How can I strengthen my blood vessels?

Sooner or later every person faces the problem of causeless appearance of bruises on the skin. This is especially true for women. They are most often subject to such troubles. In addition to a cosmetic defect, painful sensations and bleeding occur during spontaneous rupture of the vessel, which requires the provision of medical care. Important in such situations is the strengthening of blood vessels.

Causes of Vascular Fragility

The human vascular system is one of the indicators of the general processes in the body and its overall health. In the maintenance of normal vascular tone, structure, persistence and permeability, various mechanisms play a role. These include the hormonal background, neuroendocrine balance, blood pressure, metabolic features, intoxication, diseases of the vascular system and blood, birth defects of the vascular wall. In this regard, among the causes of fragility of blood vessels can be identified:

  1. Imbalance of sex hormones due to excessive estrogen content;
  2. Congenital peculiarities of the vessel wall in the form of thinness and fragility;
  3. Varicose disease;
  4. Atherosclerosis;
  5. Hypertensive illness with nasal bleeding when the vessels burst in the nose;
  6. Hypovitaminosis;
  7. Metabolic disorders;
  8. Diseases of the blood system: thrombocytopenia, leukemia;
  9. Diabetes mellitus and diabetic angiopathy( often affects the vessels of the eyes);
  10. Drug administration: hormonal oral contraceptives( contraceptive), anticoagulants( blood-thinning medications).

How to deal with the problem of

The most important thing to remember about is that the fragility of the vessels is only a symptom, behind which a very serious problem can hide. Therefore, it is not worth experimenting, if it is of a persistent nature and is accompanied by frequent bleeding.

In all other cases, when the fragility of the vessels is characterized by relative safety, you can try to deal with it yourself. For this, the possible causes of the problem and their primary elimination should be considered. Only after this, it is worthwhile to start activities aimed at directly strengthening the walls of blood vessels. They consist of diet therapy, drug treatment, lifestyle changes and folk methods.

Foods with fragility of vessels

It should include products enriched with vitamin composition and containing angioprotective substances( vitamins E, C, P, calcium, magnesium).These include: chicken meat, sea and river fish, dishes from raw vegetables and fruits, eggs, eggplants, garlic with onions, any cereals and porridge of them, various nuts, legumes, sour-milk products, apples, lemon, grapefruit, bread fromwholemeal flour. It is best to cook steamed or stewed.

Vascular strengthening is also achieved by excluding certain foods. You can not eat foods in fried form, as this increases the level of cholesterol. Excluded buns and bread, spicy, smoked and spicy dishes. Food should contain a moderate amount of salt and sugar. Limited use of liquid, especially carbonated drinks, coffee.

Preparations that strengthen the vessels

Their use is necessary in case of persistent brittleness. Before taking the best advice from a specialist. Can be appointed:

  1. Vitamin preparations, strengthening vessels. These include ascorbic acid, multivitamin complexes( vitrum, duovite), ascorutin.
  2. Angioprotective agent. Most often medications are prescribed on the basis of horse chestnut: esque, aescine.
  3. With fragility of veins phlebotonics are shown: troxevasin, normoven, phlebodia, detraleks. In addition to the venous walls, they well strengthen the capillaries.
  4. Atherosclerosis shows the cleaning of vessels from cholesterol plaques with atorvastatin, lovastatin.
  5. Tablets containing calcium and magnesium: calcium dobezilate, calcemin, calcium D-3-nikomed.
bursting vessel
Typical view of a weak burst vessel

Traditional medicine for vessel fragility

This method of treatment is among the most popular among the population, because it enjoys high confidence and does not require material costs. Especially if the situation concerns the fragility of the vessels, as a result of natural temporal changes in the body. An irreplaceable helper in such cases are medicinal herbs. The most common recipes are:

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Treatment of angiopathy of the lower extremities

  1. Infusion based on the field stalk. For its preparation, it is necessary to mix half a liter of boiling water with 2 tablespoons of the ground roots of the plant. Then follows a half-hour boil on a small fire. The infusion is taken in a cooled form after percolation, 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day.
  2. Leaves of walnut in the form of infusion. Two teaspoons of chopped leaves pour 1-1.5 cups of boiling water and insist until it cools. You need to take 100-150 ml 2-3 times a day.
  3. Decoctions and infusions of herbs of water pepper( mountain pepper).Prepare the same way as described above.
  4. Leaves and currants of currant in the form of infusion: a tablespoon of dried berries are infused in 250 ml of boiling water. If you drink half a glass of such a drink, it will effectively strengthen the fragile capillaries.
  5. Fruit of Aronia Aronia. Effective for any cause of vessel fragility. You can use them, as in fresh, and in the form of juice, compote, sugar mixture.
  6. Lemon juice. It is desirable to be freshly squeezed and diluted 1: 3 with water with the addition of honey.
  7. Rosehip. Prepare an infusion of his berries. To do this, you need to insist 10 grams of dried fruit in a glass of boiling water. Take half a cup twice a day.

It is very important to remember the thickening of blood on the background of taking any means to strengthen the blood vessels, which is strictly contraindicated for people who are forced to take blood-thinning medications.

In conclusion, it should be noted that whatever methods of strengthening the vessels have not been chosen, it is not worthwhile to experiment with your health for a long time. It is best to consult a doctor and only then proceed to treatment.