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Grape contains many flavonoids and organic acids, but a small concentration of nutrients is provided by small bones of this berry. Not surprisingly, it is from them that they produce a unique in their properties cosmetic oil, widely used today in the modern beauty industry. On the shelves of stores you can find a wide range of various care products for curls, which include: shampoos, masks, rinses, rinses, mousses, etc. However, those who prefer to use the gifts of nature go not to the store, but topharmacy, which sells natural grape seed oil: for hair from it you can make unique masks and compresses without leaving home. Turn your bath into a real beauty salon and become a beautician for your strands to give them vitality and strength, beauty and health. Applying grape seed oil at home, you will be sure that no synthetic impurities in the form of sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens do not spoil your hair.

The effectiveness of grape seed oil for hair

When buying this tool, many face difficulties in choosing. The fact is that you can find the cold pressed oil and the oil produced by the hot extraction method. The first option is preferable to use for the preparation of hair masks, since such a product is not subjected to heat treatment and high temperatures. It retains the maximum amount of useful substances with which the grape seed is rich( tocopherol, steroids).During the spinning process, the oil is enriched with fatty acids( linoleic, oleic, palmitic, hexadecane, stearic, octadecanoic, alpha-linolenic, palmitoleic).All these substances work to improve the beauty and health of the curls. Penetrating into cells, they lead active restorative and rejuvenating work. With regular use of home masks from grape seed oil:

  • Regenerates from within a damaged hair structure, eliminating each of them from sections and fragility;
  • Return the strength of and shine lifeless, tarnished strands;
  • Accelerate the blood circulation of , which supplies the hair follicles with enough oxygen, nutrients that are necessary for normal activity of cells and subcutaneous glands;
  • Strengthens the hair roots, very effectively preventing hair loss;
  • Improves the external and internal state of curls that are constantly exposed to coloring, perm and other ruthless and sufficiently tough and harmful hairdressing procedures: oil with a grape seed makes them shiny, lively, elastic;
  • Control the production of fat by subcutaneous glands, relieving fatty curls from unhealthy, unpleasant shine and moisturizing dry strands - therefore this cosmetic oil is considered a universal remedy that is suitable for the improvement of hair of any type;
  • Moisturize , keeping the moisture in the cells, especially when the cell membranes are thin and can not keep water( this is the main reason for the dryness of the hair): moisturizing, grape seed oil masks heal the tips of the tips and effectively( and most importantly - very quickly) restore dry, brittle strands;
  • Protects curls from high temperatures, intense exposure to ultraviolet light, overheating: therefore beauticians recommend this wonderful tool to beauties who do not imagine their life without ironing, hair dryers, forceps, thermal curlers and other tools with heating elements;
  • Accelerate several times their growth , even if before the application of oil they were very long in the frozen state;
  • Dispose of harmful substances , accumulating in large quantities in the hair: in grape oil, according to scientists, contains a unique substance procyanide - it has the ability to remove any accumulations of decay products, radionuclides, radioactive elements, so that this tool can be used by those who livein large cities and works with chemicals, the evaporation of which necessarily settles on the hair and roots;
  • Rejuvenate : in the grape seed oil contains the famous vitamin of eternal youth and inexhaustible beauty( tocopherol), it stabilizes the production of collagen inside cells, and along with it, elastin fibers, responsible for the elasticity and youth of the strands, are synthesized in sufficient quantity.

An impressive list of beneficial properties for hair is really real. It is difficult to find a problem that grape seed oil could not handle.

Its versatility( the ability to be an ideal tool for any type of hair) makes it a very valuable cosmetic.

But in order to experience its wonderful properties, you need to be able to correctly apply it at home: like all other cosmetic oils, it requires competent use.

If your dream is long and thick hair, then pay attention to the masks that can be made at home. Recommendations here & gt; & gt;

Use of pepper tincture for hair care will help to improve curls. Why tincture is useful and how to apply it: http: //beautiface.net/maski/ dlya-volos / s-percovoj-nastojkoj.html

Preparing hair masks from grape seeds

To increase the effectiveness of masks with grape hair oil, try to follow certain rules based on recommendationscosmetologists and those who have already practiced home treatment of curls in this way. This will avoid some difficulties in applying cosmetic hair oil.

  1. Before applying the oil to the hair of the , it is best to rinse the head thoroughly with using any shampoo that suits your type, but without additional balm, conditioner or rinse aid. After washing do not use a hairdryer: strands must dry themselves, without assistance. After that, comb them properly, - your head is ready for beauty and health procedures.
  2. Some components of home masks are recommended slightly to warm up to a warm state of in a water bath. These are cosmetic oils, honey, kefir. Grape seed oil is no exception. The optimum temperature of these substances for their effective use is about 40 ° C.If the masks include eggs or some of its components( protein or yolk), as well as esters, it is better to lower the temperature of the heated means to 35 ° C, as eggs can curdle, and essential oils lose all value as cosmetic means for hair care.
  3. Masks for hair, based on oils, it is best to beat manually with .
  4. Very rare cases when grape seed oil, used for hair care, causes allergies( rash on the skin, tearfulness, sneezing, nasal congestion, etc.).However, do not hope that this attack will bypass you. Having prepared the chosen mask, be sure to check it. Lubricate with a mixture of thin skin on the wrist, which has a high sensitivity. Rinse can be about 15 minutes, but the result is better to watch longer: 2-3 hours. If after this time no unpleasant sensations appear( itching, redness), the mask can be used for its intended purpose.
  5. First you need to properly rub the grape seed oil into the roots and scalp with your fingertips. Then evenly distribute the mask on the strands themselves: this can be done with the hands or with the help of a usual comb( scallop).Given the excellent restoring properties of grape seed oil, it is necessary to dip the ends of hair into the prepared product, especially if they cut off.
  6. So that the oiled strands do not disintegrate, it is good to fix them on the crown( only the barrette or elastic should not be tight).Further, the head is warmed with a usual microfiber cap( for a shower) and with a towel. The cap is easily replaced with a cellophane bag, a towel is a warm scarf or a handkerchief. The creation of a greenhouse effect will enhance the effect of grape seed oil and other mask components on the hair.
  7. The prepared can be kept on the head for up to 1 hour ( if there is no mustard, red pepper, cinnamon and other spices in the mask).
  8. Learn to properly wash off oil masks, so as not to be disappointed in them. First, apply a shampoo on your head and, without wetting your hair, whisk it along with the oil. If this is difficult, lightly moisten your palms. After the formation of foam on the head, you can direct a stream of water to the strand, which should not be hot, but barely warm or even at room temperature. After the hair is washed, rinse them with a decoction of chamomile( if you have light curls), nettles( for dark-haired), oak bark( for any strands).
  9. If your goal is to make your hair more shiny and radiant, apply masks with grape seed oil once a week .If you have a more global and serious task - hair treatment( stop hair loss, speed up their growth, repair damaged tips), make them once every three days for .After this, you need to take a break and evaluate the results of treatment. If they are noticeable to you( hair stopped falling out and splintered, they started to grow), you can feed them with some other means, and you can return to it in a couple of months. If nothing has changed, the causes of poor hair condition can be hidden inside the body itself, so it is better to consult a trichologist.
Simple and at the same time important rules of home use of grape seed oil for hair healing can be a guarantee of the success of the event and the effectiveness of the mask you have chosen.

The main thing - try not to get lost in the variety of recipes.

Masks for hair with grape seed oil: recipes

Each of the masks, depending on the constituent components, solves some specific problem of scalp and hair. Focus on their purpose and on ingredients that should not cause you feelings of discomfort, side effects and allergic reactions. This will allow you to enjoy the results after applying a carefully chosen hair mask.

  • Compress for the treatment of sick hair

For the most busy beauties, there is one very good news: grape seed oil is self-sufficient and can be effective without additional impurities. Just need to heat it on a water bath in the required amount( it is determined in accordance with the length of your hair) and apply to the roots and strands.

  • Strengthening mask with oat flakes and vinegar

Mix two tablespoons of grape seed oil with the same amount of oat flakes, ground to the state of flour. Dilute all this with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Use this mask if you suffer from intense hair loss.

  • Mask for shine hair from cognac, coconut, almond and essential oils

One tablespoon of grape seed oil is mixed with the same amount of coconut and almond oils. Add a couple of teaspoons of cognac and two drops of rosemary and lavender esters. After such a mask, the hair is guaranteed an unreal shine, as if after a salon lamination procedure, so that the look from the hair can not be torn off.

  • Moisturizing mask of yolk and almond oil

One tablespoon of grape seed oil mixed with the same amount of almond oil. Rub them with raw yolk, add ether ylang-ylang. The yolk mask has excellent moisturizing properties, so it is recommended to use it for the treatment of dry hair.

  • Oil compress for split ends

One cosmetic spoon mixes the following cosmetic oils: grape seed, shea, castor oil. Only tips are processed for 30-40 minutes. With the regular application of such a compress, cutting split ends will be much less necessary.

Be sure to try to cure damaged hair at home using grape seed oil: it will give you pleasant sensations and excellent results.

You will feel all its advantages over other oils: it is much easier, quickly absorbed, without leaving a greasy plaque and a feeling of greasiness.

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