How to remove fat from the stomach and sides of the man - exercise and diet.

A strong torso with cubes of the press is the dream of every man and one of the main external virtues of the stronger sex in front of women. To gain excess weight and create yourself a "beer belly" is easy, but to return the former forms is quite difficult.

Need to work! No miracle diet or intricate tablets will do this, and in most cases, to excess weight, you will get more and various diseases of the stomach. The basis of success is balanced nutrition and integrated training.

Where to start?

You need to start with the understanding that an easy and quick way to remove excess pounds from the stomach and sides does not exist in nature! All modern, really effective methods are based on an integrated approach to the problem and do not include instant recipes in the form of a super-simulator, breathing techniques, or a questionable diet of beer and chips.

Mentally work yourselves for fruitful work, set yourself a fixed goal and always go to it for a certain period of time - depending on your state it will take from twelve weeks to six months. A lot of? If you can not afford to devote so much time to useful activities, then stay on full, and the constantly growing fat on your stomach will allow you to participate in the struggle of sumo players in a few years.

What does the stomach of men grow from?

This question is asked literally by every member of the stronger sex who suffers from overweight.

From what the belly grows in men

The main reasons:

  1. A sedentary lifestyle. Men in middle age, having a family and getting a well-paid job, lead a sedentary lifestyle, sitting most of the time in the office or at home behind a TV and a computer.
  2. Irrational nutrition. Snacks with fast food, plentiful evening dinners, beer gatherings with a huge amount of the most diverse food and strong attachments to fried, smoked, salted significantly reduce the full-fledged habitual diet of a person and lead to obesity.
  3. Genetic or endocrine problems. A part of men cause weight gain, is the slowing down of metabolic processes in the body, which in turn provokes abdominal growth.
  4. Bad habits. A number of bad habits leads to a set of extra weight.
  5. Diseases. Diabetes mellitus and other diseases provoke obesity.
  6. Stagnant processes in the intestine.

First steps

Try to abandon bad habits. If necessary, consult a qualified doctor if you think that the problem of obesity is associated with the disease. Then you should gradually move on to a healthy lifestyle and begin training.

Normalization of the bowel

Normalization of the intestine

One of the first steps is to clean the intestines from the slags. Daily drink a few glasses of kefir, especially in the morning and at bedtime.

  • Drink more than usual pure water - it positively affects the work of the intestines.
  • Include in the daily diet a variety of plant products that stimulate peristalsis - oranges, pears, tomatoes, plums, cucumbers and other low-calorie foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Normalization of the daily diet

    Men have a greater need for calories than women, but the energy balance of nutrition should also be correct. Special rules of nutrition in the process of losing weight and getting rid of excess pounds of abdomen and sides, must necessarily be carried out.

    Try to exclude from the diet all too fatty, fried, smoked and salty. An important positive factor is the refusal to take alcohol, especially beer.

    Optimal choice of a rational nutrition system, will become a protein diet, rich in proteins and vitamins, allowing you to feel yourself toned throughout the day. The below-mentioned course is designed for seven days, after which you can repeat the cycle up to four times, after which you can take a break for two weeks, including additional non-harmful foods in the permanent menu and start again to systemic healthy nutrition.

    Diet for fat loss from the stomach

    Diet for fat loss from the stomach

    Here, the complex provides three meals a day, but if possible, try to break the daily ration into five servings with the same set of products. Adjust the size of portions yourself( they should be 25-30 percent less than you usually eat), try to eat slowly, thoroughly chewing food to fully experience the saturation of the stomach. We have breakfast several boiled eggs, tomatoes, a glass of natural yogurt and coffee, preferably without sugar.

    We have a salad of fruits and a piece of boiled beef with mushrooms. For dinner - boiled potatoes, pea soup and tea.

    Day 2

    In the morning - two boiled sausages, vegetable salad and coffee. In the afternoon - stewed eggplants with nuts, a little chicken, two glasses of yogurt and tea. In the evening - vegetable salad, boiled fish and a slice of beef liver.

    Day 3

    We have breakfast of caviar from eggplants, as well as buckwheat and carrots. We drink a glass of juice. We have dinner with bean soup, salmon salad and grapefruit. We have dinner with a beet salad, several boiled eggs and juice.

    4th day

    Morning - salad with crab sticks, oatmeal and tea. Day - a piece of brisket, stewed mushrooms and greens with tomato juice. Dinner - fruit salad and a piece of hard cheese.

    Day 5

    We have breakfast with vegetables, a piece of chicken fillet, several eggs and tea. Lunch a piece of beef, and vegetable salad. We dine with boiled chicken wings, a piece of cheese and a glass of kefir.

    6th day

    Morning - cook rice porridge, a piece of boiled fish and coffee. Day - a portion of boiled potatoes with beans and tea. In the evening, you can treat yourself to a risotto and vegetable salad with cheese, as well as green tea.

    7th day

    For breakfast - corn salad with a piece of low-fat cooked chicken, as well as coffee. For lunch - spaghetti from durum wheat, vegetable salad, a piece of boiled fish and juice. For dinner - fish salad, mors and a few fruits.

    After the 7th day of the diet, just repeat this food system in any order. The above products can be replaced by a similar caloric content, adhering to the principles of healthy eating.

    Exercises to clean the abdomen and sides

    To remove fat from the abdomen and sides is not easy, but it is quite possible if you approach the problem in a comprehensive manner. One of the effective ways to get rid of extra pounds can be a powerful aerobic exercise with the inclusion in the system of swimming, running and other activities.

    It should be noted that in this case it is necessary to work not on the maximum force, but on the full load of all muscle groups, first straining the largest of them, and then - the smaller ones.

    Exercises to clean the belly and sides

    The main types of exercises for the destruction of fat on the stomach are presented below. They should be carried out regularly, several times a day, for 10-30 operations( you can do more if physiologically you can do them) in 2-3 approaches.

    1. Exercise for the press, both upper and middle / lower parts of it - for this, redistribute the load on muscle groups by shifting the position of the body.
    2. Working with a fitness ball.
    3. Press the dumbbells out of the prone position.
    4. Torso of the trunk, lying on the back with the touch of the fingertips to the feet.
    5. Lateral retention.
    6. Lifts of the lower limbs with a vis on the uneven bars.

    Effective exercises against fat folds on the sides are:

    • Tilts to the sides with a weighted hand dumbbell.
    • Body lifts up from a reclining position with straight and bent legs, and also applying the twisting of the body to the knees( so the oblique muscles are pumped along the sides).
    • Mahi body in different directions parallel to the floor from a standing position with a neck behind him.
    • Deep rod press from standing position with widely spaced legs and arms, as well as slow sit-ups.
    • Hanging on the crossbar with legs tucked against the abdomen and torso turns in different directions - while the back and oblique abdominal muscles work.

    The above actions should be carried out regularly, 2-3 times a day for several approaches with individual load by the number of times( how many can).

    Instead of the afterword

    Always follow the advice of dietitians. Do not be lazy to keep yourself toned on a daily basis, to practice the necessary exercises, to eat right and then excess fat will quickly and permanently leave your abdomen and sides.

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