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At any time of the year, facial skin undergoes various tests. With the onset of summer, hot days begin for her in the literal sense of the word, because the sun is the main threat to her condition. This ultraviolet radiation, which is able to dry the upper layer of the epidermis in a short time, take away precious moisture from the cells, stop the production of collagen .As a result of this impact, the person becomes not only tanned: the skin in the summer is very dry, feels like a sandpaper, even the smallest wrinkles are clearly drawn. In order to avoid such deplorable consequences, full-fledged facial skin care is required in the summer, which includes many of the most useful activities and procedures for it.

Summer resuscitation procedures for the face

Modern cosmetologists reveal the secrets of how to care for the skin in the summer so that it remains radiant and beautiful even in very hot weather in the most tropical resort. Two components will help to do this: the desire and a little time. Adhering to the recommendations of professionals, you can not be afraid that the skin will deteriorate in the summer and give you unpleasant moments of contemplation in the mirror of a baked apple, and not a face with a beautiful and even tan. To enjoy the sun's rays, and not be afraid of them, master the

several rules of facial skin care in the summer .

  1. The air temperature in the summer at + 20. .. 25 ° C does not pose a threat to the skin of the face. But if the column of the thermometer will show the above mentioned marks, before going out to the street you will have to take care to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. To do this, 10 minutes before leaving the house, apply a thin, even layer on the face of cream with SPF-filter .The higher its value on the tube, the less chance it will be for the sun's rays to penetrate deep layers of the skin and burn them.
  2. You can find tips to wash your face more often in the summer: in some cases this can even do much harm. Subcutaneous endocrine glands are also on guard for the skin, so they work hard in the summer, releasing fat, which forms a kind of shield-film, reflecting ultraviolet. Washing in the middle of the day, you destroy this protection. Therefore, leave the old washing regimen : twice a day - in the morning( half an hour after sleep) and in the evening( just before going to bed).
  3. Nourishing face cream in the summer to you to anything. Avitaminosis can be cured by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, for the whole summer period, buy moisturizing cream according to the type of your skin: for dry, oily or normal. Use it twice a day, immediately after washing.
  4. Many people are skeptical that the diet most directly affects the condition of the hair at any time of the year. And quite in vain: this is a long-proven scientific fact that needs to be accepted. Since the main task of summer care for curls is moisturizing, then in the daily menu there should be a lot of fresh fruits, berries, vegetables. Do not forget the about the drinking mode of : from the very morning until 17.00-18.00 in the evening, you need to drink 1 glass of filtered( mineral water without gas, just standing) water at room temperature.
  5. Authoritative, self-respecting beauty salons will refuse to conduct serious cosmetic facial treatments for the face of , as they will only harm them at this time of year. Take note of this and for home activities for summer skin care. Especially strictly observe the taboo on deep exfoliation, which will injure an already damaged epidermis. Of all types of home cleaning is allowed every 2-3 weeks to make a steam bath on herbs and light gommage. No scrubs and much less peelings at this time of year should not be.
  6. With decorative cosmetics in the summer, too, will have to be more careful. Tonal creams of various textures, powders and other masking agents clog pores, which interferes with cellular respiration and worsens the general condition of the skin. Therefore, try to do without them.
  7. Home summer face mask for - that's what can be a real salvation. They can soothe the irritated skin after the ultraviolet, lightly bleach the tan, create a protective layer from the sun's rays, moisten. They are easy to prepare at home, they will not take much time, energy, money. But the result will be amazing.

All these recommendations for facial skin care in summer seem elementary and simple. In fact, many do not have the time or the usual patience to observe them. So it turns out that after summer rest the skin requires real resuscitation, since it is a dried, thinned, burnt upper epidermis.

Want to protect yourself from this - find time to hydrate it and protect it from ultraviolet radiation.

Much will depend on what kind of skin care products in the summer you picked up.

Summer skin care products

Means for summer skin care should all be moisturizing. It will be great if you manage to find all the means of one line( one manufacturer).What exactly should be included in this "resuscitation" skin kit?

  • Gel for washing

The main function of the gel for washing is a gentle, very gentle cleansing of the skin from make-up and dirt, without disturbing its water-fat balance. It contains moisturizing, antibacterial and other caring components. In the summer, take a closer look at the composition of the gel that you are going to use, namely, on the surfactants( SAWs), which are of four types. The ideal option for summer is a gel with amphoteric surfactants of the fourth type. They are labeled as Betaine, Cocoyl, Sarcosine. Such gels perfectly refresh the skin, they need to be used twice a day with washing.

  • Tonic

From the name it is clear what is needed for this remedy: it tones up the skin, that is, refreshes, improves subcutaneous microcirculation, gives a blush on the cheeks, softens the drying effect of ultraviolet and sunburn. In the summer without tonics it is very difficult to manage, because with their help you can remove from the skin a feeling of dryness and tightness. In the summer, you can replace the tonic with thermal water without loss, and in some cases, the tonic can replace even a cream that often leaves too much fat on the face, preventing cellular respiration. When choosing a summer tonic, do not forget that it should not be cleansing, but moisturizing. It can be applied up to 5 times a day: after morning and evening washings and every walk under the sun. Every time you feel that your skin is burning or covered with an invisible but perceptible layer of dust, wipe it with a tonic.

  • Masks

After evening washing and applying tonic twice a week, it's nice to pamper the skin with masochki in the summer. You can pick up store moisturizing facial masks, or you can cook them at home. Their advantage is that they function much longer than other facial care products, which means they are able to penetrate deeper layers of the epidermis and ensure a prolonged moisturizing of the dried and tanned skin. In addition, you can pick up special masks that will remove a too dark tan or eliminate the peeling, which is one of the summer skin discomforts.

  • Cream

In summer in your use should be at least two creams, which you must use constantly. Firstly, it is a moisturizing cream that is applied in the morning and in the evening either after a tonic or after a mask. Secondly, it is a cream with SPF-filter, which will not let the skin burn in the sun. It must be applied every time before a walk( of course, if the bright and hot sun shines).On the cream label next to the abbreviation SPF, the figure must be indicated - this is an indicator of the power of the filter from ultraviolet rays. For sensitive, light, sunburned skin, you need to select the maximum value of this indicator: 25, 30, 50. Swarthy beauties will be sufficient SPF-filter with a value of 10, 15 or 20. However, for those who choose powerful creams with large values ​​of this index,should be on the alert: such agents often cause allergic reactions, so it is strongly recommended that they be tested beforehand by this criterion.

Here is a set of cosmetic products for skin care professionals recommend to have all the beauties caring about their appearance.

Do not want to come from a rest burnt, with the effect of a baked apple - buy the right products, use - and then nothing can overshadow your summer holiday. If you do not have time to buy something, you can make up for this deficiency with home-made cosmetic products, which sometimes are much more effective than store ones.

Regular facial cleansing prolongs youth and maintains the beauty of the skin. Find out which cleaning is best to choose and why.

Here you will find recommendations for deep cleansing of the face skin salon and home methods, go & gt; & gt;

Home Remedies for Facial Skin Care

In the summer you can moisturize the skin not only with home masks, but also tonics, lotions, creams. True, you need to find time to cook them. The effectiveness of such products can not be doubted: natural food, cosmetic and essential oils, on the basis of which they are prepared, will provide the skin with maximum moisturizing and protection from ultraviolet radiation. In parallel with this they will feed them with various vitamins and microelements. To be sure of this, be sure to choose one of the recipes for yourself and go to your free time home cosmetology.

  • Berries + fruits + vegetables = masks

Berries( strawberries, raspberries, currants of all colors, blueberries, etc.), fruits( cherries, pears, apples, bananas, kiwi, etc.), vegetables( cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoesetc.) in a fresh kind to grind in puree, to mix in equal proportions with milk or curdled milk and to put or render on the face. Combine them among themselves and enjoy the freshness of your skin.

  • Milk washing

Milk( not from the refrigerator) at room temperature, as much fat as possible, preferably homemade, not pasteurized, dilute with water in the same ratio. Wash with milk solution twice a day.

  • Lemon washing

Squeeze out the lemon juice, dilute it with water( 20 ml of juice in 40 ml of water), mix. Wash twice a day. You can alternate dairy washing with lemon( a week).

  • Ice cubes

Fresh or dried herbs( mint, birch, camomile, coltsfoot, sage, calendula, linden, rosemary) chop, pour a tablespoon of raw material with a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour under the lid. After filtering and cooling, pour into special ice molds, put in a freezer for a day. Wipe face twice a day. Similarly, you can make cosmetic ice with green or black tea.

  • Green masks

Dill and parsley are crushed, mixed approximately in the same proportions with fatty, homemade sour cream.

  • Olive oil + ethers = suntan mask

Add 5 drops of lavender, 4 - rosemary, 3 - sandalwood to olive oil( 50 ml).

  • Oatmeal + lemon + vitamins = protective mask

Oat flakes( 30 gr) grind in a coffee grinder to flour condition, mix with lemon juice( 10 ml), 1 vial of vitamin E, mineral without gas with water( 10 ml).

  • Olive oil + cottage cheese + vitamins = moisturizing mask

Mix olive oil( 20 ml), fatty cottage cheese( 30 g), 1 ampoule of vitamin E.

Recipes - unique, effective, results are stunning.

All this is worth it to provide the skin with a full, sufficient, maximum care. Every beautiful woman should choose by herself what means she will maintain the beauty of her face in the summer: both shop and home are equally effective.

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