Long sleep is bad for health

Not only a short but also a long sleep is harmful to your health. A large-scale 15-year study by American scientists has shown that prolonged sleep is a risk factor for the onset of diabetes mellitus. It has long been known that a calm and healthy sleep is the key to good health. In this regard, many experts argue how many hours you should devote to sleep and not be at risk of the disease.


If you think that the more you sleep the better you should feel, then you are greatly mistaken. American scientists at Yale University refute this claim.

After studying the relationship between the length of sleep and the risk of diabetes in middle-aged men, scientists confirm that the lack of sleep increases the chances of developing diabetes. It turns out that sleeping too long is dangerous too.

In a large study, conducted for more than 15 years, involved about a thousand men who are not diabetics. They were divided into three groups - sleepless, who sleep less than 6 hours a day, and those who sleep as much as needed - 7-8 hours a day, and lovers of sleep, who sleep more than 8 hours a day.

The first group had twice as many diabetes disorders as the second group. Nevertheless, quite unexpectedly, those who liked to sleep long, had diabetes three times more. In other words, the sickness chart is like a parabola.

It is interesting that this relationship exists independently of other factors affecting the disease - obesity, age and even smoking.

Analysis of testosterone in the blood of lovers of sleep showed that the level of the hormone they have, significantly reduced. Therefore, scientists believe that the relationship between a long sleep and the risk of diabetes is determined by hormonal factors. Thus, the famous phrase that everything should have a measure finds its confirmation here.

The proverb "who gets up early, God gives to him," has a scientific justification. Foreign researchers have found that long sleep is bad for health. People who sleep less than seven hours, are strong in health and have a long life. Sony, on the other hand, does not live long, and you will not envy their health.

Insomnia comes to people depending on the profession. Those whose specialty touches jurisprudence, education, culture and art, sleep a little. In addition, we sleep less seasonally, in particular in spring and autumn.

The history of a man who has not slept for eleven years is known, while he and his relatives claim that insomnia appeared after a car accident. A check was conducted, the results of which showed that, indeed, a resident of Albion absolutely does not need a dream. And this is not the only person in history.

Sleep is not at all a vital necessity. There are a lot of representatives of fauna on the earth who never sleep, in particular, some kinds of dolphins. In addition, there are those who need a dream in a few minutes: opossums, giraffes and others. And without sleep they are able to restore strength.

American geneticists made the discovery that there is a gene responsible for the work of a biological clock in the body or, more precisely, it sets the rhythm of the processes taking place in it. In addition, scientists have already brought out a breed of mice that never sleep and do not need it.

If we manage to leave people without sleep, then our active life will increase by a third! Dizziness when you lie down