of day masks on the head) for deep penetration to the cellular level. Then, as in the 6 and 8 hours of the action, all useful substances will have time to penetrate deeply, and work out all their functions: moisturize, strengthen, restore, nourish, cure. The effect of day masks for hair compared to the night is too superficial, and therefore their effectiveness is of a short-term nature. Nighttime masks give a fairly persistent and long-lasting effect, and therefore require less frequent use.
  • Softness of the action of : what does not include day masks: it is mustard, soda, cinnamon, citrus, onion, pepper, garlic, salt and many others. Yes, such products can undoubtedly be useful for hair, but oftenthey cause allergies, irritation of the scalp, itching and other various side effects. The advantage of night hair care products is that they do not have such aggressive ingredients. Their main goal is a gentle and gentle effect on the roots, hair and tips.
Warning: to enjoy all these advantages of night masks, you need to be able to use them correctly. Negative feedback about such drugs is primarily due to the fact that their use does not comply with certain rules and recommendations.

In addition, now in many sources can be found in the lists of night masks mustard, pepper, cinnamon, onion and many others. People blindly trusting such dubious and extremely dangerous recipes, lose half of their hair during the night and cause irreparable harm to the scalp, which burns out under the influence of such aggressive products( mustard, onion, cinnamon, pepper).Some such masks may be useful, but these are exceptional and rare cases. Therefore, be extremely careful when choosing recipes and observe certain rules when using them, so as not to remain without hair at all.

In this article you will find the recipes for the best sourdish masks that moisturize and soften hair.

You can find out the recipes for gelatinous home hair masks here: http: //beautiface.net/maski/ dlya-volos / zhelatinovaya.html

Instructions for the use of masks for the whole night

Since the action of night masks is from 6 to 9 hours, it is very important to take their use very responsibly, so that then a bitter disappointment does not come upon you. Such means for hair care are practiced by many modern women, therefore the accumulated experience and professionalism of experts( trichologists and cosmetologists) allowed to develop a kind of instruction on the use of masks at night. Compliance with these simple rules guarantees the success of the entire procedure and the achievement of the desired results, which will please rather than disappoint.

  • Choose only those recipes that go with the label "AT NIGHT" or "NIGHT MASK"
  • Immediately filter out those recipes that include aggressor products: salt, soda, spices, condiments, citrus , which, with their long action onthe scalp may cause a burn or allergic reaction.
  • AND disable those recipes that offer the use of products with the effect of stickiness and clogging .This is, first of all, bread and banana, which are excellent hair care products, but overnight the masks with these products have time to dry up so that in the morning you will have to late for work, washing and combing strands from stale pieces. Even hot water with shampoo cope with this task is not always.
  • If the mask is selected, be sure to check if it contains allergens. This is done very simply: apply a small amount of the preparation for 10-15 minutes in a thin layer on the sensitive skin in the ear area. If a rash, itching, unpleasant sensations appear after washing, the mask does not fit, look for another compound.
  • For a new, previously untested mask, choose a day off so that in the morning you do not need to rush to work, to school or kindergarten. This will protect you from unpleasant surprises when, without haste, you can see the effectiveness and advantages of the mask and, without worrying, use it on weekdays.
  • The head before such a procedure should be washed and dried.
  • Apply mask for half an hour before going to bed. During this time excess fluid will have time to drain, oils and fats are completely absorbed - this will save your bed linen and negligee from greasy or colored stains, which can be very difficult to wash.
  • Rub the mask into the roots with massaging movements - such manipulations will have a relaxing effect on the nervous system and will promote fast and strong sleep. If the purpose of the procedure is to activate hair growth, eliminate seborrhea, care for fat strands, strengthen the roots, this procedure can be completed. If you need an external gloss - to make the curls smooth, shiny, silky, evenly spread the mask along the entire length of the hair with a comb or a brush. If you need to heal the split ends, moisten them in the prepared preparation.
  • After that, strands are pierced( only not too tightly) on the vertex, a PE shower cap with an elastic band is put on, the head is covered with a handkerchief from above.
  • It's better to get up early in the morning, wash off the mask with a warm herbal decoction( take oak bark, chamomile, burdock, calendula, nettle for this purpose) or plain water. If the mask is not washed off for some reason, use a shampoo.
  • Masks for the night are characterized by an effective, long-lasting effect, so do not abuse them. The frequency of use of such funds should not be more than one procedure per week.

Do not ignore such recommendations, so as not to harm your own hair. Be sure to take into account these tips - and then the night courtships for the curls will become a delight, and the results will please not only you, but others as well, as they will be enchanted by the cascade of your shining hair. It remains to be a small matter to choose a recipe.

Recipes for night hair masks

Not every hair product can withstand for such a long time, so you need to think carefully about the choice of ingredients for a mask for the night. Since one of the conditions for the effectiveness of such masks is the regularity of their application, try to keep them that are not difficult for you to get: they should always be at hand. In addition, the recipes often indicate what kind of action to expect from a particular tool, so be guided by the solution of their problems. Some perfectly moisturize dry strands, others - successfully fight with hair loss, others - contribute to their rapid growth.

  • To make the volume

Mix the two tables.spoons of burdock oil, one table.spoon of almond, castor, jojoba. Add to them three drops of pink ether. Cosmetic oils under this recipe do not warm up, so that the ethereal does not lose its properties.

  • From hair loss

Recipe No.1

Mix on one table.spoon burdock, almond, olive oil, which must be preheated slightly beforehand. Add one table to them.spoon of concentrated fresh lemon juice.

Recipe № 2

Mix one teaspoon of almond, pumpkin and dogrose oils( without heating), add a tablespoon of home-made( preferably) sour cream, yolk and 5-7 drops of ylang-ylang ether.

Recipe No. 3

Two or three of the bottom sheets of aloe are cut off, put on a few days in the refrigerator. Using a blender, turn them into a green slurry, into which to add two tables.spoons of apple and carrot juice.

  • For accelerated hair growth

Recipe № 1

Homemade kefir is brought to a warm state in a water bath and applied to the head without any additional components. For dry hair, it is recommended to take the fatty product, for greasy - fat-free.

Recipe No. 2

Without preheating, mix two tables.spoons of pumpkin and olive oil, one cay.a spoon of almond oil and rosehip oil. Add 20 drops of ether ylang-ylang, open 4 capsules of any vitamin( very good for such a mask drug "Aevit").

  • For split ends

Preheat two tables on the water bath.spoon of sesame oil, mix it from one table.spoon of ground ginger root. Mask only the ends of hair are processed.

  • For glossing

Pour one tables.spoon gelatin powder 100 ml of water at room temperature, stir until all the lumps are completely dissolved, leave for about half an hour. Pour slowly into the gelatinous mass of two tables.spoons of any conditioner for your hair type. The mask should not touch the roots and scalp: apply it solely to the strands themselves.

  • For greasy hair

Grind( grate, pass through a meat grinder) raw potatoes, squeeze out the resulting juice puree. In a dry potato mixture( two tablespoons) add whipped to a foam protein and one table.spoon of warm honey.

  • Nutritious

Recipe No. 1

In a water bath, heat up two tables.spoons of honey( up to 25-30 ° C), mix with yolk( if honey is hotter, the yolk will curtail).

Recipe No. 2

Clean one large, ripe, soft pear from the core and bones. Turn it into puree( using a blender, meat grinder, grater), add two tables.spoons of olive oil and beaten raw egg.

Recipe No. 3

Without preheating, mix one table at a time.a spoon of castor oil and burdock oil, 2 ampoules of liquid vitamins retinol( A) and tocopherol( E).Add 2 drops of rose, sage and ylang-ylang esters.

  • Against dandruff

Two or three of the bottom sheets of aloe cut off, put on a few days in the refrigerator. Using a blender, turn them into green gruel into which to add one table.spoon of burdock and olive oil without preheating.

Home masks at night for hair - a real salvation for modern women, when there is a catastrophic lack of time for themselves, beloved. Therefore, it is worth using such wonderful recipes to bring your head in order, nourish the locks with all the necessary nutrients and solve various problems with the scalp. In this case, such funds can perform as an ordinary uhod function - to create an external gloss and beauty, and therapeutic and preventive, eliminating such misfortunes as hair loss, their slow growth and even dandruff. Enjoy the miraculous night masks - and your strands will shine with gorgeous brilliance and blossom with renewed vigor.

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