Drinks from rose hips - a storehouse of vitamins for the baby

Many useful berries and herbs help out in the occurrence of certain diseases - decoctions, teas and mixtures sometimes just do wonders. Drinks from dogrose is no exception - it's a real vitamin cocktail, which has anti-inflammatory, hematopoietic and tonic effects. A shovel is very common, there is at least one bush on almost any cottage site, and so many of its useful properties are known. It is not surprising that parents are interested in the question: is it possible to give such drinks to small children? The answer lies in the current situation: the state of health of the baby and the need, the purpose of drinking decoctions or teas.


  • 1 Use of dog rose for child's organism
  • 2 In which areas are berries useful( photo)
  • 3 Contraindications
  • 4 How to prepare a drink?
  • 5 How to brew the dog-rose( three recipes on the video)

The use of dogrose for the child's body

Hips of dogrose on a branch

Rosehip berry contains more vitamin C than lemons

Beautiful small rose hips, bright color of its berries and prickly branches - it seems that the plant is protected and can be dangerous. In fact, beautiful red berries are amazing in their composition. The first and very interesting fact is that they contain ascorbic acid( vitamin C) much more than lemons. This primarily brings the child's body benefits. In addition, the dog rose contains:

  • B vitamins;
  • vitamins K and PP;
  • in seeds in large quantities is vitamin E;Acids
  • organic type( they are very valuable for the body);
  • carotene;
  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • calcium, etc.

Such a charge of vitamins and trace elements significantly enhances the body's ability to resist negative external influences.

In the cold season, when access to fresh fruits and vegetables is limited, it is possible to give the baby several hips of wild rose - this will be an excellent prophylaxis of hypovitaminosis.

A special useful composition of this plant helps to fight many health problems:

  • fortifying effect plays a big role in various infections of the viral type;
  • rose hip is useful for ophthalmic problems;
  • helps to cope with various conditions associated with iron deficiency;
  • restoration of normal metabolic processes;
  • has a mild diuretic effect;
  • will be useful for children with diseases in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • is useful in food poisoning;
  • antimutagenic effect of dog rose;
  • carotene and vitamin E in combination have an excellent wound-healing effect;
  • helps to remove inflammation and fight with pathogens;
  • pectins help to remove toxins from the body.

And now we turn to the main question: is it possible to give drinks with dog rose to children? The main danger is that the plant can cause an allergic reaction, and therefore experts do not recommend giving it at the age of less than six months. After this it is possible to gradually introduce this product as a prophylactic: so, after 8 months from the birth, you can give the child a decoction in the amount of up to 100 milliliters per day. More concentrated infusions are recommended to be consumed not earlier than a year, and rich syrup - only after three years.

It will be best to break the maximum daily dose into several receptions, and you should drink such drinks in between main meals, but in no case on an empty stomach.

In which areas are berries useful( photo)


Taking the decision to treat your baby with a rosehip drink, it is worth considering a number of contraindications that this plant possesses:

  • is primarily an allergy;
  • may cause problems in children with high acidity of the stomach;
  • heart disease.

In this issue moderation is very important. In reasonable quantities, rosehip drinks will bring a lot of benefit to the child, enrich his body with vitamins and minerals and will set the work of many systems. But if you get too carried away, the beneficial properties can change your direction: for example, if you give the rosehip too often and in large quantities, its mild diuretic effect can increase and cause calcium leaching and difficulties in the urinary system.

How to prepare a drink?

Broth from the dog rose

Beverages from rose hips in moderate doses can be taken at the age of six to eight months.

Rosehip is a bush, and not only berries are used in making decoctions or infusions. In the course are almost all parts of the plant - flowers, leaves, roots. In addition, they cook a lot of interesting drinks: teas, compotes, kissels, decoctions, infusions, syrups and others.

In any case, a very important step is the preparation of the product. The algorithm of work with fresh hips is as follows:

  • berries need to be thoroughly washed;
  • every berry must be carefully opened and cleaned;
  • specific "hairs" removed.

After cleared of all the excess flesh can be safely used for making drinks. Here, too, there are several general rules that allow you to maximize the benefits of the product:

  • is not recommended to boil drinks with rose hips;
  • cooking( or infusion) should take place in a sealed container;
  • before drinking a ready-made drink, you can filter it - pieces of berries by this time will already give all the useful substances.

Rosehip - a real treasure for moms, because it contains useful for the child substances, and even in such an incredible amount. But always it is necessary to remember about the measure, otherwise even the most good remedy will be simply disastrous for a growing organism.

How to brew the dog rose( three recipes on the video)

http: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = pSO7dpGZs0w