Hair root: useful properties, application, recipes


  • Useful properties of the root of the ara
  • Root of the hair for the hair: application of
  • Recipes of masks and compresses with the root of the ara

Air is a medicinal plant growing in damp places, somewhere near the reservoirs: it is most often found along the banks of creeks, marshes, lakes, rivers. Among the people he has many different names: Tatar potion ( during the Mongol yoke Russians noticed that the Tatars are quickly curing diseases with a decoction from the root of the aura), sabelnik ( this herb helps to heal heavy wounds, not only from a pointed saber), is the root of the earth .With nothing else you can not mistake this powerful, broad-leaved, tall plant, which has long enjoyed the love of the people. Even in ancient times, beauties knew how to make a miracle root and rinse the resulting solution with curls.

Modern studies have proved that the root of aira for hair is a very effective remedy for their fragility, plaque, loss and dandruff.

Outside - brown, inside - white-pink, very fragrant( smell of cinnamon and mandarin), a sweetish to the taste of the rhizome must be used as a cosmetic for tarnished and strands.

Useful properties of the root of the

If you want to take advantage of the root of the hair for the hair, you do not need to go looking for it on the swamps. Today, it can be purchased in pharmacies as a drug collection at a very affordable price and even without a prescription. Cooked on its basis, infusions and decoctions will be the basis for making masks for curls in the home. The range of their action is very extensive and multifaceted due to the useful substances that are contained in it:

  • essential oil will give your strands a fragrant, slightly perceptible smell, as well as natural, natural shine, even if they are colored;
  • organic acids ( they are few, but their concentration is very high: it is valerian, palmitic and acetic) help cells to be updated, and this directly affects the elasticity and elasticity of the hair;
  • phytoncides irritate the tissues, thereby activating the bloodstream: as a result, most metabolic processes accelerate at the cellular level, which leads to additional nutrition and root strengthening, as well as increased growth of strands;
  • glycosides have cleansing properties: thanks to them, masks based on the decoction from the root of the aura effectively remove dirt from the hair, remove toxins;
  • resins gently and gently wrap each hair in a firm capsule that provides them with reliable protection against all irritating, harmful factors from the outside: from high and low temperatures, excessive ultraviolet radiation, contaminants and toxins from the atmosphere;
  • ascorbic acid , this useful and priceless vitamin C, has a positive effect on blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on accelerated and unhindered hair growth;
  • starch is able to control the work of the sebaceous glands, especially if they function improperly, so the root of the aura improves the condition of oily hair;
  • iodine has disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties, so the root of aira is so effective for the treatment of dandruff and seborrhea;
  • choline ( vitamin-like element) is necessary for reliable strengthening of the hair, so that they do not fall out under its influence.

Here such curative properties for hair is the root of aira - the usual marsh grass, available today to everyone as a pharmacy.

The presence in its composition of so many useful substances makes it a truly magical medium for hair. Infusions and decoctions of this medicinal plant will not only improve their appearance, but also contribute to the preservation of their health from within. Practically there is no such problem, which masks from a root of aira could not solve in the shortest terms.

If you learn how to prepare them properly, they will not be able to price them.

Using chamomile for hair, you can achieve a double effect - clarifying and strengthening the strands.

Why does yellowness appear on the hair and what home remedies will help to get rid of: http: //beautiface.net/uhod/ za-volosami / kak-ubrat-zheltiznu-s-volos.html

Hair root: application

Like any medicinal raw material, root of aira for hair treatmentyou need to use skillfully, and not "playfully", as they say. Here it is not up to experiments, if you need to extract the maximum benefit from these masks and compresses. Recommendations, how to prepare and apply the rhizome of aira as a cosmetic for curls, will help you do it.

    1. Buy medicinal collection exclusively in the pharmacy. If you are someone with your hands trying to sell a dry mix called "root aira", do not buy this trick.
    2. When buying, be sure to study everything that is written on the box with the raw materials. First, you need a retention period so that the freshness is fresh. Secondly, see that there are no other impurities in the collection, because they can enhance or weaken some properties of the grass. This can lead to undesirable side effects: the hair will get a different shade, become more stiff or greasy, etc.
    3. If you decide to dig up the root of the calamus yourself, you should be sure that you will use this plant. Learn the additional material, how it looks to exclude the error. The root after digging should be dried for at least a month in a dry, ventilated, warm room. Then it is ground and dried again.
  1. After grinding( in a mortar or blender) the raw material is poured very hot( you can even boil) with water. Proportions: 2 tablespoons of powder per 1 cup of liquid. The container is closed with a loose lid and left for about half an hour. After that it will be necessary to strain - the healing infusion from the root of the hair for the hair is ready for .
  2. You can put the resulting solution on fire after pouring water and boil for 5-7 minutes. Then proceed according to the previous scheme( leave for half an hour under the lid, strain) - so is prepared no less useful decoction from the root of the ara , which can be used to care for patients damaged by hair.
  3. Now is the time to check how friendly your skin will perceive the remedy you want to use. Allergic reactions to this raw material are extremely rare, but it is better to exclude any risk. Moisten a cotton pad in a cooked broth or infusion, wipe it with a wrist, on which is the thinnest and most sensitive skin. In a couple of hours, if there is an allergy, it will react with itching, redness, or a rash. In this case, you will have to find any other remedy for the care of your hair. If you do not feel anything like this, feel free to use the root of the calamus for making magical broths and infusions that will transform your hair.
  4. Variants of restoration of strands with the help of root aira - a large number. First, infusions and decoctions on its basis can be used as a base liquid in various home cosmetic hair masks .Secondly, use them as a conditioner after washing. Thirdly, to make useful compresses of long-acting .
  5. Depending on which option you choose, decide, how often you will use the tool you like .If these are masks or compresses with the root of the aura, they can be applied a couple of times a week. Rinsings - though daily( if you have to wash your hair often).
  6. Since organic acids and glycosides in the rhizome of calamus cope with any contamination, its decoctions and infusions can be applied to both clean and dirty hair .In any case, the active substances will enter into the maximum depth.
  7. The duration of the procedure is usually indicated in the recipe. Masks and compresses can be kept on the head for 30 minutes to 1 hour. But this is provided, if in their composition there are no irritating substances.
  8. Full course of treatment - 13-15 procedures. Know that the main secret of the magical action of the root of the calamus on the hair is regularity.

Do you want to maximize your strands so that they no longer fall out in the offseason with whole packs? In this case, be sure to follow these tips - and you will be surprised by the result you get after the first treatment procedure at home. Hair, shining with beauty and health, is the result of the impact of the root of the calamus on them and on the scalp. There are no drawbacks in the recipes, so choose additional ingredients depending on the existing problem and do full and high-quality care for weakened and damaged locks.

Recipes for masks and compresses with the root of the ara

If you are using the root of calamus for the treatment and restoration of your hair for the first time, you must strictly adhere to the proportions and composition indicated in the recipe you like. This after some time you can change something to your preferences, but in the first few procedures, trust trusted time and people recipes.

  • Broth with vinegar for greasy hair

Pound the root of the calamus( 4 tablespoons) with apple cider vinegar( 500 ml), keep on low heat for 15 minutes. Massaging movements rub into the scalp. Such a procedure can be done daily. In addition to the loss of greasy sheen, strands will start to grow much faster.

  • Firming decoction with burdock against loss of

The crushed roots of two medicinal plants - aira and burdock( 2 table spoons) are mixed, poured hot( / boiling) water( 500 ml), kept on low heat for 15 minutes. Infuse better in the thermos for 8 hours, then carefully strain, dilute with warm( better boiled) water, to get exactly 1 liter of liquid. Rinse her hair after every wash of her head. Now you will forget about falling of strands.

  • Nourishing mask with oatmeal for any type of hair

Mixed ground raw material( 2 items lodges) with the same crushed oatmeal( in the same amount), poured with boiling water( 500 ml), left for half an hour. Before use add a tablespoon of natural, melted honey.

  • Strengthening infusion for rinsing

Mix in 1 table.spoon the following herbs: root aira, rosemary, chamomile, 4 pcs.laurel leaves, all this is brewed with 2 cups of boiling water. If you rinse hair with such a miraculous, enriched herbal infusion, after each washing of the head, strands will cease to fall in bundles.

  • Revitalizing mask

Mix 1 teaspoon roots of aira and burdock, sage, St. John's Wort, nettle, immortelle, boiled in a thermos 500 ml of boiling water, left for an hour. Then the infusion is cooled, colorless henna( 2 tablespoons) is added to it, all this is mixed up to a homogeneous gruel. This mask is useful to do if there is a problem of split ends or just brittle hair. After 10 procedures you will forget about it.

  • Compress for greasy hair

Mix on 1 table.spoon root aira, oak bark, wormwood, 3 bay leaves, this mixture is brewed 500 ml of boiling water. If such an urge to rinse your hair, they do not have to be washed so often, because the greasy shine will disappear.

  • Mask for dry hair

A glass of unrefined olive oil to warm on a water bath. Pour them 3 tables.spoons of crushed root of ara, once again warm the resulting mixture in a water bath, leave it under the lid for 10 days.

Now you know how to use the root of ara to treat and restore weakened, damaged hair. Be sure to use this unusual, curative, very useful remedy to restore the locks to beauty and health.100% natural, very effective and effective, it will truly transform the appearance of your strands, treat them from the inside and allow you to forget about the tangle of problems associated with hair and scalp that you had before. In the age of chemical technologies, one must be able to apply natural, natural means, and the root of aira is one of them.

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