Nicotinic acid for hair - a universal remedy for the treatment of scalp

Nicotinic acid for hair - a universal tool for treating the scalp

Today, the fashion includes different models of haircuts, but long hair has never left it. Therefore, girls who are trying to grow their precious healthy locks, have to carefully care for the hair, resorting to a variety of means. This can be pharmaceutical products, for example, nicotinic acid for the hair, which will help to achieve an effective result: active growth of strands and improvement of the condition of the entire head of hear.

Nicotinic acid for hair

Hair treatment with nicotinic acid is an excellent drug that enters the oxidative processes that occur in the cells of the human body. It is often confused with nicotine, thanks to its name, which is an absolutely incorrect statement. Nicotinic acid is a vitamin of the PP, a good influence of which on the hair is known for a long time. In the pharmacy network, it is sold in the form of tablets and ampoules. Its original appearance is a white powder, sour for taste. As for the products, nicotinic acid is found in pineapples, mushrooms, black bread, meat and beans. As a means for hair, it is used only in the form for external use.

Useful qualities of nicotinic acid

Given its composition, nicotinic acid for hair helps:

  • Stimulation of blood circulation under the scalp, increased nutrition of hair follicles, which is good for hair growth;
  • Stop possible hair loss and make the hair more voluminous, and the hair itself is stronger;
  • Moisten your hair, keep it dry and cross-section, the hair becomes healthy and radiant.

Nicotinic acid for hair

In addition, the development of pigment occurs under the influence of nicotinic acid. Thus, the natural color of hair can get a different shade, and when the hair starts to turn gray, this process will slow down a little. The effect of acid normalizes fat metabolism, which is very important for owners of fatty hair.

IMPORTANT! If hair loss is too strong, you should consult a specialist and be examined, because the cause is often a serious illness, from which nicotinic acid does not help.

How to use nicotinic acid

How to use nicotinic acid for hair at home? Before you rub it into the scalp, you need to wash and dry the strands well. The acid has a clear color and does not stain the hair. To save money, it can be mixed with different ingredients: aloe juice, ginger, tinctures and herbal decoctions. It is also possible to mix with shampoo( 1 tbsp).In pure form, the agent is applied drop by drop on each finger and rubbed into the skin.

Hair treatment with nicotinic acid starts from the temples to the top of the head. From the ampoule, it will be more convenient to transfer the liquid with a syringe into the pipette. Procedures should be carried out daily for a month. It is not recommended to use more than one ampoule per day, abuse can lead to an allergic reaction. If this is only slightly manifested, nicotinic acid can be diluted with water.

Nicotinic acid for hair - contraindications and harm to the body!

As such, strong damage to hair with nicotinic acid can not be done. People prone to severe allergies can feel itching on the scalp, rash or headache. This is a sign of an individual intolerance to vitamin PP, and in this case it is necessary to wash your head and do not resort to using the drug anymore. Those who have sensitive skin, it can become dry and dandruff will appear.

It is necessary to avoid the treatment of hair with nicotinic acid in childhood, pregnant and lactating women. Also contraindications are diseases such as glaucoma, increased arterial, ophthalmic and intracranial pressure, atherosclerosis, migraines and severe pain in the head.

How to treat hair with nicotinic acid - home procedures?

Home treatments with nicotinic acid

The use of nicotinic acid for hair has been proven by many users. In addition to rubbing into the scalp of one nicotinic acid, women resort to another method - the preparation of hair masks with the addition of the main ingredient.

Additional ingredients here can be herbal decoctions, especially from hops and burdock, and it's also good to use aloe juice, you can even use a live flower. No less effective is the egg yolk, oil from vitamins A, B, E, burdock, and natural dyes henna and basma.

IMPORTANT! For each individual procedure, you need to prepare a new mixture.

When all the necessary components are mixed, the mask is applied to clean hair and distributed over the strands. On the head is necessarily put on a cellophane cap, warming with a handkerchief or a towel for about 2 hours. Then the mask is washed off with shampoo. If it happens that the mask is overexposed, there is nothing terrible, only good.

Express mask with nicotinic acid for hair treatment. Ideal for people with limited time. Nicotinic acid is simply added to the shampoo with each hair wash. Do not add it to a full bottle of shampoo, just pour the contents of one ampoule into a single serving of soap.

Egg mask. This preparation will require one ampoule of nicotinic acid and vitamin E, an eleutherococcus tincture and linseed oil in a 1: 2 ratio of table spoons. The mask should only be applied to clean hair and washed off well after an hour.

Firming mask with nicotinic acid for hair.. Aloe vera juice, propolis tincture and nicotinic acid are mixed, applied to the hair for at least 40 minutes, then washed off. After application on the scalp, there is a warm, slight burning or crawling sensation, which is quite normal. Hence, nicotinic acid began its action.

Mask for the density of hair. A fairly simple method to increase the fluffiness of the head of hear, mixing in the same amount nicotinic acid and aloe juice.

Mask for the density of hair.

Results of the use of nicotinic acid, than it is useful for hair?

To analyze its positive effect of nicotinic acid on hair, a test was conducted, in which 150 people took part. The data showed:

  • Improvement - slightly more than a third of the participants;
  • Adverse effects and impairment - 12%;
  • No visible changes - more than half of the respondents.

As a conclusion, the use of nicotinic acid helps to solve the problems of baldness or in most cases does not have a negative effect. Some women claim that hair under the influence of nicotinic acid grow to 4 cm per month, they become much stronger and healthier.

You can also treat hair with nicotinic acid in tablets. One course of admission is 15 days on a pill twice a day. According to the instructions they need to drink after eating and must be drunk with plenty of mineral water or milk.

Reviews of women who have tried the action of nicotinic acid

If you still have doubts about whether it is worth trying to make masks with it, you can get acquainted with the opinions and advice of experienced people.

Helena, 28 years old. I have been doing masks from a nicotine for about 2 months and after the first month my friends started to notice that my hair is noticeably grown and does not look as dim as before. For me, it's important that this is a fairly economical home way of caring for your hair. The application I carried out with a syringe without needles and always on damp hair. I recommend all the girls dreaming of long hair.

Olga, 26 years old. I first tried nicotinic acid at the insistence of a hairdresser, wanted to heal and strengthen my hair. After a week there was an unpleasant moment - there was a dandruff and the skin began to itch. Despite the excessive fatty hair, I did not give up and continued to rub the acid into the scalp. A week later, all the unpleasant moments disappeared, and the condition of the hair improved noticeably. Happy with the result!

Alexandra, 30 years old. After the birth, I began to notice that when washing hair many of them remain in the bathroom, the hairbrush is also filled with hair. Since earlier somehow did not think about hair loss, this time I decided to climb up from the Internet and look for advice. In addition, that everywhere it is recommended to adhere to proper nutrition and give up bad habits, I read an article about the beneficial properties of nicotinic acid. I bought it and did not regret it. Hair loss has decreased significantly, dandruff eventually disappears, and the hair itself seems shiny and lush.

Alla, 34 years old. I was convinced of the efficacy of nicotinic acid on my own experience, when I wanted to have beautiful thick brows. Since I used to pull them out actively with pincers, I had to use a pencil. Nicotinic acid, I gently rubbed into the eyebrows( most importantly, it did not get into my eyes), and they became much thicker.

Reviews of women who have tried the action of nicotinic acid

Love, 30 years old. H Icotinic acid, of course, is very necessary to the painful hair. Despite this, I believe that proper nutrition, full sleep and anxiety about one's health are much more effective than any medications.

Anna, 20 years old. I tried nikotinku vteret in the scalp, a week later somehow strangely began a rash from the forehead and gradually all over the face. It's a pity, but I had to stop the procedure, and the rash passed.

Irina, 28 years old. Read, that it is necessary to pass or take place monthly course of treatment by nicotinic acid. But since time is always short, it was necessary to apply masks only in those days when my head( 2-3 times a week).Even so, there are visible results, the hair is magnificent and grows rapidly, I walk with pleasure with my hair loose.

You can also see the video, where the doctor trichologist tells in detail about the effect of nicotinic acid on the hair. We look and get acquainted with the material!

Video about stimulating hair growth with nicotinic acid