How not to spoil the holiday at sea: tanning properly

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  • How to start hunting for a "trophy"?
  • Let's talk about the pleasant. Shopping
    • How to use sunscreen properly?
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How correctly to sunbathe on the sea to bring home The Main Summer Trophy is a golden shade of the skin? The rules are simple and known to all. But for some reason we continue to tan not properly. Perhaps the repetition will help to pull yourself together and gild the body according to all the laws of sunbathing?

Mental conversation with a doctor

Chic tan No, we are not boring. We just love our readers and wish them only good. We believe that even a beautiful tan at sea should not force women to risk their health. Therefore, the advice to visit a doctor is our first priority. Of course, if you are young, healthy and full of energy, you do not need to register for an appointment. And when is the doctor's consultation necessary? In the event that:

  1. Chronic diseases: dermatological problems;endometriosis, mastopathy, hypothyroidism and others.
  2. Admission of any medications, for example: ibuprofen phytopreparations with extract of St. John's Wort, some antibiotics and so on.
  3. Abundant, and also large, more than one and a half centimeters, birthmarks. Excessive pigmentation.
  4. For those who have fair skin and blonde hair.
  5. And for those who never sunbathe, but only blush.

The last two problems can be solved without a doctor. It is important to remember that when the first and second skin types are photographed, a person will not be able to tan, at sea or on the river bank, no matter how hard he tries. The only thing that awaits him is a sunburn. The reason is that such epidermis is not able to produce melanin in a sufficient amount for tanning.

How to start hunting for a "trophy"?

Start simply - put in a beach bag. .. watch. The right tan at sea and time are inseparable. Sunbathing, as a good, but powerful medicine, is taken on slightly.


Start with 15-20 minutes. Although. .. Anyone who came south for a week, is unlikely to heed this advice. Well, you can understand. Then take care of the skin beforehand. Hikes to the native beach on a day off are tempered and accustom the epidermis to the sun gradually.

It's better to arrange a siesta from 11 to 16 hours. You in fact dreamed of a good sleep? Well. At this time, the sun's rays are particularly active. And in hot countries from the beach you need to run away at 10 am.

Let's talk about the pleasant. Shopping

How to prepare the skin for an active tan at sea, to go to the beach fully armed? Buy good money for summer holidays. Do not rely on the fact that everything can be bought directly at the resort. First, do not you think so alone. Secondly, the choice of beach kiosks is limited. Thirdly, the cost of supply is much higher, and its quality is doubtful.

How to use sunscreen properly?

Sun protection

  1. Apply to the body for half an hour before going to the beach. Most of the active substances in these drugs are not immediately effective. Give them time to activate.
  2. Do not rely on facial creams for face with sunscreen. The index of protection in them is very small. In addition, these creams allow A-rays to pass, while on the sea protection from both A-rays and B-rays is necessary.
  1. The autoloader does not protect against burns. The reason is that self-tanning, in fact, a dye that gives a shade to the skin, but does not make it produce melanin, which works like a shield from ultraviolet.
  2. Apply the product more often, do not skimp. The consumption of the product at a time, taking into account the skin of the face and body, about 20 ml. It's a chorus-rosy handful. In addition, the product should be applied again every 2-3 hours. The fact is that all sunscreens lose about 50% of activity in two hours. Especially if you prefer active leisure or like to swim.

Sunscreen replaces the olive oil( as well as karite, avocado, sesame, jojoba).The index of protection of vegetable oil is small( about 2-6 SPF), but it is still better than nothing.

Effects of UV rays on the skin. Figure

Effects of UV rays on the skin

Beach accessories

All kinds of ladies' things, such as glasses, pareo, spectacular wide-brimmed hat( not to mention a swimsuit) will help tan at sea beautifully and will stun fans like a sunstroke.

Hat and goggles are simply necessary, since solar or heat stroke is the second most frequent problem that vacationers face. Panama will protect the head from the sun;retina goggles, which is very afraid of sunlight. A heat stroke is a good help shadow, frequent bathing, abundant drinking.

Pareo or tunic will be needed to cover your back, shoulders, décolleté.These are the parts of the body that burn first. Except for the ears and nose, of course.

Diet for sunburn

It turns out that there are products that help tan and, on the contrary, interfere. How to get a beautiful smooth tan at sea with the help of a delicious diet? Sweet delicacies that can be taken to the beach will help satisfy hunger and provide a more intense shade:

  1. Carrots, peaches, apricots, watermelons, melons, tomatoes strengthen tan, because they contain carotene.
  2. Asparagus, grapes, spinach, broccoli protect from burns, as they increase the protective functions of the skin.
  3. Fish, seafood products are also good.

And this is not possible:

  1. Chocolate, as well as coffee and cocoa, inhibit the production of melanin.
  2. Salty food( who loves a tarantula?), Fried and smoked.
  3. Alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks( including beer, which is really there, once and a ram. ..).
  4. Corn goodies.
  5. Parsley.

Be careful with citrus fruits. On the one hand, these fruits protect the skin from radicals, since it contains vitamin C. On the other hand, this vitamin inhibits the production of melanin. Sunburn falls worse and harder. Eat only bright citrus, and - a little bit. About tanning in detail. Video

The right tan on the sea begins with the love of your body. After all, the lightest shade of milk chocolate is much more beautiful and safer than a red body covered with scraps of dry skin. Sunbathe with pleasure! Successful and romantic holidays to you, dear readers!

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Published: 16-07-2015