Eyelash extensions - fox effect

Fox has the effect of extended eyelashes.

The foxy effect of the extended eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are now one of the most popular beauty treatments among women. With the help of an experienced master who will choose the ideal shape, length, density and even the type of cilia, you can visually transform not only the shape of the eyes, but even slightly change facial features, achieving the desired degree of expressiveness. The effect should be chosen depending on what form your eyes have. For example, the owner of round eyes perfectly fits the effect of build-up( photo # 1), which will be discussed next.


  1. How to create the perfect fox effect and which eyelashes to choose?
  2. How is the build process going?
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How to create the perfect fox effect and what eyelashes to choose?

Eyelashes with a fox effect.

Increased eyelashes with the use of fox effect.

The foxy build-up effect visually lengthens the eyes, as if "pulling" their outer corners and forming an "arrow".The master glues the cilia of different lengths, starting from the shortest ones at the inner corner of the eye and ending with the long ones at the outer corner. This process is clearly shown in the diagram( photo # 2).As a result, the gaze becomes mysterious, deep and beautiful spark of cunning, giving the woman a unique charm. The length and smoothness of the transitions are selected individually. If you want the result to look natural, choose cilia 6-10 mm long, but if you want to achieve more impressive, but somewhat unnatural effect, you can safely stop and at 14-15 millimeters.

But the outcome of the buildup procedure depends not only on the length and thickness of the cilia, but also on their type. For the build-up are used:

  • silk
  • mink
  • sable
  • column eyelashes.

Now artificial cilia for building up are made exclusively from high-quality synthetic materials, since natural ones can cause allergies. All their names are conditional, since they denote not the material, but rather the thickness and structure. For example, the "mink" eyelashes look natural enough in the eyes, and silk are ideal for achieving a voluminous, bright result, and they do not need to be tinted with ink. These two types are most often used by masters to create an impeccable fox effect.

How is the build process going?

The growth of the cilia and the subsequent creation of the "fox" look takes place in several stages.

  1. Master cleans and degreases the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes with the help of special cosmetic products.
  2. Collagen pads are applied to prevent the upper and lower ciliary series from sticking together.   
    A collagen pad will prevent the upper and lower lashes from sticking together.

    Collagen cushion will prevent the upper and lower lashes from sticking together.

  3. After gentle drying, the master starts the jewelry extension procedure( photo # 3).Separating each natural eyelash, he glues to it artificial, without affecting too young, weak and translucent cilia( photo # 4).Places of gluing must necessarily be strong, microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. This is carefully checked by combing and examining.
  4. After the procedure, the collagen pads are removed. Done!

Some good tips

If you want the procedure to be comfortable, and the result looked really nice, take the choice of the master very seriously. The professional will not only choose the optimal shape, length and thickness of the eyelashes, but also create the desired fox effect, which will be perfectly adapted for your individual eye shape - the rounded eyes widen visually and the lowered corners rise.

To maximally keep the fox "cunning", look after your eyelashes. Do not apply every day a copious make-up, try not to rub eyes and not to sleep, having buried a pillow in the face.
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