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No matter how funny stories are told about blondes, the fact remains unchanged: they are adorable and crazy crowds of men. But only nature has not made everyone blond, so many dark-haired beauties dream of trying on this seductive, light, airy image. Someone buys for this hydrogen peroxide or another means for blonding. Some go to the hairdresser, where the same acrid means, only professionally, turn brunettes into blondes. However, in either case, the hair becomes dry, brittle, eventually turn yellow or reddish, lose the original gloss and charm. And only the wisest beauties know: it is safer, more useful and much more effective in this case, lightening hair masks, which can be done easily and quickly at home.

Popular means for lightening hair

Some active substances contained in the most common products can react chemically with hair pigments that are responsible for their color. And eumelanin( brown pigment, predominant in brunettes), and pheomelanin( yellow pigment, which is a lot of blonde) under the influence of these substances lose their chromaticity. The result - dark hair becomes lighter, blondes acquire a more beautiful shade, losing yellowness and reddish strands. These active substances are contained in a number of the most common products that we all know. With their help, and becomes possible

home hair lightening - safe, pleasant and quite effective. It:

  • seasonings: cinnamon and ginger;
  • honey;
  • lemon;
  • drinks: kefir and green tea;
  • herbs: chamomile, mullein, rhubarb root;
  • glycerol;
  • onion.

This list should both please, and alert at the same time. Its advantages are that these products are all known and available, and also natural. But there is a significant drawback: folk remedies for hair lightening are very aggressive and active, often causing irritation of the scalp and allergic reactions, sometimes forming an undesirable shade of hair - and this is not all the side effects of this procedure. This does not mean that you should still go for hydrogen peroxide: no, you just need to follow the rules for applying clarifying masks, prepared on the basis of such ingredients. This will be enough to ensure that the procedure has passed safely and pleased you with its results.

Rules for home lightening of hair

Negative responses about home lightening of hair by folk remedies are left by those who failed to correctly use the recipes of miracle masks. There are simple rules that make this process as comfortable, useful and effective as possible. If you ignore them, you can also damage your hair, and you can not achieve the desired result. Therefore, you need to be patient and perform everything in a methodically consistent and correct manner.


  1. The most difficult procedure for home hair clarification will be for sultry brunettes and bright brunettes , because destroying their persistent eumelanin will be very difficult. Therefore, they do not need to put much hope in this way. After the first clarification of blondes, they will not become exact. If only regularly( but not getting carried away) make masks and constantly rinse hair with clarifying broths and solutions, only then will it be possible to change the original color to a couple of tones, to acquire a new shade. The process will be long enough and will require patience from the dark-haired ladies - and this must be known initially, so that later do not complain about the uselessness of the mask.
  2. If you have hard, naughty locks , before the home clarification procedure, first make 4-5 softening masks( from an egg or any cosmetic oil), buy a special shampoo for them. This will make the lightening of the strands subsequently more efficient. A stiff, thickened hair can not keep active substances inside, and there will be no effect on pigmentation.
  3. Since cinnamon, ginger, lemon, onions are quite aggressive ingredients for cosmetic masks that can worsen the condition of patients, damaged, bruised, brittle hair, , it is better to pre-heal with the same masks( vitamin, honey, egg, herbs andetc.).
  4. After chemical perming or discoloration with hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and other synthetic chemicals, bleach hair masks are recommended for use not earlier than a week after such procedures.
  5. A special approach will require a gray hair .No matter how aggressive the clarifying ingredients of the mask are, gray strands can not be painted over, since they do not have a pigment, they will not have anything to do with it. Therefore, they must first be treated with a special clarifying cream-dye for gray hair( professional series, so you need to look for in the appropriate stores) from Schwarzkopf.


  1. All components of clarifying masks are recommended to beat with a mixer or blender to bring the mass to the desired consistency without lumps that are very poorly combed out afterwards.
  2. In order not to be disappointed with the result, the prepared clarifying agent initially apply on a separate thin strand of .After rinsing and drying, the difference in shades will be visible, and you will be able to decide if the effect of this mask suits you.
  3. You have to check every mask for the presence of allergens in it for you. A woman all her life can drink coffee with cinnamon, but a cinnamon mask can cause her to have a terrible allergy. Therefore, do not ignore this mandatory step of the hair lightening procedure. To do this, should be lubricated with the prepared skin mixture on the inner side of the wrist : it immediately reacts to substances hostile to the body.
  4. You do not need to wash your head before this procedure: the greasy film will protect the strands and scalp from too aggressive impact of the ingredients. But you need to moisten your hair.


  1. Do not rub the clarifying compounds into the scalp to avoid irritation. Thin layer, evenly, with the help of palms and combs, spread the mixture over the entire length of the strands.
  2. To enhance the clarifying effect, be sure to provide with thermal support. This is done with the help of the usual cellophane package( cut at the seam and tied in the form of a scarf) or shower caps. Be sure to put on a warm scarf, scarf or wrap your head with a towel.
  3. Dark-haired beauties should be kept on the head for as long as possible, but the should not last more than an hour .Blondes to remove yellowness, sometimes enough and 15 minutes.


  1. Since the clarifying compositions of such masks rarely contain fatty cosmetic oils, they are washed off quickly and easily. It is possible - with the application of softening shampoo and herbal balm-rinse. Rinse your hair better with green tea or lemon solution: they fix the clarifying effect of .
  2. Air conditioning will come in handy.
  3. And here a hair dryer it is better not to use after a similar procedure. Not only should the hair dry out, it will be great if you put them under the bright rays of the summer sun: ultraviolet light will not only dry the lightened strands, but also give them a bright shine and natural shine - the hair after this drying will look just elegant.
  4. Within a week after home lightening of hair , walks to swimming pools with chlorinated water are forbidden, which can give an ugly greenish tinge on locks.
  5. Even if the results of home clarification suited you to taste, do not get carried away by this procedure: once a week brunettes will be enough, blondes - even less often( every two weeks).But if you regularly make lightening masks, your hair will become lighter and lighter each time, changing its shade each time.
  6. Do not forget to fix the results obtained with special masks for blond hair.

This is how hair lightening at home should be by any of the ingredients listed above.

Maximum adherence to these recommendations will achieve the desired result and be happy with a new shade of hair - more light, saturated, light and airy.

Now you will be one step closer to the all-powerful army of blondes. It is very important not to miscalculate with the choice of the recipe. After all, someone's locks, for example, cinnamon, for example, can not have any effect, and for someone will become a natural clarifier No. 1. We will have to look for our ingredient.

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Lightening hair masks: recipes

The process of home clarification is very individual, since the pigmentation of hair is completely different for everyone. As pheomelanins and eumelanins react to this or that active substance, until the end it remains a mystery. Therefore, after trying one recipe for clarification and not being satisfied with its results, do not despair and keep looking for your tool further. Fortunately, the choice of recipes for clarifying masks is great - there is where to clear up.

  • Lightening hair with cinnamon

Honey( two tablespoons.) And olive oil( two tablespoons). Warm up to a warm state in different water baths and mix them. Add to them two tablespoons.a powder of cinnamon and a usual conditioner for hair.

  • Lightening the hair with honey

Honey( two tablespoons.) And coconut oil( one tablespoon.) Warm up to a warm state in different water baths and mix them. Add two tablespoons to them.banana puree.

  • Lightening hair with lemon

Lemon juice( 250 ml) mixed with conditioner for hair( 100 ml).After thoroughly mixing this mixer with a mixer, leave it for 15 minutes and then only apply.

  • Lightening the hair with kefir

Mix natural fresh kefir( 100 ml), brandy( two tablespoons.), Hair balm( one teaspoon.), Egg yolk, lemon juice( two solo lodges.).

  • Clarifying the hair with chamomile

Dry chamomile flowers( 25 g) pour boiling water( 250 ml), leave for half an hour. Add warm honey( three tablespoons.) And lemon juice( two tablespoons.).

  • Lightening of dark hair with rhyme( recipe for brunettes)

Mix lemon juice( 200 ml), chamomile broth( 400 ml), broth from rhubarb root( 400 ml), add apple vinegar( one teaspoon.), Warm honey( 50 ml), vodka( 50 ml).

  • Lightening with onion( recipe for blondes)

Mix lemon juice( two tablespoons) with apple blender, apple vinegar( one teaspoon.), Preheated honey( two tablespoons), fresh onion juice( two tablespoons), dripa little rosewood oil( drops 5).

Here are only the most popular and popular ways of home hair lightening, which, according to numerous reviews, almost always give a positive result. In fact, the recipes of clarifying masks are much more: look, experiment, enjoy the effect. Do not forget for a moment that all these funds are given to the woman by Mother Nature herself, which means that they are as safe as possible, environmentally friendly, 100% natural, unlike all burning ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

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