Milk and kefir with gastritis can drink, but right!

Dairy products have long been recommended by doctors for various diseases of the stomach and intestines. Milk is a fat emulsion, and it has an enveloping effect on the irritated mucous membrane, which facilitates the pain syndrome in patients with certain forms of gastritis. Dairy products are an indispensable source of vitamins, specific proteins and trace elements necessary for the restoration of damaged areas of the stomach and intestinal mucosa.

It is necessary to understand that milk and its derivatives are far from an absolutely useful product, and it is recommended in strictly defined cases, indicating the dairy product specific for a particular form of gastritis.


  • 1 Milk for gastritis with acidity
  • 2 Which milk is better: cow or goat?
  • 3 Kefir, cottage cheese and yogurt with hypoacid gastritis
  • 4 Nuances of taking dairy products with gastritis

Milk with gastritis with high acidity

In this case, whole milk is recommended with astringent effect. It is used as a preventive agent, as well as a symptomatic tool for epigastric pain. Much more useful and tastier than aluminum-containing preparations. The fatter the milk, the better for the stomach.

Low-fat shop milk, and the more so powder counterfeits can provoke an aggravation, be careful. Buy milk only from trusted sellers.

On the other hand, you need to objectively evaluate the performance of your pancreas and liver. If you do not tolerate fatty foods - from whole milk may be indigestion.


With hyperacid gastritis, any sour-milk products will strengthen the clinic's disease - heartburn, nausea up to vomiting, reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus may appear.

Which milk is better: cow or goat?

Goat's milk with gastritis has an advantage over cow:

  • is better absorbed, less likely to cause digestive disorders;
  • has a wound-healing effect on the inflamed gastric mucosa;
  • reduces the activity of Escherichia coli, which is important for most forms of gastritis.

Milk can be drunk before eating to provide binder. Goat milk products

Kefir, cottage cheese and yogurt with hypoacid gastritis

Low acidity of the stomach leads to disruption of storage and digestion of food. The main work on the processing of the food lump occurs in the intestines, but without acidification the food has time to spoil already in the stomach.

This problem is helped to eliminate sour-milk products, eliminating all these unpleasant symptoms. Especially useful yogurt and cottage cheese.

Yogurt contains cultures of lacto and bifidobacteria that restore the normal composition of the intestinal microflora. This is very important for the restoration of the immune status in chronic gastritis, as well as for the normalization of digestive processes. Normo flora of the intestine not only "does not let" pathogenic microorganisms on the intestinal mucosa, but also synthesizes vitamins, breaks down fats and detoxifies toxins. Yogurt is preferable to drink than kefir.it contains many more varieties of beneficial microorganisms.

Homemade yogurt is the most useful product for the normalization of the intestinal flora with gastritis.

The best yoghurts are obtained from probiotics, i.e.special living bacteria, which are part of the well-known medical preparations. The advantage over crops in food yoghurts, or yogurt sachets is that these bacteria are best for the human intestine. Not all lactic bacteria are able to "catch" the mucosa and have a therapeutic effect. In addition, many probiotic complexes include bacteria that help break down milk, for example, thermophilic streptococcus. This will help to digest milk even with a lack of appropriate enzymes. Prepare yogurt from the capsule of the drug is not at all more difficult than from the sachet for food yogurt( by the way - there is much more bacteria).

Cottage cheese

Curd is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, minerals of proteins and fats. Low-fat cottage cheese can be safely called one of the best dietary products with a hypoacid form of gastritis. It is best to alternate liquid fermented milk products and low-fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese diet is considered one of the best medical diets with gastritis.

Nuances of reception of dairy products at a gastritis

  • temperature of liquid dairy products should be approached to a temperature of a body;
  • sour cream and cream are not useful for the intestines, and sharp cheese provokes an inflammatory reaction;
  • in goat's milk, you can add a small amount of honey;
  • use of dairy products in pregnant women often causes allergies and complications, so they are used with caution;
  • in children goat's milk is more likely to cause allergies. This is due to the higher content of casein and other proteins compared to cow's milk;
  • milk porridge, especially oatmeal - is a wonderful dish with any form of gastritis. Astringent effect and high nutritional value make this combination ideal for the patient's menu and prevention of stomach diseases;

The use of dairy products for gastritis is a soft and effective method, available to everyone.