Popov's gymnastics for the spine: video and the method of treatment of Dr. Popov

Most of today's people lead a sedentary lifestyle, and this causes the development of a variety of different diseases. The leading place among them is occupied by diseases of the spine. According to medical statistics, 70% of calls to doctors fall just on diseases of the back and joints. Physiotherapy has proven itself for the treatment of this group of diseases. In addition to the classical therapeutic and sports complex, today there are many alternative methods. One of the most famous is the gymnastics of Popov.

In fact, many do not know that this set of exercises exists in two versions, as two different people created curative gymnastics. Both options are excellent help to cope with diseases of the spine and forget about back pain forever. The methods differ significantly in the principle of action and the set of exercises, although both proved their effectiveness. The creators - Peter Popov and Yuri Popov.

Exercises with fitball
Performing gymnastics of doctor Popov

Microgymnastics of Peter Popov

The technique became popular when with its help Peter Popov regained the health of a famous skier from Holland, seriously injured as a result of severe trauma. According to the author, with the development of osteochondrosis, damaged vertebral disks "wedge", and healthy, on the contrary, acquire hypermobility. His complex of exercises is designed to restore the normal state and harmonious work of the muscles of the back.

The method is based on the so-called "soft" micromotions. The complex is performed with a small amplitude, in analogy with the oscillations of a pendulum. The main task of such exercises is the stable operation of the spine, where each vertebra is mobile and performs its function. With the help of the technique of micromotion, gradually all the parts of the spine begin to move together, because vertebras that previously remained immobile are switched on. The general principles of performing exercises are consistency, softness, small amplitude and rhythm.

Microgame includes the following types of micro-motion:

  • Swings - smooth movements, reminiscent of the stroke of the pendulum. At the time of execution, pain disappears, sleep becomes normal, and the emotional background improves.
  • Small shocks - small "shaking", thanks to which the muscle spasm disappears, muscles relax. Usually a person executes them unconsciously, shaking or shaking his foot.
  • Pulling the is a familiar movement. Probably, any person has a habit of stretching in the morning after a dream. Do not deny yourself this, because sipping is a wonderful warm-up for the ligaments of the spine.
  • Rotations - movements that are performed as smooth microinclusions. Used to improve the performance of the dorsal muscles, to achieve the correct operation of the entire spine.
Exercise for the spine
Exercise for the harmonious work of the back muscles

All movements are a single complex aimed at returning mobility to even the smallest ligaments and muscles.

With the help of these exercises the hypermobility of the problem vertebral departments is reduced, the areas that were previously immobile begin to work. For many microgames, Popov is a simple way to avoid medical intervention.

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Achieving an effective result is possible only if the recommendations of the doctor, the author of the technique are carefully observed:

  1. Observe extreme caution when performing movements.
  2. Perform exercises before the onset of pain. If there is even the slightest discomfort, gymnastics must be stopped.
  3. Elements consist of a series of movements. They are performed under the score from 1 to 10.

With this complex of movements, it is possible to successfully treat even serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthrosis of the knee joint - a disease accompanied by the destruction of the cartilage tissue inside the joint. In this case, the treatment is performed by slowly warming up the muscles to prepare for walking:

  • Smooth stroking of the knees. Then, taking a sitting position, the person slowly imitates movements that are similar to walking.
  • The stretching of the muscles is performed by alternately stretching and bending the legs.
  • In standing position, the legs are taken back by turns, with the toe of each leg performing circular motions. This exercise is better to do, relying on something.
Group exercise with gymnastics
A session on the unique gymnastics of Dr. Popov in the children's group

Gymnastics of Yuri Popov

Yuri Popov believes that the human body is ill-equipped for upright walking, that's why there are constant problems related to disabilities of the spine. The technique is aimed at strengthening the spinal muscles and increasing the overall tone of the body.

The complex of exercises by Dr. Popov consists of 19 exercises designed to be performed twice a day. Almost the entire complex is performed lying down. In addition to physical exercise, the technique of Yuri Popov includes a special diet, including a ban on eating in the morning( up to 11 hours) and in the evening( after 18 hours).Also, the diet includes a one-day fasting without drinking water( dry fasting), which must be done once a week. Gymnastics with success is used both in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine.

The girl is engaged in gymnastics
Exercise to strengthen the back muscles according to the Popov method

General recommendations of the

Regardless of what method to use, to achieve an effective result, a number of simple recommendations must be followed:

  • Free and comfortable clothing for exercises.
  • Popov's technique brings results only in regular classes.
  • Accurate Exercise. All kinds of gymnastics are carefully worked out and checked, addition of any of their movements can negatively affect the state of health. There are a lot of detailed videos with techniques that will help to do everything right.
  • Treatment should be complete. Supplement gymnastic exercises with proper nutrition, exercise( walking, swimming, etc.).It is also better not to smoke and drink alcohol, it will significantly improve the results achieved. Diet is also necessary in order to prevent arthrosis.
Gymnastic Exercise
  • Microgame of Petra Popova
  • Gymnastics of Yuri Popov
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