What harm can a sponge from melanin do?

Scientists are trying to make life easier for humanity and make more and more discoveries that allow you to forget about some problems. Invented a lot of devices and compounds that help the housewife cope with pollution.

And one of these inventions is a melamine sponge. Many people say about its unique properties, but can this device cause harm to health?


  • 1 What is it?
  • 2 How does it work?
  • 3 Precautions
  • 4 Are melamine sponges harmful?
  • 5 How to use?

What is it?

Melamine sponge

Melamine sponge appeared relatively recently, but many women have already mastered and love such a device. These sponges consist of an innovative substance - melamine. It is a collection of almost transparent crystals that almost do not dissolve in water.

Melamine does not exist in nature, it is synthesized in the laboratory from other substances. Thus, the most common methods of synthesis are heating of ammonia and cyanuric chloride, pyrolysis of urea, production of dicyandiamide, as well as heating of guanidine and trimerization of cyanamide.

Some of the starting materials are quite toxic and harmful, but a melamine sponge made for domestic use, of course, is not capable of killing a person, since it was obtained using safe substances and synthetic methods. And yet, harm is possible, but more on this later.

How does it work?

Sponge copes with many types of contaminants Many have already made sure that melamine sponge can literally perform miracles, coping with the most difficult and chronic pollution. But how is this achieved?

The starting material used for making sponges is melamine resin. But in the production process, it is transformed into melamine foam. And this foam and has unique properties.

We list them:

  • Microstructure of the sponge can be compared in its strength and hardness with glass. Imagine what will happen to the dirt if you try to clean it with glass chips. The effect of the sponge can be compared with the impact on the surface of the sandpaper. But the particles are so small that they are able to penetrate the surface without violating its integrity, but at the same time cleaning off all unnecessary. And if you moisten the sponge with water, the effect will only increase.
  • The second property is microscopic open pores. They allow you to absorb dirt from the surface almost instantly. And, by the way, these pores provide softness.


The instructions for use indicate that the melamine sponge will clean any surface from lime, rust, grease and other contaminants. Simply simply moisten the sponge with water and squeeze lightly, and then work on the object.

But in the same instruction there is one note. Sponge is not recommended for cleaning items in contact with food. This means that washing dishes using this device is not worth it. But why? Really, the harm of such sponges is not a myth?

Are melamine sponges harmful?

Melamine sponge can theoretically be dangerous to human health

So can a wonderful melamine sponge do any harm? If you use it correctly, it is probably not so than yes.

If we talk about the toxicity of melamine, then we can compare this material with ordinary table salt. So you can not get serious poisoning using a sponge. But there is another important point. The fact is that melamine crystals have the property of separating from each other.

And when used because of strong friction, a lot of small particles remain on the surface to be treated. And if you decide to wash the dishes with a sponge, some of the crystals will remain on it and then, together with the food, it can get into the body.

It should be noted right away that melamine is not absorbed into the bloodstream, as in other tissues. It is excreted along with the urine by the kidneys. But imagine what will happen if a significant number of particles enter the kidneys. Harm in this case is obvious. Kidneys can simply not cope with their task. As a result, stones are formed. Yes, it is quite possible with the constant and frequent use of melamine sponges for washing dishes for a long time.

Can melamine crystals get into the lungs? Theoretically yes, but only if you breathe in a room filled with sponges and periodically rub them against each other. That is, this is unlikely.

How to use?

Using a sponge, follow the rules of use

How should a melamine sponge be used so that it does not cause harm to health?

Here are some rules:

  1. Do not wash dishes with such sponges, as well as objects that come into contact and contact food.
  2. Store sponges in a box or in a box, clean them in place after each use.
  3. Wash the sponge well after use.
  4. It is better to remove melamine sponges only significant contamination. Permanent use is not necessary.

Use melamine sponges correctly to protect yourself and your family.