Glasses or contact lenses - what is better to use?

Contact lenses or glasses Many people who have vision problems and are forced to wear glasses are wondering if they should change glasses for contact lenses. And which is better?

Of course, some of the advantages of contact lenses are obvious:

  • they do not mist over a temperature drop;
  • does not distort facial features;
  • does not limit lateral vision;
  • are invisible.

However, it must be remembered that contact lenses directly touch the cornea of ​​the eye and if suddenly a mote falls into the eye, the sensations will be very unpleasant. It will be necessary to remove the lens immediately and carefully remove the "foreign body".

Before buying contact lenses you need to consult a specialist and go through all the necessary examinations. After all, some people are not allowed to wear contact lenses.

If the doctor "encouraged the purchase of lenses" you need to read the instructions that are attached to the contact lenses. In detail, ask the medical staff how to properly wear and remove the lens( for many this is not the first time, so you need to be patient).

Each pair of contact lenses has its own term of wearing( the expiration date is indicated on the package).Do not wear the lens longer than indicated on the packaging. You need to buy new ones, at the same time first visit a doctor-ophthalmologist.

Also those who are going to change glasses for contact lenses, it is necessary to know that it is necessary to visit the ophthalmologist as often as possible( at least once a month) to make sure that the lenses are "suitable" for the prevention of various infections that may occur,if you do not wear the lens correctly and do not wash the lens properly. Of course, glasses are much easier to wear in this respect. So before you decide to buy contact lenses, you need to think about it, but is it worth it?


And so, the main problems that will have to face is choosing instead of glasses lenses.

Lenses of contact lenses:

the use of contact lenses is much more expensive( especially one-day ones);

will have to spend time on the care of lenses;

greatly increases the likelihood of infection, and sometimes damage the cornea of ​​the eye;

sooner or later will face such a problem as dry eye syndrome. After a very long time, the lenses will be contraindicated.

The advantages of contact lenses:

  • are invisible;
  • can practice some sports that can not afford glasses;
  • others( the beginning of the article ).

In general, the ideal option will be the use of contact lenses only in certain cases, but in general it is better to use glasses. Also, at a young age, you can make a laser vision correction, the result of which will last up to about 45 years. With the current level of development, it is no more safe than wearing contact lenses. Its main disadvantage is the high cost.