Vitamins B1, B6, B12 for the hair!

Vitamins B1, B6, B12 for the hair!

Often the cause of hair loss, loss of gloss and decrease in their growth is a lack of vitamins. To get rid of this problem, it is necessary to fill their deficiency in the body.

All about vitamin B6

One of the most important to strengthen weakened hair is vitamin B6.How does it affect them? It leads to growth, moisturizing the cells and retaining moisture in them, relieves irritation and inflammation of the scalp. This vitamin makes hair firm, prevents their loss, normalizes fat metabolism.

Also due to this drug, dandruff disappears, the hair becomes beautiful and silky. As you can see, vitamin B6 has a lot of actions, so it is used for hair loss, with dandruff, dryness, in general to restore health strands.
Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, for hair is used not only for internal reception, but also for the preparation of various masks. Before taking such drugs, you must first be sure that the body needs this particular vitamin.

The lack of vitamin B6 is manifested in the dryness of the skin and hair, in the presence of sliced ​​tips, and the resulting dandruff, itching, also indicates a deficiency of this vitamin. Also, hair growth practically ceases, they begin to fall out.

It may be that in the remaining organs of this vitamin is enough, but it does not have enough hair and nails, because it is to them that such useful substances reach last. Therefore, if the above symptoms have appeared, it is necessary to act, without waiting for more serious problems, such as nervousness, the appearance of skin diseases.

First of all, in your diet should use more foods rich in vitamin B6.This is the most effective way to fill the lack of a given substance in the body. Such products are bran, kidney, pork, fish, carrots, buckwheat, cabbage, pumpkin, beans, bananas, egg yolks, nuts, sunflower seeds, dairy products. This vitamin does not accumulate in the human body. Within eight hours it is withdrawn. Therefore, products with B6 content should be eaten regularly.

How to take B6?

If, because of the lack of such an element, more serious problems appear in the body, such as baldness, a doctor who will prescribe injections for 10 days for one injection or 2 tablets for two weeks will be needed. If you take vitamin B6 in a dosage form, you should strictly follow the instructions.

So, for example, you need to remember that the interaction of B6 with vitamin C neutralizes the effect of the first. The internal intake of this vitamin can be replaced by external use as a hair mask.

Masks for hair with vitamins B6 in ampoules

You can add three ampules of vitamin B6 to a bottle with a usual herbal shampoo, balm or conditioner. After that, you need to use this tool, as before.
Another recipe for a hair mask. It is necessary to take 25-30 ml of burdock oil, slightly heat it up and add one ampoule of the drug. Next, mix the ingredients well and apply them to dirty dry hair. It is necessary to put on an oilcloth hat and cover it with a towel, keep for about two hours.

Then the mask should be washed off with a normal shampoo, and it must first be applied to the mask before the appearance of foam. After that, the hair must be rinsed with chamomile broth. This mask is used for hair loss and fragility. The frequency of application of this mask depends on the frequency of washing the head. When there are 10 such procedures, you should stop using it for about three weeks.

You can also beat a homemade egg, add one large spoon of pre-warmed almond oil, one vial of B6 and B12 and mix everything thoroughly. After that, the mixture should be applied to the dirty head, paying attention to the roots. Then the hair is wrapped in polyethylene and a towel.

Masks for hair with vitamins B6 in ampoules

Keep them in this form for about an hour, after which it is necessary to wash off. If there is no such oil, you can use burdock or sea buckthorn oil. Use this mask can be no more than two times within 7 days. The course of such procedures lasts until the end of the ampoules in the package. After this, you need to make a three-week break.

Thus, in a short time you can restore your hair health, if you use vitamin B6 correctly.

Useful properties of vitamin B12

This vitamin is an excellent tool for strengthening curls. Just like B6, B12 is not able to accumulate, so the deficit arises because of its small intake into the human body. Deficiency of cyanocobalamin, this is another name for our vitamin, it affects the health of hair, nails and skin.

Cyanocobalamin provides a constant regeneration of cells, which is very important for the scalp. Consequently, with its lack, there is such a not very pleasant problem, like dandruff. This vitamin synthesizes cells, the purpose of which is the delivery of oxygen to the hair follicles. So, at its shortage hair lose healthy shine and smoothness.

Symptoms of B12 deficiency are dullness, dryness and brittle hair, dandruff, loss, itching, leading to dermatitis on the scalp. First of all, if you have such problems, you should add to the daily ration such foods as citrus, oatmeal and buckwheat, beets, carrots, beef, egg yolks.

If you can not get this vitamin from the products, you can buy vitamin B12 in ampoules. This solution is added to shampoo and other hair care products.
In order to obtain a better effect, it is necessary to use castor oil in addition to B12.

Masks with vitamin B12 in ampoules for hair

This drug can be purchased at any pharmacy, it is dispensed without a prescription. Experts believe that the composition of masks cyanocobalamin has a high effect.

Masks with vitamin B12 in hair ampoules

The first way to use this solution to make a mask is to add it to shampoos. First, it is necessary to apply a little of such a composition in order to crumble the contaminants. Then the mixture is applied to the hair and held for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the mask will have a good effect on the scalp and the hair itself.

Masks with the use of B12 can be easily prepared at home.

To do this, whip the yolk and add a tablespoon of honey. After this, take a teaspoon of our drug and a little lemon juice. The resulting mixture should be applied to the hair along their entire length, not forgetting about the scalp. Such a mask should be kept on the head for at least an hour. After that, the mask should be washed off with cool water.

You can use ampoules of cyanocobalamin to make a mask with flowers of some medicinal plants. It can be chamomile, nettle or linden. To prepare such a product in a container, add one spoonful of all used plants and pour them with hot water. Two glasses will be enough.

Further it is necessary to leave the herbs infused for 30 minutes, after which the infusion should be filtered and cooled. Then a teaspoon of cyanocobalamin is added to the resulting composition. Now the product can be applied to the scalp and hair and keep for about two hours, wrapped in a towel. After the set time, wash the mask with warm water.

There is an option to make a mask for dark hair. For this, it is necessary to make strong tea. Next, beat one yolk and mix it with 100 ml of brewed black tea. After this, you need to add a teaspoon B12 and juice of a plant like aloe. The resulting composition is applied to the hair for half an hour, then washed off with lukewarm water.

If hair lost its shine and vitality, such masks using vitamin B12 will help restore a healthy look to them.

Vitamin B1 for the health of hair

To ensure that the hair is healthy and beautiful, they need careful care. And this is not only washing and combing, but full nutrition of hair and scalp with various vitamins. To do this, use to restore and strengthen hair vitamin B1, which has many useful properties.

Hair always needs extra nutrition, so you need to regularly make masks. Especially often, such procedures should be carried out in the spring and autumn, when there is often an avitaminosis.

The lack of thiamine leads to dryness, and, consequently, to brittle hair, they become dull. The main property of vitamin B is to give the hair a healthy shine and smoothness.

Masks and compresses with vitamins of group B

Masks and compresses with vitamins of group B

There are many masks and compresses used for hair restoration. Such masks are very easy to prepare at home, and the cost of such vitamin preparations is quite low.

You can buy ready-made products with the content of thiamine in them, and you can prepare your own solutions based on various oils and fruits at home. Vitamin B1 can also be used in pure form.

For this, one ampoule of the drug will be sufficient for medium hair. It should be applied to the hair after washing. This mask lasts for about half an hour, after which you need to wash your hair with shampoo. This process can restore even severely damaged curls. The result is manifested through two or three uses.

You can combine vitamin B1 with linseed oil. Such a mask will prevent hair loss.
For falling hair, you can prepare a mask with linseed oil and egg yolk. To prepare such a mixture, you need to beat the yolk with three teaspoons of oil and add ten drops of thiamine. The mask is applied to the strands along the entire length and lasts about an hour under a polyethylene cap. It is better to wash off such a mask with soap.

Hair mask with vitamins в1, в6, в12 returns strands elegant appearance, gives a density and eliminates dandruff, loss, saturates curls with all the charms of effective healing. Let your hair for a long time remain beautiful, silky and velvety!

Video about symptoms of vitamin B1 deficiency